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Hey there, you all-mighty horns, hehe.

I’ve spent a lot of my recent time in the company of my friend’s ten year old son, and it has reminded me a lot of my own growing up.

I grew up in a small town (50,000-60,000 people) in the north of Sweden, where everyone seemed to know everyone. We lived approximately 5 km from the centre of town, up a big hill. I remember when I was 10, our class was moved from the local school up the hill to one of the bigger ones in the town centre. This meant that I was biking the 5 km journey to school by myself most mornings, unless it rained or snowed too much, at which times I would take the bus.

I never used to think of it as being such a big deal, biking to town by myself; I’d done the journey hundreds of times with my mum and the bike routes were easy to follow. But in comparison I imagined my friend’s son doing the same. He’s a very clever and alert kid in all ways imaginable–but, well, I just wouldn’t think it appropriate in a big city like London.

This independence that I achieved and was given already at such an early age has sort of formed my life since then. I’ve been striving to be as independent as I could possibly manage. I guess one could say I’ve been kind of selfish in many ways. I understand that this is not always a characteristic that one should be entirely proud of, but it has helped me a lot in many situations (and created lots of hindrances in other ways, but never mind that).

This was just a side thought. What I really wanted to talk to you about was that someone asked me on my blog when I first had sex, so I thought I’d answer that one here. I’ve already told you about the one I consider my first proper lover (not penetrative, though), which happened in Paris when I was around 17. But actually that is not completely accurate. Well, I guess that depends on your classification of a sexual act…

I was always very curious as a child. My best friend and I used to always make snow grottos in the winter, where we played “house.” I used to be the mum and he the daddy. I would “stay home and cook and decorate the snow home and prepare the bed,” while he went out “hunting and gathering sticks for the fire.”

We were only 11-12 at the time, dressed in full overalls and hats and gloves. I remember clearly how he used to “come home” from the hunting session and we “had dinner” than he “humped” me in the bedroom, lying on top of me and wriggling. He was half a year older than me, so naturally he was bigger than me. I used to love it. The friction of his body against mine and all the clothes between us felt really good and I remember I got a stiff cock–although at this age still very small, of course, lol.

We both got a bit addicted to it, and would find excuses to play “home” as often as we could, haha.

I remember the first time my friend asked if I wanted to have some paper down there (pointing at my groin). I didn’t understand why I would want that, but I said yeah sure. He was in the bathroom first, winding his little cock on loads of tissue paper; then it was my turn, so I did the same.

After we played daddy and mummy, all fully dressed, he took out his paper and it was all wet and sticky. I hid mine as it was still clean and dry. A couple of months later I started cumming. It was a glorious time indeed, hehe, and I haven’t stopped since, haha…

Anyhow, that was one of my little secrets. Hope you enjoyed it.

Apart from that, I had some fun, horny sessions in the work toilets as well as at my place, as my hubby been away for a week and half in Abu Dhabi or somewhere god knows, lol.

Next week I’m off to Berlin for the MONSTER video premiere and a bit of filming for Wurstfilm, which should be fun and horny, hehe.

Have a great week.



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  1. Dear Anton:
    (god damn!! Just wrote a whole, lengthy, boring(?) response, went to copy b-4 posting & erased…Arrrrggghhh!!!! FUK me!!! No, really, please!!!)
    Anyway, LUV reading ur stories–& ogling ur pics!!! Fuk, u’re 1 sexy, HUGE stud!!!!–& ur ‘house’ story reminded me of my boyhood. (Like u, I played a LOT of ‘house’, altho w/ te girls, so ALWAYS ‘the Dad’, altho seemed to NEVER go to work…instead staying home, designing the house w/ ‘leaf-trail’ walls & ‘disciplining’ the children.
    My 1st “humpin’ adventures” were in jr high w/ my bestfriend, who KNEW what he wanted & ‘groomed’ me until we were naked & exploring. Altho, once I got over my fear of getting caught & nervousness, was quickly creating excuses to get into his pants, quickly realizing I LUV’d seeing/touching/sucking his cock–guess I was already getting into my preferred role as ‘btm’…lol!! Soon we were finding ‘games’ 2 hump all over each other–hey, my hard cock soon discovered how GOOD it felt pressed against solid stuff!–so, @ least 4 a while, had a more ‘vers’ outlook….
    Altho, 2 be fair, by the time I came to terms w/ my nature & LUV of men & cock–male ass, face, lips, pits, crack, balls, cum, pre-….–my jr year in college, also realized that as independent & ASSertive as I am in my life, when it cums to the more personal, intimate, dating/SEX, definitely prefer btmming!!!!
    So, LUV’d watching U plowing ur BIG, THICK-CHUBBED btm-buddy in “Slammed”!! (That IS UR BIG, XXXtra LONG, THICK, uncut slab seeding that hole isn’t it?) LUV how INTENSE, RAW, PASSIONATE, ‘naughty’–in the HOTTEST way!!! Does ur lucky bf play w/ U? Share? As cute? Hung? Horny? Raw?–& rall get into ur role, rutting, breeding-n-seeding, then felching it back out to share in ‘HOT, “raunchy”, snowball kisses & sexy, “high-above, teasing, VERY visual ‘drool-pool’ tempting “show-n-tell” b-4 sharing ur warm, drool-infused spunk w/ a devoted btm-buddy’, cuz I’d go fukin’ NUTZ if U did that!!!! Only ‘disclaimer’, I’m NOT ‘a pro’, NEVER learned how 2 deep-throat BIG cocks like urs or EASILY accommodate them anally, altho LUV trying, then succeeding & would LUV 2 be taught/trained & practice as LONG, often & MUCH as ‘needed’ until I COULD swallow U whole or climb on & just ride ur HUGE cock like a rodeo, ‘bronc-riding’ champ…!!

  2. Great story of youthful lust and first copulation. But the way I started much younger, and we were buck ass naked… hehe like an orgy. ; )

          1. give me some time, and I will tell you a little story about some horny friends, cousins, and older boys, naked, horny, and fucking on a hot summer day, on a dirt road, in the woods. ; )

                1. Oh, FUK, Darkhog, PLEASE include me in ur email list, LUV 2 hear as MANY of ur HOT, hardcore, raw stories as U can write!!! Already a fan!!! (

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