Prague and the Czech Republic have earned a (generally accurate) reputation of being more liberal than its neighbors to the east like Poland or the Baltic States, and Czechs’ attitudes towards issues like gay rights or drugs are far more tolerant. Homosexuality in the Czech Republic is legal and the minimum age of consent is 15. The biggest example of the Czech Republic’s progressive policies towards the homosexual community would be its passing of historic legislation legalizing registered partnerships for same-sex couples in July 2006. There are no laws concerning tourists with HIV/AIDS. The number of HIV/AIDS sufferers in the country is low. 

This means that Prague has far more gay and gay-friendly clubs than most Eastern European cities, and is quickly becoming a popular travel destination for gay tourists. By some estimates, nearly 600,000 visitors to Prague per year have used services aimed at the homosexual community – though those numbers might be overblown, as most gay clubs don’t deny entrance to heterosexual guests. Either way, gay tourism has definitely been on the rise since the 1990s. More than half a dozen new bars or clubs have opened up in the last year alone and there are around 25 gay bars, discos and saunas in the city as a whole.

Sauna Labyrint Biggest sauna on the country – be careful or you will get lost

Prague’s newest and largest gay sauna includes a bar with large variety of drinks and beverages, video room, dark room, glory holes, a sex shop, Finnish sauna, Bio sauna, relaxation cubicles, a jacuzzi with high performance massage jets, a large Turkish steam room labyrinth with aroma therapy and a steam room with aroma therapy and sea salt saturated steam.

Sauna Bonbon – New gay sauna in Prague 

This newly opened gay establishment features a Finnish sauna, steam rooms, whirlpool and a cafe/bar.

Sauna David – Oldest gay sauna in the city, fully renovated

Sauna David is the oldest gay sauna in Prague. Apparently popular with the older crowd. There is a bar, sauna, steamroom, whirlpool and internet. There also appears to be a massage chair.

Sex Club Alcatraz – Get in the leather or uniform

Alcatraz is actually two venues: a typical Czech pub (but with a gay clientele) and underneath a gay sex club, particularly popular with the leather and uniform crowd. Although to some eyes the place can seem a bit rough, it is well liked due to its lack of attitude and overall friendliness. The sex club is well equipped with dark rooms, video cabins and various other speciality rooms.

Rent Boys Club Temple – Prague’s popular hustler bar

Renamed and revamped, the former Pinocchio’s appears to have risen a notch in the sophistication stakes, if only up from a low level to start with. Temple is inhabited almost exclusively by rent boys and their older customers. Despite the refurbishment this place is considerably less plush than its rival Escape but nevertheless continues to be popular.

Rent Boys Club Escape – Cute guys for rent, nice bar, nice atmosphere

Club for clients who knows what they want. Upscale Bel Ami boys for rent, entrance fee has to be paid.

Sauna Marco – Hidden and forgotten sauna very close to all major gay venues in Prague

Marco is a nice quiet sauna visited mainly by Czechs. They have a sauna, steam-room, video cabins, solarium, a small whirlpool and a cozy little bar with a big aquarium. Karel, their cute bartender, is very chatty and youre likely to get drawn into a conversation with the locals.

Sauna Babylonia – Best and biggest sauna in town

Babylonia is a very pleasant sauna situated on two floors right in the centre of the city. It is the biggest sauna in Prague and also the most popular. Babylonia offers a dry sauna, steam-room, whirlpool, a couple of chairs for relaxing, a nice bar with friendly staff, a small gym and a number of cubicals and video-room in the basement.

Sex Club Drakes – Cinema and more

Large cellar complex including bar, video booths and a large variety of rooms for playing in. Lots of gay porn . You don’t come here for the bar but purely for the sex.

 Sex Club Heaven – Prague Sex Club

This relatively new club has 2 floors. One is sex shop and little bar, in the cellar you will find huge porn cinema, cabins and glory holes.



If we missed anything be sure to bring it up in the comments section below. As well as recommendations for the next city we dive deep into. 

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