This last week has been great for my ass. Last weekend I was off from work so I called up a buddy of mine to see what his Saturday night plans were. He was on his way to Atlanta to Club Eros, so we made plans to meet up and go together. We arrived at the Club around 10:00 PM, and I head straight to the glory hole booths where I sucked cock after cock, sucking, slurping, and swallowing loads on top of loads of cum. Eventually I started got bored with that, so I found myself a room, took-off my shorts and aimed my ass in the air for whoever wanted to mount me.


Finally an anonymous guy came into the room, and without introduction, slid his bare cock up my ass, and started fucking. And fucking. The longer he fucked the bigger his cock got. I, however, was cum-hungry, and became tired of his endless fuck, so I tightened my ass muscles and, like magic, he bred my hole. He withdrew and left before I actually had seen him! I felt like a cheap whore, and I loved it! Fairly soon I had five different guys fuck and breed me, and as with the first guy, I never got a glimpse of any of them. After load number six I decided I needed to seed a hole so I went in the dark room found a hole and bred it deep and quickly. I wanted more cum to swallow before we left, so I went back to the glory hole area, and swallowed another load.


Then Monday a fuck bud from a4a wanted some ass, so I went down to Motel 6, got a room and that hot little fucker fucked me in every position he could think of, shooting two loads before he left. Then I got on Craigslist and a4a, and soon enough had three married men on their way. They fucked me doggy-style, my head buried in the pillow. When they left, a friend with a ten inch black cock was on his way over. He arrived, and I sucked, gagged, and swallowed his cock. When he was satisfied he rolled me on my stomach and using only the cum in my hole, he rammed his huge black cock to the balls in my ass. He fucked me like a bitch in heat for 45 minutes, finally giving my sore ass two loads of nut. I could take no more so I called it quits.

Wednesday I was home alone and horny and had some repeats from my motel Monday, coming out with seven loads cum running out my ass. On Thursday I was horny for some hole and mouth, so I went on Craigslist and saw a bareback bottom from out of town, who was taking all loads. We talked, exchanged pictures, and I was on my way. I walked in to find a guy fucking the bottom. As I ate the top’s ass, he dumped two loads to the bottom’s hole.


Then it was my turn to fuck the bottom, an older man with a wedding band on his finger. I later find out he and his wife were expecting their first child. The perversity of the situation got me harder, knowing that I would breed this bottom, this whore, with my cum. I rammed my cock in and tore into him for 30 minutes, fucking him as hard as I could, finally breeding him. As I pulled out, cum gushed out his hole. He explained the volume of cum by remarking I was his ninth load of the day. I had to taste his cummy ass, so I felched his ass, eating my load, and that of every other top from his hole. And it was hot! Can’t wait ’til he comes back to town! I’m hoping for more this weekend I’m off and feeling slutty! I love being a cum dump!

Courtesy of Breedingzone. 

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