Chronicles of a London CumPig || The End Of A Saga


Hey, horny fuckers.

All beautiful things must come to an end and so must this, hehe. (Whether this is considered beautiful, in its perverted state of mind, is a different matter altogether, hehe.)

I’ve been thinking a lot lately, as you probably figured out from the last few posts, and I’ve decided to end this chronicles series for a while. In many ways I need a bit of a break. Also, more than anything, I felt that it was getting a bit too repetitive for you, my readers–all the same. over and over again, and for this I apologise. I’ve been trying my best to keep it varied in all sorts of ways, and hope you haven’t found my ongoing rumblings too annoying or off-putting, hehe.

I also met this amazing young guy who sort of brought a new innocence back into my life, one I had completely forgot I still had hidden somewhere deep inside my otherwise perverted mind, and it has been really good. With the hope of trying to explore these new-found feelings, I therefore bid you all farewell and happy hunting and humping, knowing I will, for sure, do some of that as well, hehe.

But to end on a high, to make you all a last farewell “present,” I put together the first part of these chronicles in a pocket sized book form that you can order online, if you so fancy. For all you iPod owners out there, there is also an ebook version available. Volume II of Chronicles of a London cumpig – erotic memoirs by Anton Dickson will be released later this year.

And don’t you worry, boys and men, I will always be around to chat and answer any questions you might have–just message me on Facebook or Twitter. And for sure I will write of any new shoots and films that Liam does, as well as any cool events I will attend, like the horny hard-on party in September.

So even though this is an end to an era, it’s not a goodbye. Hope you understand.

Have an awesome week and much love. You have taught me so much about myself over the last year and a half, I truly treasure it. And a HUGE thank you to Treasure Island Media and Paul Morris for giving me this opportunity to share my cum hungry fantasies and experiences with you all. Also a big thank u to all the amazing people at Treasure island, Liam cole, Matt, Mitch, Anthony and a mega special big thanks to Mal for making sense of my sometimes very confusing “swinglish” hehe

Hopefully you’ve had a good read as well. Thanks for all the amazing feedback and support over the years.

Big hugs and love, yours truly,


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  1. Re: the end of a “saga” —- what is it with Scandinavians and why do they always have to have “sagas”? 😉

    I enjoyed your stories. Best of luck in your new chapter.
    Turn the page.

    1. hehe thank you lol,
      well sagas are important,
      we form stories in our lifes, and it all makes them magical entities of their own ways sort of thing, lol

      hugs anton

  2. Noooooo! I always come to this site to see if you have updated your blog. It has always been an entertaining, sometimes informative and often definitely horny read. I for one will miss your occassional escapades.

    Good luck with whatever you do, you will be missed.

      1. Well, if ever you are visiting Birmingham, there will always be a warm welcome in my …

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