PAUL’S PHOTOS || Cameron

There was an unusual shyness about him. When he took his clothes off, I told him that I loved scars. But he said he’d be more comfortable if they were covered. I let him choose what he would hold and he chose these.


Finally, after several dozen shots with him covered by the fire extinguishers, he relented and held them aside. I said “The scars are beautiful.” He’d been shot in the belly years ago.

He set aside his props and knelt on the ground, crossing his arms. When he talked he was nervous, chatty, laughed suddenly. Nothing about this was easy.

We took a break. I’d noticed that he was attracted to Trevor, so when we restarted I asked Trevor to position Cameron’s cock.

The subincision was a complete surprise, as was the fact that he immediately became hard as we talked about it.

We talked about his cock for a good while. This is when he began to relax. He’d done the subincision himself with a razor blade. He said he loves to have men push their tongue inside his cock, as deep as they can go.

Oddly enough, as we talked he became younger and younger until he seemed to be a little boy talking about a favored toy.


Now, with at least some of his mysteries revealed, he sat back and spread his legs. I had Trevor face him and shine a dim light on Cameron’s cock.

A man’s body is a text. I was deeply impressed that this shy man had allowed me to see and photograph him. It had been a challenge for him, a kind of “coming out”.


    1. so bobby — in your comments, you’ve mentioned that you grew up in NYC’s West Village … so did I … are you still here in NYC?

      1. Hey CumPigg NYC; I actually grew up in Hoboken NJ. Once I came to terms with who I am, I was a regular traveler on the PATH to the Christopher St. stop. Gay teen heaven, huh? Now I live in Wyoming working in the oil fields.

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