CUMSLOPPY STORY || Last Night’s Revelation

Had to tell this to someone. Last night was the first time I ever went out with the purpose of taking raw cock – the other few times I have taken raw cock was either because I was drunk or it was an “in the moment” kind of thing

But last night I went to a sex party, looking to get barebacked. There were not that many guys I was into and all of them were into each other. Then I saw him. NOT my type – skinny guy – REALLY skinny – if he weighed more than 140 lbs, I would be surprised . About 10 pounds of that was cock.

He had an absolutely perfect dick- 9-10 inches, perfect girth – not too thick or thin. And he wanted me to suck it. Suck it I did, almost down to the base – my cocksucking skills are amazing, but this guy was so big, it was a challenge.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Last Night's Revelation

And then he wanted to fuck me – I told him that I didn’t think I could fit that in my ass and he just kind of scoffed, like “give me a break – just shut up and take it.” We tried to have him fuck me and had to stop – too big. But I had had a taste. I followed him into the next room and told him to try again. He entered me right after I took a huge hit of poppers and I was in heaven! He fucked hard and deep and my ass was really loving it – I grunted loudly every time he went all the way in – it was like I could taste him in the back of my throat- but after a couple of minutes, he moved on.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Last Night's Revelation

I followed him around like a puppy and he fucked me again for a few minutes, but mostly I just watched as he fucked half the guys there. At one point he was fucking a guy, pulled out and walked across the room – he stopped three times to fuck three different guys who were bent over. Never more than a minute or two in anyone’s ass – he had mentioned that he could cum several times (I guess he was in his 20’s) and I asked him if he had a load for me (I was really throwing caution to the wind), but he said he wasn’t ready to come, although he did give me another couple of minutes of sucking him off.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Last Night's Revelation

I left the party soon afterwards, and now I feel like a completely different man. Something has changed and I’m kind of scared. I want raw cock up my ass ALL THE TIME now – my friends would be horrified and angry if they knew, so you are the only men I could tell this to. I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do – 30 years of playing safe and now all I can think about while I am typing this is “when am I going to get my next raw dick?”

Courtesy of Breedingzone. 

  1. LUV’d the story!!! (Won’t preach…KNOW ‘safer sex’ IS the ‘correct’ advice, especially if u’re neg–being poz SUCKS!!!–but as a self-affirmed, ‘older’ (53), buffed ‘btm-daddy’ who DREAMS of sex, I really WANT ‘my cock’–HIS!!!–raw, & pumping me FULL of his ‘clean’ spunk–don’t need any more diseases!!!, respect ‘HIS’ status IF neg (feel free 2 put a scumbag on or not, I’m undetetable, so even IF I fuk’d U, he chances of XXXposure are near zero, just don’t really enjoy being ‘the dick’ in our eXXXchange, lmao!!!), but LU TIM vids BECAUSE they ARE SOOOO raw, so INTO showcasing HOT, BUTCH studs getting into feeding/fuking nice, PHAT loads into their cadDICKted btms & dream of being 1 of those lucky btms day…. Not to mention TIM employs MANY of MY DREAM Tops (Antonio, Peto, Brad, as well as several I barely ‘know’ now, butt have seen in action & would LUV TRYING 2 please, even if it took weeks, months, years….!!!!
    LUV ‘the money shot’ & LUV how it looks, smells, feels…& the RAW, INTENSITY when a Top reaches,then ‘falls over’ that spectacular ‘point-of-NO-return’ & UNLEASHES his HOT, sloppy load w/ sweat, loud GRUNTS, & arousing cureses!!!!

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