Big ole daddy bear came over and fucked me. His ad said he was dominant, so I lead him to the bedroom and then just waited to see if he would take the lead. He did, telling me to undress, and moving me onto the bed.


He didn’t have me suck his dick too long before rolling me over and putting it in me. My ass was already lubed like a good boy. He fucked me with his full weight on top of me, holding me down as his cock pumped in and out of my hole. I just laid there and took it. “You like Daddy fukkin you boy?” he asked. “Yes, Daddy,” I replied. He seemed to like that.

He rolled over and told me to suck his dick some more. I love cleaning my daddy’s cock after it’s been in my ass, and I jumped to it. He moved me where he wanted me, in between his legs. He seemed to like looking down at me with my mouth on his cock, and I was willing to keep doing it.

When he began to move, I came up on all fours. “Stay right there,” he said, moving behind me. Now he wanted to fuck me again, doggy style, and after he shoved his dick in me he grabbed onto my hips and really started to pound me.


I thought he was gonna cum, but instead he put me back down on the bed. I sucked his dick some more, and then he turned me on my side and snuggled me against him. He put his cock in me again, put his arms around me, and began to fuck my ass purposively. He started to fuck me faster, started to breathe heavier, and I knew he was getting close.

He started grunting, and I felt my ass get slicker. The sensation of getting fucked changes immediately after a man shoots his load in you. I love it. He kept fucking me for a little bit and I enjoyed the feeling of his cum lubricating his cock in my ass.


And then he got up, and started getting dressed. “Can I cum for you, Daddy?” I asked. He looked at me in surprise. “Sure.” He didn’t stop getting dressed, but he watched me. While I jacked off I put my fingers in my hole and felt the sloppy mess he’d made of it. It didn’t take me long to shoot all over my belly and chest. He laughed when I scooped up my cum and ate it. “You’re cute. Now go to sleep boy.”

Courtesy of RealSFGaySex.

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