CUMSLOPPY STORY || Beg To Be Bred. Part 2

Just when I thought I couldn’t take it he motioned for me to get on the bed, I got on my hands and knees and proudly presented him my ass. He grabbed my cheeks and spread me apart. “You still sore from yesterday aren’t you bitch?” Yes was my reply, “Well it don’t matter because now you are going to take it again, and if I want to do it again after that I am going to, you got that?” Yes was my reply, hearing him tell me how he was going to take me whenever he wanted drove me wild, I was in the exact position I wanted to be in, I didn’t know it until then, but the thought of him fucking me and breeding me over and over again made me breathless. Yes it was what I wanted. I felt his breath on my hole and gasped as his tongue flicked across my hole, I nearly jumped but settled down so he could go to work on my hole. “Yeah, you got a manpussy, you know you need it worked on by me.” He worked his tongue in me getting my hole wetter and wetter. I gave my ass up to him, he took control of me. I was lost to him and knew I would not be found until he was done with me.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Beg To Be Bred. Part 2

He pulled away from me and I knew what was coming next. I felt the tip of his head press against my asshole, I could feel the natural heat of his cock on my sensitive hole. He slid himself into me, I gasped and moaned my pleasure, it hurt but in a really amazing good way, the pain and pleasure had my whole body on fire. He slid himself all the way down and I felt his balls slap against me, he slowly pulled out and pulled out all the way. I whimpered when he left me and begged for him to get back in me, but before I could get out my appeal he slid into me again, going all the way in, I bit my lip taking it as I should. “Yeah I am going to punch fuck you like this, make your sore ass take me.” . He repeated this over and over again, each time the pain got lower and the pleasure grew. “Yeah bitch, you know this is how you want my cock.”

He was right, I wanted him to fuck me however he wanted, I loved the feel of his raw cock in me. I was taking it rough and raw right then and I just kept taking it. I was afraid of my desire for this, it was so pure and primal and I loved how it made me feel. I got in touch with how much I yearned for him to fuck me. There I was taking his big black cock, my whole being focused on his cock, forgetting that my cock existed except as a tribute the his cock inside me. I couldn’t believe how I felt taking his cock like this, it felt so good, so naughty and so pleasurable. I felt so proud taking his cock, every time he filled me I felt so full and so alive. Giving up my ass to his raw cock was the ultimate in submission, craving his load in me was the ultimate admission that I was his and he owned my ass. These were the thoughts that flashed in and out of my brain as he slid his cock in and out of me, I didn’t say any of this I just moaned and whimpered.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Beg To Be Bred. Part 2

My arms gave way and my head and chest pressed down into the bed. He had his hands on my hips and had stopped with is punch fucking. He held his cock deep in me and let my ass adjust to him, I focused myself on milking him, I contracted my hole and tried to milk his cock for all I was worth. It seemed to get him excited because he started to hump me in time to my contractions. For a few minutes we were in perfect synch. Big black cock humping willing tight white ass, I felt myself open up and any soreness was washed away in pure pleasure. This is what I craved, that moment when a man opens me up and the feel of his cock inside is better than any high I could pursue. He seemed to know that he brought me to that spot, he also knows that once he does he can do whatever he wants to my ass because I have truly become in tune with his cock. He gripped me harder and his gentle humping turned grew into heavy duty pounding of my ass.

I tried to match him, but he was too fast, to deep and too intense, it was all I could do to to hold on and take it and take it I did. I don’t know how long this went on, I lost track of any time. I do know he can go a long time. I felt his hand reach around and grab my hard cock. The feeling of his strong hand grabbing me combined with the feel of his hard cock filling me was too much, it only took him a few strokes of my cock and I started to come. He held his cock deep in me as I spewed onto the bed. He moaned with pleasure as my ass contracted around his cock. “Yeah man, I love to feel your ass on me as you come. Now that I have emptied you it is time to fill you up with a real man’s come.” Words like that make me melt, they send me, they tell me that I am doing exactly what I should be doing and basically make me hot. He resumed his pounding of my ass, holding my hips tight and pulling me against him as he thrust into me.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Beg To Be Bred. Part 2

I knew he wanted to make sure his cock was deep in me when he came, I wanted the same thing. I was in tune with him, he got quiet and all I could hear was his breathing getting deeper and faster as he was reaching his peak. My ass was alive with him, I was craving that moment when he would shoot inside me. It was all I was living for at that moment. His thrusts grew more intense and wild and I know he was going to come. He pulled me on to him, and pushed his whole body onto mine when he came. I could feel his cock spurt inside me, it started me and I felt my cock get hard in response, his spasms inside me were earthquakes that defined me. Then I felt his warm wet load fill my sensitive willing ass, it felt good to take his seed, it was soothing and fulfilling. Without prompting I told him so, I confessed how good it felt to have him come inside me, how good it felt to take his load like that, how proud I was that he filled me with his come. His response was a simple “Of course”. And with that I knew I would be taking his load, craving his raw cock more than ever.

