Paul’s Notes || BAD SEED – From Apprentice to Director, Pony Hunter

Treasure Island Media Pony Hunter

It usually takes two years for a new guy to get acclimated to the style of TIM.  It’s not that I’m personally demanding; it’s that I tend to believe that the remnants of male sex culture are crucial to be remembered and documented.  It has to be accurate.  It takes enormous discipline and training to learn to simply get out of the way and let the sex occur as it will, naturally and with all it’s native complexity and beauty.

Pony has been at TIM for around a year and a half.  BAD SEED is the first result of our work together.

The depth of seriousness for the project can be seen in the fact that a young man–Dice, from Portland Oregon–got the title tattooed on his head, as public a statement as you’ll see.  This is the sort of commitment that we love and expect at TIM.

Treasure Island Media Dice

The most difficult and demanding thing to learn at TIM is our style of overseeing the shoots.  The role is usually translated as ‘director’, but the truth is that we work very hard not to direct but rather to creatively oversee, to facilitate male sexuality.  In the same sense that it’s impossible to herd cats, it’s imperative that a TIM ‘director’ allow the participants to determine the way things are to go.  Nothing is as deadly boring (and unproductive) as the all-too-common variant of gay porn that’s predetermined, planned, scripted.

It’s been clear to me from our first meeting that Pony’s sexual nature mirrors my own in many ways.  His explorations of the forbidden, the anonymous, the public, the unsafe are so similar to my own  that I very much feel that we are ‘related’ in a way more intimate and enduring than that which is passed through the accident of familial DNA.  Imagine meeting your twin in a dream, awakening and finding him still there.

Hence the title, Bad Seed.  Men like Pony and myself and Dice are linked in a subtle and real way that defines our identities and our lives.  We are “kin”, linked one to the others through sperm that’s more sinistral than physical.

Treasure Island Media Bad Seed

tim-161-s8-2To a good extent, Bad Seed is a document of Pony’s porn apprenticeship.  Some of the scenes are more reminiscent of my own style (the “Las Vegas Whore” scene, for example).  Others are more fully Pony’s style (“Man’s Man” for instance).  Others, in particular “Touch of Evil”, are close to balanced amalgams of our tastes and styles.


tim-161-s1-6I have to say that the fact that this last mentioned scene has already achieved a degree of notoriety makes both Pony and myself happy and satisfied.  Sex can be a dark and destructive force; we’re all seduced by self-destructiveness to some degree.

Treasure Island Media Bad Seed

As usual, this video is filled with experiments in lighting, casting, locations and so on, in service to the single primary focus of all of our work at TIM:  we live in service to the enchanting unmapped world of male sexuality. – Paul Morris

  1. Hey Pony….Congrats man. I wish you all the success in the world dude. If Butt Snack and Bad Seed are an example of your work….all I can say is Holy Fuck….Hot as hell man. But I expect nothing less from TIM. You all capture man on man sex the way it should be….Fuckin HOT, Rough & Raw. Keep up the great work….Long live TIM., and the talented men who bring us great Porn…..

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