After reading the horny stories on here, I recalled an interesting adventure I had in a sauna a few years ago.

After wandering around checking out the place, I found a closed door. I opened the door and found a room about 15ft by 15ft, containing a sling.

I went into the room and climbed into the sling. I lay there sniffing poppers and fingering my hole. There was guy stood against the wall watching me and playing with himself.

The door opened these four guys came into the room, all reasonably athletic. They eyed me up and then left the room, I think they were put off by the other guy. Damn I thought.

The guy that was playing with himself left the room and I was there all alone, fantasising about the four guys.

Moments later, the door opened and those same 4 guys came back into the room and wedged the door shut.


Firstly, one guy got behind the sling and put his hand over my mouth and nose. He had a bottle of poppers in his hand. A second guy grabbed my left arm and leg and then a 3rd guy grabbed my other arm and leg.

The last guy dropped his towel revealing an 8-inch boner. He spat on his manhood and then eased his way inside me.

After about 10-15 minutes he picked up the pace. He soon started grunting and with one final deep thrust fire his man juice deep into me. Very slowly, he pulled out and a small dribble slipped out and ran down my crack.


He then swapped places with the guy stood behind me. Once he had served up his load, the guys hold my arms and legs then took their turn with my now well used and battered man hole.

The last stud shot his load in me and then after a few moments give one last shudder and then slowly pulled out. They each picked up their towels and left the room.

I lay there in the sling fingering my well oiled hole. Each time I inserted a finger the spunk would ooze out of me like a water fall.


I stayed there for a few minutes more taking in everything that had just happened. I eventually climbed down from the sling to find a pool of jizz on the floor and a small puddle in the sling which I lapped up like the cum hungry bitch I had just become…

From The Paul Morris Forum.

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