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It occurred to me to bottle my loads and sell them to you fuckers. Then, it occurred to me to have my friends cum into a jar and I can sell it to you nasty pig sluts. I already have buyers. And I have the nasty friends who will help me. All I need now, is to sacrifice the loads that I give to hot guys or take from my hot friends in order to make this new business venture work.

I could freeze loads in ice cube trays and you could buy those for a variety of reasons. There’s so much I could do with shapes. I could freeze them in the shapes of penises. I could shape them like a big happy sperm. The name of your favorite porn star. Imagine putting a block of “Drew” into your ass. You could shove them up your butt while you play with your toys, or as lube for getting fucked or fisted. I could collect a mass of cum for you to host your own Drunk on Cum sessions, a la Treasure Island. I wouldn’t go as far as to make muffins, although I know of a cookbook that already uses cum in recipes. I’m kind of intrigued about that, but for me, it defeated the whole purpose of collecting the cum to use in play sessions. Maybe if I look at it as an after play-time snack? Nah. I’ll keep the idea of using the cum as lubricant.


A friend of mine has someone collect loads until they reach a certain number and then he uses these loads by sipping some into his mouth and sucking my cock. It’s so hot! He gargles with it and spits it back in to the container that holds the loads. Eventually, it’s more spit than cum, but by then, he’s swallowed so much and used so much as lube for the toys he sits on while he’s sucking my cock. Such a dirty pig. I’m lucky to have him as a fuck buddy.


Another buddy of mine likes to stick frozen cubes up his butt and get pounded so the cum is all frothy and dripping out. The last time we played, it was so messy, and hot, that another friend couldn’t help but bury his face in there and eat as much of that frothy mixture of cum and spit and man pussy. When I added my load to the mix, he kept it in there for a while. Until another friend came along and decided he wanted a turn to fuck him.

There are three things that I love in this big ole gay world. Raw meat! Sweet asses! And CUM!

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  1. fuck dude. i’d love a bottle full of your cum to shove in my ass before my partner fucks me!

  2. Hey Drew, I want to buy some loads from you. How can I make this happen? Serious as fuck here! Kevin

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