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Hey, sexy fuckers.

This week has been all about settling back into my old habits and just enjoying my London life as much as possible.

It started, of course, with some horny fucks and sucks in the office toilets, with some eager, horny boys licking my balls and squeezing my cock in pleasure and awe.

Had some hot Asian boys as well as some cute English ones, and a particularly well-endowed Spanish boy pushed me down on my knees and mouth fucked me hard until he came all over my chest (luckily I’d taken off my top, hehe…).

This week also brought with it some food for thought. I met up with two different guys for actual dates, like no sex on the first meeting. I know–is that even possible with me, right? Well, apparently it is, hehe. I met them on separate dates, chit-chatted about this and that, and a few kisses later we went our separate ways. All very well and exciting.

They were very sweet lads, both of them. I had a second date with one of them and this time went over to his place, mainly for a blowjob. But my cock cleverly negotiated a better deal and, after a bit of fumbling around on his bed, it was buried deep inside his bum and I gave him my sperm. He’s really hot, all smooth and soft with a massive cock. He mainly tops, it turns out, so maybe I can persuade him to film for us. I’m sure all you horny men out there would appreciate his cock and bum and cute face, hehe.

For my second date with the other cute lad (who is one part of a happy identical twin pair, both gay), I was stood up. I say this in “shock,” lol, as I don’t really do dates; I’ve found that they don’t really lead to anywhere I want to go but I wanted to give it a try because I thought maybe I’ve been wrong all this time, who knows. Anyhow, we had decided to meet at around 7 for some horny fun and I was gagging for his cute little bum; he’s a gorgeous, cute, little blond boy.

He never got back to me, though, nor replied to my messages. For some strange reason I was getting more and more annoyed, maybe cause I fancied him more than I wanted to admit or simply cause I guess no one wants to be ignored. Either way it really pissed me off and made me sad, him not even bothering to cancel our date. I’d already had two boys in the toilets that day so I don’t know why I was complaining… I’m just spoiled, I guess, and that’s not something I’m proud of.

So here is a formal apology to all guys (and gals) that I ever ignored or didn’t respond to or blocked on apps, etc.: I’m so sorry, and sending big hugs your way now.

Apart from that we got a bunch of new furniture for the TIM office and have been putting them all together (god bless IKEA, lol). And it’s looking AWESOME. The bed soda arrives this week, yeah! I’m so proud of our little gem in South London.


Oh, can someone PLEASE tell my husband to stop eating brussel sprouts? Stinky, stinky (on all fronts…). That’s all I got to say, haha.

Looking forward to the HustlaBall soon. It’ll be fun. Hope their darkroom is as large and busy as last time, haha… Yummy orgy!



P.S. It turned out that the twin had been stuck in consecutive meetings all day and not been able to answer any messages. He thoroughly apologized and we are rearranging our meet hopefully later in the week, yeah! So all my hiss and fuss was as usual for no reason whatsoever. Hehe–great work, Sherlock Dickson.

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  1. I can realte to the stories…u NEVER KNOW…!
    I’ve been taken down some crazy-INSANE, unbelievable roads that eventually led NOWHERE & definitely felt taken, manipulated & used. (I could tell some strange-assed stories NOBODY would believe & found HARD to believe myself, yet could NOT KNOW otherwise & felt it bad form to express disbelief & I mean WILD!!!!) Yet, the internet allows us to say/share things difficult to share face-2-face (also lie like messed-up, twisted, small, demon-possessed children!!!) U just NEVER KNOW…!!!

