Drew Sebastian, Real & Raw || What Does It Take To Fuck In LA?


48 hours. 3.82 million people. 382,000 of them gay. Easily half of them sluts. How much sex could I have in a weekend in LA? I’m about to find out.

I’ve got my feelers out for cock. Before I go, I’m finding out who’s DTF. The list is large. I’m ready for fun. There’s the guy I’ve played with nearly every time I’ve been there in the past few years, there’s the guy I did a scene with in Vegas, there’s the go-go boy who let me feel his cock when I was down in April, there’s the guy who found me on X-tube, there’s the guy – or 5 – I found on Scruff, and then there’s Joe. A dirty little number who looks like my twin. I could do them all, but I might just need to budget my sperm. What if I get a group together? I’m stoked about all the possibilities. On a side note, this is the weekend of “J” names. Every guy had a name that started with “J”.

When I got to LA, it was a Saturday night and I tried getting in touch with a few prospects, but was too late. I’ll try again, tomorrow.


The next morning, I wake up and find myself some breakfast and go on Scruff. More guys show up on my screen and I get a lot of promises to meet. But nothing for sure. Fucking Scruff.

I go to the gym at the Hollywood Gold’s. This gym is cruisy. Lots of guys stare at my cock swinging in my gym shorts, but no one takes the bait. It’s ok. I got in a really good workout. With my muscles feeling pumped and my hormones raging, I’m seriously ready for some action.

After I go home and take a little nap, I wake up to a message that one of the J’s was able to come over at 3! The guys I’m staying with weren’t home so I told this guy to come over. Just before 3, one of my “friends” came home and cock blocked me from having a guest over. Fuck! Is he jealous or what? The guy lives way across town, so that wasn’t going to work into my plans.

I went with some friends to Faultline for the Sunday beer bust. We hung out there for a little while and besides some heavy petting, kept our dicks in our pants. Shit! Was I gonna get any action?

From the Faultline, we headed on over to the Eagle. It was more chill there, with plenty of hot guys. I happened to know a lot of them, so when I spotted a hot guy, I could ask my friends. Most of the time, they would give me a heads up on whether they were fuckable or not. The prospects looked good. A potential fuck buddy showed up and we got our grope on. Man! He’s hot! A lot of kissing and talk of putting our meats in each others’ holes. As if I wasn’t already so fucking horny…!

As luck would have it, I hit a wall around midnight and decided to take my ass on home. Dick will be around tomorrow.

My final day in LA started with breakfast and the gym. This is where my luck began to turn around. As soon as I walked in the gym, I spotted the hottest guy I think I’d seen all weekend! He’s tall… taller than me. A little blond and a little ginger. Big ol’ hands and enormous feet. He spotted me staring at him and I nodded. A few sets later, I walk over to him and say hello. He’s fucking GERMAN! Whew! From BERLIN! DAYUM! You know what that means… Uncut and nasty! Was I in love? No! But definitely in lust!


We left the gym and went to his place, which was a few blocks away. But he only had a little time because he had to go back to work. I can work with that. He let me chew on his foreskin and deep throat his massive cock. He was dripping precum and I was lapping it up! For the 30 minutes I was there, we fucked each others brains out and blew our loads deep inside each other. I was happy with that… For a minute. Then I realized I had more messages from potential fuck buddies.

A guy I was really hoping to meet up with was ready to meet, so I went to his place. He had a fat cock and we got down and dirty in no time at all! Whew! I was on a roll!


I left his place and decided to get some packing done. With my bag packed, I grab my rental car and start to head to the airport. I’m really early, so I pop onto Scruff and check on the guys I’ve been getting all hot and bothered over. There was one guy who sounded promising. He was from Australia and had sent me some hot pics. He told me he was horny and needed to bust a nut. I’m a sucker for those Aussies. Where were these guys coming from?! When it rains it pours. After a dry weekend, it was pouring!

I arrived at his place and we spent a few minutes chatting before I grabbed his head and guided it towards my cock. I had a plane to catch and wasn’t looking to waste any more time. This guy made it clear that he wanted my cock in his ass, so I knew how this was gonna go.


I reached down and back to feel his puckered hole, and fuck! It was nice! I held him in the same position and I moved behind him. Spreading his cheeks and licking his hole made me want to fuck him even more than knowing he was so horny for my cock. “Fuck me, Mate!” he begged as I pushed his head down into the bed. I busted a nut deep inside him and I caught his load in my hand and force fed it to him while I was still inside of him.

I felt happy with the last day in LA. I could finally go to the airport and head home without feeling blue balled. Even though the weekend started out slow, it finished with a bang.

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  1. Christ.. this sounds similar to my latest Brit-PIG… Maybe we need a dry spell occasionally to resharpen the resolution in our sex lives.

  2. Drew, Drew, Drew — LA is loaded with men able wiling and EAGER for yours. Sorry i missed out on seeing you at the gym — yeah Gold’s Hollywood is a place for eye candy, but the hook ups..? Well, it wasn’t you.. the guys are shy … when are you back in LA? There’s a hole waiting in Burbank for you…

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