Drew Sebastian, Real & Raw || Marathon Fuck Session in NYC


You may remember the drizzly night in NYC when I met up with some random street trade and took his load before going back to the hotel to enjoy a night of marathon fucking. It was a quickie that allowed me to enjoy having a load in my ass while I did all kinds of things with a guy from Paris. Ha! I just realized that this guy was also French. Well… this night meant that I was one “Lucky Pierre!”

I was in NYC visiting a guy who I had seen before. He’s tall, handsome and has a nice long French uncut dick. I guess, technically, he’s “Parisian,” but to me he’s just hot trade!

Our plan was to fuck, fist and stretch each others’ holes with toys all night long. In the hotel suite, there were two full length mirrors that I had moved around for better viewing of the action.

Before he got there, I put on my leather chaps with a jockstrap underneath, boots, a harness and a black cap. I was creating a total scene in my hotel room that I knew he would like. When he walked in, he was noticeably turned on by the surprise and let me take control.


We started with a little sucking and moved right into fucking. First, I get ready to fuck his ass by fingering his hole and opening him up to take my cock. Once I spread his ass open enough, I slide my cock in and start getting his ass used to it. He wants me to hold it in there at first. One thing about his hole is that he doesn’t like to take things very deep. He’d rather get a good stretch and some vigorous pounding than to have things go too deep.

I, on the other hand, am hoping to be stretched open and to feel things deep inside my hole. I couldn’t wait to feel the orgasm I was gonna have with his fist or a large toy inside of me.

As I fucked him he moaned and pushed back on me. I definitely wanted to save my load for later, so I held back from shooting in his ass. He had no clue that I had a load in my ass from earlier that night. It was to remain my secret.

After fucking him for a while, I grabbed a toy and started pushing it into his ass. He liked the stretch, so I pushed it in only as far as his first chamber.


I was so freakin worked up! I had to get his cock in my butt!

His dick was long and uncut. It stayed rock hard and he loved pushing it into my hole and holding it there. He was as close to me as anyone could be, at that moment. We fucked on the bed for a while, then we moved to a chair that was situated in front of one of the mirrors. He knew I wanted his fist in me, so he started opening me up with his fingers. It was so totally hot to see his fingers in my ass in the mirror. I rolled over onto my back and put one foot up against the mirror and the other leg over his shoulder.


After he got me used to his long slender hand, he started making a fist and pulling it against the inside of my hole. It was amazing! I told him to keep doing that for a while and finally, I shot my load! It was a huge load… more than that, it was an outstanding orgasm! It was time for him to shoot his load. I told him to use my sloppy hole and he did. He went back and forth between fucking me and jacking off while he fingered my hole. 

Finally, after several hours of fucking, sucking and fisting, he shot his load deep in my hole. Two loads from two different guys! So hot! 

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