    My latest–& I’m still struggling…–met what seemed like a REALY GREAT guy–handome, furry, HUNG HUGE, cocky but open–, sharing all kinds of VERY personal, intimate personal stories/boyhood adventures, some of some pretty ‘unsual’ & HOT, but a bit ‘unusual’ subject matter (‘beast’–including his dog, a tag-team pair of shepherd dogs enjoying a couple of tag-team, multiple repeat knottings, his injured bull, his stud-horse, a ‘kennel’ he lived in for a while during college…etc., & other kinks I was curious about & LUV’d hearing his tales…) We chatted online w/ him even getting on cam a couple times w/out requiring I join him on cam, so KNOW it was him!!! Sent me a pair of his ‘XXXtra sweat-soaked, Diesel briefs & condom filled w a couple loads of his cum…w/ his address, told me ALL about his 5-bedroom house, his place of work including name–looked it up online later & Google confirmed the place & that he WAS the chef there!!–, his co-workers (2 str8 boys that helped him in the kitchen), we had daily, intimate talks for over 6 months, discussing our evnetual first meeting, then, one day, he suddenly disappeared.
    It was the day after he sent me a text that one of ‘his boys’–turns out they were also his renters/housemates…–had moved out & into rehab. I was a bit shocked, mostly that his ‘boys’ were his housemates & he had NEVER mentioned that while talking about them, or describing his house, room-by-room in detail, etc. but didn’t want to go off too soon, so responded along the lines, “What the fuk?” I figured–I WAS mad he hadn’t mentioned he HAD roommates (NO BIG deal!!) or that ‘his boys’ WERE those housemates!! But his text was too brief to make too much of & I suck @ texting & so, thought it best I keep it short & just ‘open’ 2 interpretation, like, ‘What happened? Tell me the details…’, altho also just mad he dropped a BOMBSHELL out of the blue w/ NO background or explanation to leave me to figure this stuff out…
    I waited a few days then wrote him, letting him know I was worried, having NOT heard a word back, to please let me know he was okay so I could stop worrying. Then I began writing & texting him, even going back to the site we had met & left him a note there, trying to get him to just let me know he was okay (I was scared he’d had an accident, or hurt himself or something terrible had happened & he was incapacitated). mostly keeping the msgs friendly, as if nothing was wrong, still wanting to hear back but assuring him I would patiently wait. I went back & forth, from friendly ‘shares’, like nothing had happened, to concern he was okay, even letting him know if he’d met someone & ‘moved on’, to just let me know he was okay so I would let go & move on. This continued for 2 months, even calling his cell directly & leaving a msg. Then, finally–about a week ago, searching his work place online 2 find the number, that’s how I KNEW he really worked in a real restaurant & it wasn’t just some story…(Googled his work & called, hoping to catch him there, but the restaurant was ‘closed for remodel’…. So, left him a last text msg, wishing him well, telling him I had called work to get a machine, was worried, but then, I realized it was time to stop bothering him. I encouraged him to call, when/if things got better, regardelss of what the details were, kept my kewl, as hard is it was, (I suspect he just got bored or met someone), but like u guys shared, ANYTHING could have happened, including my worst fears–a drunken accident, his or another driver hitting him…etc.–& am trying to just let things be, it’s been 2 full months since his last contact, I can’t keep waiting forever. Still, NO reason 2 ‘vent’ because I feel hurt, or slighted or ignored or ‘dissed’.
    Keep getting older, not much wiser, still hopeful, but also less expectant.
    So, what happened w/ that twin? Any chance u hooked up w/ BOTH of them? Woof!!!

  2. Thanks for this, Anton. I shall never forget a gay male pen-pal I had several years ago, and I remember writing him a letter where I was quite cruel and unkind because I had not heard from him in months. I distinctly remember declaring, “I never want to hear from you again!” Well, when he finally got back to me, he informed me that he was battling pneumonia and almost died. I felt the world’s biggest heel after that, and swore I would never do that again. And I have kept my promise.

    Recently, Mark Bentson of has been giving me pointers on handling Gay Male social media apps like Growlr (my personal favorite, although I AM enjoying Hornet) and I have learned that, there are more men.

    1. Hey Robert,
      thank you for sharing your story, and yes it’s so very true one can never know reasons for this or that until fully explained, and even than its sometimes hard to grasp lol,
      i hope your penpal friend was alright in the end, sickness can be very tough to handle, especially if alone, hope he had good friends and family support.

      yeah all these apps are such a new thing I’m not quite sure what to make of them in my mind yet, although they are totally awesome for sexual addicts like myself hehe, its like a goldmind, they do take up a lot of time, and limit the emotional connection between men, something I’ve always treasured in the past, even an emotional connection of discovery with finding a stranger in a dark back alley, pub toilet or sauna, and exploring things together, rather than have it showed in your face in an application, and stated all the ‘what you into” kindof usual questions,
      where is the excitement and stimulation about that? hehe

      anyhow, thanks for sharing,
      hugs anton

      1. Anton, thank you for taking the time to reply.

        From what I recall, yes, my then pen-pal did not go through his near death alone.

        And, I must confess that although I AM enjoying Growlr, and now Hornet (although given that I AM hairy and husky, I AM faring much better on Growlr), I especially enjoy it when a guy with whom I AM chatting gives me his cell phone number. It is the old-fashioned part of me. Plus, I have been told for years I have a sexy voice, so when they hear it, they are mine! Ha, Ha!!

        Indeed, there is an intimacy that we as Gay Men need to reclaim.

        Have a lovely day and week and thanks for the blog posts.

  3. Thanks, Anton. I shall just have to rouse myself and “go for it”, as it certainly won’t come to me. Thanks for the advice.
    Hugs, Daniel.

    1. A pleasure mr

      Yeah I never sat around waiting at home for things to cum knocking on my door, I’m more of a doer and chaser I guess hehe
      Hugs a

  4. I always enjoy reading about your exploits, Anton. Wish I could have even a fraction of the experiences you enjoy. Lucky fucker ! Best wishes.

    1. Ah thanks mr, well I enjoy sharing my excapades with u all hehe
      And it’s a lot of fun trust me, hehe
      The trick into just go for it though, regrets are not an option hehe.

      Hugs anton

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