CUMSLOPPY STORY || Friendly Breeding

One day during our senior year at college, my boyfriend Matt and I discussed our big-dicked former RA, Matty. Matty, who was 5’10”, 150 pounds, brown eyes, hairy chest), was not only exceptionally hot, he was also gay. We realized we were both determined to fuck around with him. As it was approaching the end of the school year, and our time together was drawing to a close, Matt was determined to have Matty plow his tight twink hole.

I sought-out Matty on-line, and laid our cards on the table: I told him how badly I wanted to see his bare cock in my boyfriend, and that my boy friend was no less eager to take his cock raw. Somewhat to my surprise, Matty accepted my invitation and we agreed to get together at Matty’s apartment at 1:00 AM, on a Friday night. Arriving at Matty’s apartment at the prescribed hour, Matt and I discretely knocked at the door. Matty, dressed in a bathrobe, immediately opened the door – a huge smile on his handsome face, and gestured us into the living room. Over a drink or two, Marry revealed he had wanted to fuck Matt’s ass ever since he had met Matt in freshman year, and he suggested we move into the bedroom. Wasting no time, Matty grabbed Matt, threw him on the bed, pulled-down his pants, and swallowed Matt’s seven inch cock. As I was (an am) a bit of a voyeur, I was more than happy to watch.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Friendly Breeding

As Matty sucked, he undid his own pants, releasing his eight inch, thick cock, which was already leaking precum in anticipation of penetrating Matt’s ass. As the intensity increased, Matt, Matty and I took a few hurried seconds to strip off our clothing so all three of us were naked. Matty and I orally tag-teamed my boyfriend’s cock, but eventually I began to rim Matt’s ass and Matty fucked Matt’s mouth. When he gauged things had reached the right moment, Matty withdrew his cock from Matt’s mouth, grabbed some lube from a side table, flipped Matt onto his stomach, and, with my help, lubed-up Matt’s ass (and Matty’s raw cock). Matty teased Matt’s wet hole with his huge cock and then pulling Matt upwards so they could kiss, however awkwardly, I overheard him say something along the lines of “I’m going to enjoy this.” Of course he wasn’t the only one who was going to enjoy our orgy.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Friendly Breeding

With that Matty started to slide his raw cock into Matt. Matt’s eyes closed as he concentrated on the pleasure, an involuntary moan forming on his lips. Once he was balls-deep, I shoved my cock into Matt’s mouth, encouraging Matty to pound Matt, fully withdrawing and then vigorously slamming back into Matt. Not surprisingly Matt moaned, notwithstanding my cock in his throat. Needless to say, I was loving the scene: a long-yearned fantasy was coming to fruition. Matty looked at me with questioning smile. I returned my approval. With that Matty grabbed Matt’s hips and shoved himself in as far as he could go, plowing Matt’s ass without restraint. I had suspected Matty liked rough sex, and my suspicions were proven correct as he manipulated Matt’s body, twisting Matt’s tits, and slapping Matt’s ass. Guess Matty had studied the Marquis de’ Sade in school. I was content sit back and watch.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Friendly Breeding

Matty’s balls could be heard slapping against Matt’s perfectly smooth ass. The room filled with moans as Matty pulled Matt into a doggy position and seemingly began to somehow fuck Matt harder. Matt’s rock hard cock was dripping with precum. Eventually Matty flipped Matt over onto his back, tossed his legs onto his shoulders and really began to go for it. He and Matt were making out when Matt mustered the ability to say he was about to cum with Matty’s furry chest rubbing his cock. Matt shot his huge load between them and that got Matty to the edge (and if you’re ever inside Matt when he cums, you’d understand. About then Matty grunted “I’m close – you want it?” I was perversely satisfied to hear Matt say “Give me your load” which was all the approval Matty needed. With a few final thrusts Matty unloaded deep inside of my boyfriend, and cum-filled and cum-covered, they resumed making-out. And that was just round one of our night of debauchery!

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