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  1. Can I just say, read & LUV’d BOTH parts!!! NOT ONLY interested or should I say, eXXXclusively interested in MY HOT, TOTAL-Top being black (or even insistant I would limit my Top 2 ONLY HIS ass-breeding & frequent and-or REPEAT seeding be ONLY HIM–altho, HIS call!!!!–Should HE choose 2 train & adDICKt me 2 HIS HOT, HUGE–again, HUGE 4 me is 7 or more, so 9, 10, more is GINORMOUS!!! & dream-fantasy IDEAL, butt doubtful & scary…–rockhard fuk-pole, 1st fuking me, like THIS story, until I was sore & GAPING, LONG after, then called me back SOON 2 teach me that once I REALLY relax & surrender 2 HIM, HIS rockhard cock, his HUGE, sloppy cum-loads, his affectionate yet firm hands mauling & infrequently butt lingeringly & lastingly ‘spanking’ my ass-cheeks until they slowly began 2 BUZZ, grow warm & rosey, tingle & make me shiver as MY fast-GROWING CRAVING 4 his BIG, strong hands 2 remind me of HIS ANIMAL drive 2 OWN me, my mouth, my ass, my cheeks, crack, pucker, lips, tongue, ANYTHING HE desires as well as TEACHES me 2 CRAVE ALL of HIS manly smells, musks, sweat, fluids, varied energies, presences, horny demands 2 take HIS pleasure by using me & MY body 4 his own, IMMEDIATE, ‘selfish’, cock-centric CUMmands, slowbutt-steadily teaching me what I imagine my ‘limits’ 2 be just keep growing & XXXpanding w/ EVERY new encounter, RE-submission, BLISSFUL RE-reminder of how MIS smells, tastes, drives, NEEDS, DEMANDS make me even MORE horny, hungry, helplessly turned-on & desperate 2 let him take me even farther, DEEPER into my cock-adDICKted, cum-greedy btm-pig that only CRAVES & BEGS 4 MORE of HIM!!! What began as a ‘naughty, forbidden adventure’, beCUMS MY whole sense of self, of being, of MEANING thru my CONSTANT CRAVING 4 HIM, HIS cock, his smells, his many & varied penetrations, his slow-&-lingering, ‘sadistic’ THRILL in MAKING me wait, CRAVE, BEG 4 him 2 FUK me FULL of his spunk!! 2 his now almost-easy-2-take, ‘fast-n-furious’ ass-poundings!!! We BOTH LUV the way I whimper & BEG when he w/draws, desperate 4 him 2 be back inside of me!!! He KNOWS how MUCH this make my adDICKtion 2 HIM 7 HIS cock all the more instant, enduring, CONSTANT & INSATIABLE!! & thus, IF he finds my ‘training’ satisfactory, decides 2 share me w/ his other, equally AMAZING, gifted stud-buddies, it will only make me LUV HIM more!!! Especially because those sessions ALWAYS end in a LONG, final, slow & sensual, US-only, luv-making session as he rewards my devotion 2 him by worshipping his best buddies, by reminding me that ULTIMATELY, I am ALL HIS!!! & that makes me feel SOOO safe, protected, LUV’d, respected & wanted, that I just melt & surrender 2 ALL HE wants, as LONG as HE desires!!!
    Also a HUGE aspect of his story, the verbalizations!! Whether MY confessions & admirrons & repeated CRAVING 2 HIM & HIS esires, or HIS repeated moans, groans, grunts, XXXplicit re-ASS-U-rances that he’s gonna MAKE me HIS cock-adDICKted, DEEPLY devoted cum-slut!!!! & 1 day, just that 1st whiff of HIM, his heady crotch, ‘ripe’, sweaty pis/crack/hole, & I am BEGGING HIM 2 USE me, make me HIS boi-slut!!! Even learning HOW I can wake HIM up in the middle of the night, because I NEED HIS cock, whether by crawling down under 2 worship his cock, eat his sweaty man-hole, nibble his neck, or make his midnight wood MY personal fuk-toy, already in the thralls of fuking myself by the time he awakens 2 feel me pleasuring his hard cock w/ mygreedy, NEEDY hole!!!
    THAT level of btmming 4 such a POWERFUL Top-stud might take a LONG time, LOTS of practice, frequent ‘sessions’, & repeated attempts, efforts, submissions & CRAVINGs, butt I’m willing & eager to practice as LONG & often as HE likes!!!

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