CUMSLOPPY STORY || My Latest Hookup

My most recent top was a Mid-Westerner. I met him at his hotel and was ready for a quick, impersonal hookup… it quickly became apparent that I was in for something else.

It wasn’t just that the first thing he did was pull me in to kiss me… this man had whatever it is that brings out the Daddy’s Boy in me. I don’t find that very often. And here I was with a nice Daddy with a nice dick. He was bigger than me (in both senses). I had chosen the right craigslist guy, that was for sure!

I’m not one to waste time. While he was busy kissing, I was getting his dick out… then dropping to my knees. I sucked him harder and enjoyed taking him down my throat just so I could inhale the scent of his pubic hair.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || My Latest Hookup

The rest of our clothes began to come off, and we got into bed. Next thing he does is lay back to enjoy my mouth and watch with a satisfied look on his face while I suck him. Then he’s pulling me up to kiss him again, which I view as an opportunity to rub my ass on his cock.

That’s all the invitation he needs to roll me over and rim me. We both know what’s coming next, and as much as I love being rimmed I’m ready for him to come up and put my legs over his shoulders and press his cockhead up against my hole. Wet with his spit, he pushes his cock into me and I moan.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || My Latest Hookup

He proceeds to fuck me… not hard, not gently, but in this way only Daddy can. He starts talking dirty and calling me boy and refers to himself as Daddy. It still amazes me when two people end up on the same page like this organically, without looking for it or setting it up first. I set the parts of my ego that don’t like this kind of play aside and say, “Thank you, Daddy.”

He grins. “You like bein fucked by Daddy?” he asks. “Yes Daddy! I love it!” is my quick response. “Good boy,” he says. “Let’s turn you over.”

CUMSLOPPY STORY || My Latest Hookup

Yeah! This is my favorite way to get fucked, because I can feel him on top of my whole body. His chest against my back, hairy arms on my arms, belly against the small of my back, legs weighting mine down. As he slides in and out of me I start to feel the shaft of his cock throbbing and with that I know that he is shooting his load deep inside of my raw hole. He keeps going to ensure that my insides are painted with his load. Once he has finished pollinating my hole, he pulls out, I zip up and go.

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