CUMSLOPPY STORY || Massage and More

I had been under a lot of stress, so on my last trip to CA I arranged for a massage. I went on line and found a therapist who sounded like he could give a good massage and send me on my way with a smile on my face. I arrive on time and was greeted warmly. Jon had on a pair of loose fitting pants and a polo shirt. Jon was about 6’2″ and very good looking. He led me to the room with the massage table. We chatted for a minute and he asked questions to make sure he would meet my needs and if I had any problem areas, he could work those areas. I mentioned that I was a bottom daddy bear and Jon smiled. He asked me to take my clothes off and get up on the table, face down. As I undressed, so did Jon so both of us were nude.

Jon washed his hands in warm water and then took some lotion in his hand and started working on my shoulders. His hands were strong and the massage was deep. I could immediately feel the tension start to leave my body. As Jon continued down my back, I was feeling very relaxed and was so glad I had selected him. The massage continued down my back and worked the small of my back. He would wander a little farther down on my butt, but not very far. Then he transitioned to my feet and worked both my feet and legs. As he worked up my legs, he would brush my balls and start to work my butt. Mmmmmm did that feel good. As he kneaded my butt, he poured additional oil on both my cheeks as well as in my crack. He massaged each cheek and started to spread my cheeks and work down my crack. Some of the oil was at my hole and felt so good. He slowly massaged my hole and I started to moan so he knew I was enjoying the attention. He slowly worked a finger in my ass and that also felt wonderful. As he worked his finger in, I pushed up against his finger and he went in deep. It felt perfect. He added some additional oil and slid a second finger up my hole. I continued to moan as he worked those in deeper and started to hit my prostate. I was in heaven. Jon then got up on the table, knelt down, and spread my legs farther apart, and slid a third finger into my butt. It felt awesome.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Massage and More

Jon asked to make sure I was doing OK and I said “Great!” With that I felt Jon move a bit on the table, and, laying on my back, positioned the head of his cock on my crack. I moved with his motions and we both slid back and forth. He added more oil to his cock and positioned his cock head at my hole. I didn’t realize how big Jon’s cock was, but he had to really push to get his cock head in my ass. It hurt at first, but Jon took it slow and slid in inch by inch. I didn’t realize until afterwards, but Jon’s cock was 9″ and thick. As soon as he was deep in me, he just held there till my ass got use to his size. As my ass adjusted, I started to push up and he knew I was ready for him to start riding my ass. Jon almost pulled all the way out and then plunged back in, he did this several times in long slow strokes. I was in seventh heaven – he felt so wonderful. This was the type of massage for which I had been hoping.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Massage and More

Jon picked up the pace and asked if “Daddy wanted him to ride longer and harder” to which I replied “Hell yes.” He really started riding me hard and I could feel his cock deeper in me than any other cock had ever been. He really picked up the pace and I knew he was getting close. He then told me he was going to breed daddy-ass, and I said “Give me your seed.” Jon stiffened. I knew he was ready to paint my insides. He moaned and let out a cry of “Take it, Daddy” plowed deep and held there. I felt his cock twitch time and time again as rope after rope of cum was shot deep in my ass. I was in heaven. Jon collapsed on my back and laid there till his cock got soft and slipped out of my ass, at which time Jon then got off the table and said it was time to roll over.

As I rolled over, I saw how big Jon’s cock was, even though it was soft. He then started to massage my feet and legs. He worked his way up my legs and then jumped to my chest and stomach. He massaged and pinched my tits and made me moan. Then he took my cock in his mouth and started to suck my and get me hard. As he did that, he got up on the table so his cock was over my mouth. I took his cock in my mouth and it wasn’t long before he was hard again.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Massage and More

We both sucked for several minutes. Then Jon pulled his cock out of my mouth and moved to the bottom of the table, he then climbed up between my legs, and raised my legs over his shoulders. It was now easy for him to slide his cock deep in my ass with his cum as good lube. As he started to fuck me long and deep, be grabbed my cock and would stroke it in time with his plunges deep in me. We were both very close and I told Jon so, as my cock started to twitch and shoot my load, my ass tightened around his cock and he shot his second load deep in me. We both were moaning in pleasure, as Jon lay on top of me and kissed me deeply. We were both exhausted and feeling very relieved and relaxed. As Jon slipped out of my ass, he got off the table and got a cloth to clean me up.

Courtesy of Breedingzone. 

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  1. Very sexy and hot story. I just must jerked, but I didn´t want to cum, cause it’s only 2 hours and my fuckbuddy will come…my asshole too 😉

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