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Hey, you horny fuckers!

Hope you all had an awesome week. Mine’s been good and horny as always. I took some boys over to the sauna to fuck them good, one little horny boy especially stands out this week–it turns out I fucked him before in my basement garage last year. How could I forget such a little hotty, hehe.


Anyhow, this week I will be writing about Liam Coles latest DVD, Outlaws, coming out very soon. Here’s a link to the trailer!

The first scene I can think of that I’m in is a home movie with Josh Taylor, a horny little guy I fucked real hard and good in my old flat, on the couch in front of the big windows, hehe.

The second scene is a horny gangbang scene where we are a group of guys fucking Luca Bondi. Some of you might have seen him before–a huge muscle guy, really hard. It was such a horny scene to film!


But the scene that really stood out to me as the coolest, horniest, dirtiest, naughty fuck I’ve had for a long time on cam was the 3-way scene in a garage. Liam Cole, Sebastian Slater, Luke Bennett (an American boy), and I were looking for a cool outdoor place to shoot a scene, when we walked past this low level garage building. We checked to see if any of them were unlocked, and at the very end of the line of garages there was one garage that had had its padlocked clipped open–so, like the outlaws we are, we sneaked in.

After closing the door behind us, we found that the empty garage was perfect to shoot in and before Liam even had a chance to get his camera up, Sebastian and I started playing with the horny, cockhungry American boy. We kissed and spat on him, and gagged him with our big cocks. Well, I say gag–we tried to but, my lord, this young boy knows how to swallow cocks!!! If you like watching long, amazing deepthroating, you will be in for a treat in this scene! So fucking hot, I get horny just thinking of it. A really perfect boy to drill my fat cock and shoot a horny load into, hehe.


This scene (plus the fivesome in Berlin from In the Flesh) are probably my two favourite scenes of all time. I can now retire a happy man, hehe…!

So yeah, check out this new awesome fuck flick. Liam Cole is a true master in delivering the best fuck films out there for sure, hehe! Awesome work yet again!

Have a good week, you horny men.



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  1. Anton, I am very envious of you. You certainly have a great job ! I am looking forward to Outlaws. It sounds, and looks, very exciting. Best wishes. Daniel.

    1. Ah it is indeed a lot of fun hehe
      I very much love it, I’m retiring from porn soon though, but I’m still gona have as much sex anyhow no doubt lol
      Hugs a

      1. Sorry to hear that you are retiring, Anton. You will be sadly missed by your many fans.
        I hope, when you do retire, that everything works out well for you.
        Hugs and best wishes. Daniel.

  2. Why ur friend claudio got his twitter account protected ? can’t peek him anymore lol

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