CUMSLOPPY STORY || Beg To Be Bred. Part 1

My second breeding by my black fuck buddy, came sooner than I expected. It had been a day since I had begged him to pull the condom off and fuck me raw, my ass was still throbbing and my mind was racing about what I had just done. I had worry and doubt but they were overwhelmed by the intense feeling that taking his load was one of the most intense and pleasurable things I had done, I loved it. I felt a combination of lust, humiliation and pride for taking him raw and being bred by him. At a rare moment during the day when I was not thinking about this, I got his text. Usually we hook up and don’t see each other or communicate for a few weeks, so a text the day after was unusual.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Beg To Be Bred. Part 1

I look at my phone and I see his message: “My cock felt so good up your ass last night, I want to breed you again.” I was immediately turned on and I felt a craving between my legs. I was distracted by the feelings I was having both physical and mental, when his next text came in, it read: “You loved my raw cock, you loved taking my load, you want more, admit it.” I couldn’t deny what he said, but having him say that he wanted to fuck me raw again combined with the invite to admit I loved it was freeing. Usually I would get fucked and go for weeks without thinking about it or craving it, but after taking his load last night I wanted it again. The desire was intense, I was unsure as to why, but I didn’t deny it, I texted back “Yes I do”. He texted me back telling me to get to his place within the hour.

I raced through the things I needed to get done, took a quick shower and made it to his place with in the hour, something about doing as he wanted was turning me on the whole time. He buzzed me in his building and left his door cracked open. I walked in and quickly shut it behind me. I could see he was naked on his bed and his big beautiful black cock as just starting to show his excitement. I could hardly contain myself, I made a b-line to his bed room, my eyes fixed on his cock. Something in my face must have showed him how much I craved him because I saw his cock grow in hardness. Just as I got to the bed he said “Stop, strip and tell my why you are here”.

Oh the agony, I just wanted to feel him in me, but he knew how to take charge and that got me even more excited. “I am here because I want you to fuck me.”. Is that all? he asks. No, is my answer back. “Tell me what you want!” he orders, my answer was “I want you to fuck me raw and I want you to breed me, I want to feel you shoot your load deep in me”. With each word I saw his cock throb with excitement, as his cock responded to me I felt my body come alive with a yearning for his cock, to feel him in me. I didn’t understand why I was begging another man to fuck me, begging him to do it raw and begging him to leave his load deep in me, but I was and it felt true. I felt my whole body come alive in admitting my need for him to be inside me. I felt that I needed to take him how ever he wanted me and I distinctly felt the need to feel him come in me. The realization was intense and I was instantly hard and stripped myself naked.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Beg To Be Bred. Part 1

He said “I am turning you into a cum slut.” Yes was my answer and with that I dropped to my knees, crawled up between his legs and start to worship his cock. I started by licking the base of him and as he grew, sliding my tongue up to his head. I saw a bead of precome glisten on his head and my tongue instinctively moved to it and licked it up. I never liked the taste of come, I have never had a full load in my mouth, but knowing his come was going to be in me soon changed my mind, his precome tasted gross, but I loved that I was taking it, little did I know that a few weeks later I would be begging him to fill my mouth with his come.

I worked his cock with my mouth and tongue, getting his huge cock hard as I could. I straddled his leg as I sucked him. My cock, which is almost 3″ smaller than his was hard and as I was sucking him I humped his leg. His cock is big, almost 9″ and thick, I am not an expert cock sucker but I was so hungry for him to be in me that I was pushing myself to take his cock as deep as I could. He laid back and just let me go at it, letting me know when I was pleasing him, whispering under his breath to work his cock like the little bitch I was. I would catch a break by licking his balls, I loved the way his cock quivered when my tongue would get behind his balls. Making his cock hard, making him quiver and pleasing his cock became the sole reason I was there. In doing this I felt harder myself, but the feeling that overshadowed my erection was the craving of wanting him inside me. It was like all pleasure turned inward and it would not be satiated with out his cock in me. I know that it meant taking him raw and it meant that I would be taking his load. I lost myself to these thoughts and sucked away at him.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Beg To Be Bred. Part 1

After a while of this slid away and pulled himself from my mouth. He stood up off the bed, I dropped to my knees in front of him and tried to get him back in my mouth. He held his cock in front of my face and put his hand on my head preventing me from taking him. “I want you to look at this cock boy and beg me to fuck you!” I didn’t need much prompting, I begged for all I was worth, got quivers in my hole when I saw how his cock responded to my desire for it. He pulled me to my feet and I stood with is hard cock pressing into me. He looked in my eyes and said “Tell me again.” I looked up into his face, locked eyes with him, I wanted to turn away, I felt so humiliated and excited that I could barely speak, but he wanted me to say it and not hide from it. I blurted out “I want you to fuck me man, I want to feel your beautiful cock deep in me. I want to take you raw like I should and I want you to fuck my ass until you come in me.” He told me to keep telling him that. I did, it became a mantra, I stood there looking into his face and each time I admitted him that I wanted his cock and his come in me the more excited and hungry for it I got…. (Come back for Part 2 on Saturday).

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