Ah, Gay Pari. A mere sleeping beauty by the end of the 20th century, Paris is once again a modern city awakened to the world. Thanks in part to openly gay mayor Bertrand Delanoë, who took office in 2001, the city has undergone major transformations. To name just a few: Paris Plage, which every summer turns the borders of the River Seine into a giant beach promenade; Nuit Blanche, which turns the keys of the city to the artists every October; and the Velib, the ubiquitous bike rental system that has changed the nature of Paris street transportation.

The gay community, meanwhile, has grown up alongside the city, and also led the way. Much of its heart still lies in the central neighbourhood of Le Marais, where you will find dozens upon dozens of gay bars, restaurants, and bathhouses. Whether you prefers trendy or cozy scenes, whether your passion is for R&B music (and the guys that come with it), good old-fashion house music, or even the always cheesy French pop, there’s a place for everyone.

Sun City – Popular and enormous gay sauna

Set on three floors and decked out in an Indian theme, Sun City attracts some of Paris’ finest.

LeDepot – Bar with three floors of back-rooms

To call this a bar would be more than generous. Men who go here are generally looking for one thing: sex. It isn’t hard to find once you venture into the backrooms.

L’IMPACT – Multi-level sex club

At L’Impact, there are so many different ways to have a good time. Two levels, multiple rooms for different fantasies, even a bar and dance club. Now that’s Gay Paris!

Gym Louve – Gym/cruising area

There’s a fine line between a “male gym” and a bathhouse. Gym Lourve is that line, offering a well populated gym area as well as more adventurous zones.

Euro Men’s Club– Bathhouse for the older crowd

Mature clients, entrance through the passage on the right.

Key West Sauna Paris – Nude after dark

Spacious sauna, hammam, spa, and pool facilities, a state-of-the-art fitness room, and private cabins featuring adult videos round out the offerings at this popular gay sauna that goes nude after 10pm.

IDM Sauna – Paris is burning up!

This space features 40 themed rooms, glory hole booths, a sauna, a work-out room and a lounge. Every place you’ve ever dreamed of getting it on with a French boy.

Sauna Mykonos – Nude spa

This men-only, nude spa attracts a diverse range of ages and offers dry sauna, steam rooms, private rooms, and a bar.

Riad – Gay sauna with an Oriental touch

2 room steam bath, warm fountain and swimming pool, Oriental influenced ambience.

 Krash Bar – Paris unhinged and unrepressed

Fetish and sleaze on two floors in the Marais, with a manly emphasis on the cavernous, tunnel-like dark and dirty basement. Opened in 2010 to offer service and servicing for sex men into rubber, leather, skins, sportswear, naked and suits.

Tilt Sauna – Gay sauna in the center of Paris

Open all day long for all your sauna needs, located in the center of the city.

Bains Montansier – Gay sauna for bears and admirers

Sauna in the east of Paris, clients ranging from 30-50.

Les Bains dOdessa – Gay sauna with lots of bears

Sauna usually frequented by bears and mature clients.


If we missed anything be sure to bring it up in the comments section below. As well as recommendations for the next city we dive deep into. 

  1. I’m sorry but some of these places are crap- Sun city- huge sauna -smells like feet and not in the good way. Cabins are awkward sizes and strangely laid out- on ly a few rooms with decent space- I wouldn’t bother if you’re older/beefy. Now the place for TIM guys into BB -go to Le Bunker – Goncourt Tube Stop -sex club and go on Naked Nights – amazing and frankly one of the hottest places to see all that French/Middle East meat . Its in a Muslim/Arab neighborhood but felt safe walking thru and go around 6pm don’t wait till late- you’ll miss the peak of the wave. Just was there in April. And, for the truly adventurous who speak French -cruise the Garden of Tullieries at the Lourve – OMG -those garden bushes/maze -in this weather now fucking crazy- but heed my advice- leave your phone/wallet home- thieves will present ass/cock and slip your phone into their pocket (i learned this the hard way) so just cum with nothing at night -12mid -onward – but really for the risk takers -its a bit of a thrill-lots of African/Arab guys on down-low.

    And QG- on Ramuteau Tube- behind Pompidiu Center – small bar -look for rainbow flag -buy a drink at bar ,check clothes and then head downstairs to a darkroom -piggy and hot- older guys but there for action. Hottest Bartender!!!

    1. QG is now called Krash Bar ! And you’re right, their bartenders are HOT as hell !

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