CUMSLOPPY STORY || I Lost My Boyfriend

During our time at college, it was a known fact that Matt and I had an open relationship. With all of the gay men on campus, we were either a source of intrigue or disgust, which always made for some interesting times when we’d go out to a party or sporting event on campus and take notice of which guys were interested, pretending to not be interested, or legitimately uninterested. One night while checking out a typical off-campus house party, I was chatting with some of our friends when I noticed Matt was nowhere to be found. I tried texting him and got no response, so I figured he didn’t feel the phone vibrate and that he was probably just getting a drink. After about ten minutes, still having received no response and having not seen him, I excused myself and went to search for him. I walked through the house and saw no sign of him, but finally, I decided to check the basement.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || I Lost My Boyfriend

As I was going down the stairs, I could hear moans, grunts, and talking. I knew it had to be Matt. When I got down there, I was shocked to see three naked men and my naked boyfriend taking a bare cock up his ass, but I decided to stand in the shadows where I could observe the fuck fest without disturbing the guys.

Matt was being fucked by Amedee, one of our biggest anti-open relationship opponents. Amedee was about 5’10” 150 pounds, brown hair and eyes and had a huge eight inch cock that was VERY thick. Standing in front of Matt was Mike, 5’6″ 125 pounds, brown hair and green eyes with a six inch cock, and Steve who was straight, 5’8″ 150 or so pounds, brown hair, blue eyes and a nine inch cock that was even thicker than that of Amedee.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || I Lost My Boyfriend

I sat back and watch Amedee get cheered on by Mike and Steve telling him, “Fuck that little whore!”, “He’s loving this, look at his face!” Which of course, was true. Matt was going back and forth sucking on both Mike and Steve while Amedee roughly fucked Matt’s little ass. As I watched, Amedee told Matt to get ready for his load, and with that warning, Amedee slammed himself into Matt, balls deep, erupting his load into Matt’s ass. As soon as Amedee finished, Mike was next in line.

Amedee made Matt suck his cock clean as Mike began to fuck Matt. Mike, was very turned on, as in no time he bred Matt’s twink ass as well. Finally, Steve was up and began to slam his massive cock into him. Steve was loving the opportunity to demonstrate his dominance over Matt, saying “Little slut loves my huge dick, doesn’t he?” Matt moaned, and let out a “Fuck yeah. I want your load! Cum inside of me!” Steve grunted “It wouldn’t take long with your wet hole” and sure enough, a strokes later, Steve again grunted “Beg for my load, buddy” to which Matt responded, “Give me your cum! I need it!” With that, Steve unloaded in my boyfriend.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || I Lost My Boyfriend

The three of them, looking very proud of themselves, made Matt suck them off a bit more and then Amedee told him “You really are the biggest slut on campus. Good thing your ass is gonna be available to us whenever we want it.” They got dressed as I snuck back up to the party to wait for Matt.

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