CUMSLOPPY STORY || Diversification Through Promiscuity

During the 1980’s, those early years of the mysterious and insidious phenomenon that came to be recognized as AIDS, there was the assumption that AIDS, or HIV, was a product of promiscuity. Irresponsible homosexuals were engaging in scandalous, risky sex and spreading their filth around the world, infecting humanity. Well, there may be some truth to that claim, but it’s a waste of time to debate it now, 30 years later. Yet I do recall an idea posited by the late Scott O’Hara, put forth regarding the infection of late author Randy Shilts, who did much to promote the idea that unprincipled and undisciplined gays who were killing themselves and a generation of gay men, by engaging in condomless sex.

Barebacking wasn’t a term commonly heard in 1985; it came later, but Randy Shilts portrayed barebackers as selfish, irresponsible idiots acting out a communaldeath wish with their promiscuity. Much was made of anonymous sex, which is what these nasty barebackers were into. Bath houses were shut down. Super nelly right wing Republican pundit William F. Buckley suggested that HIV positive men be required to have an AIDS tattoo for I.D. purposes, as if we’d shun these tramps, these self-absorbed pigs, who wanted to have unprotected sex, no matter what. Little did these queens realize that oh yeah, we would do much better than that: yeah, we’d continue to have anonymous sex with as many people as possible and hell yeah, we’d go out and get our own biohazard tattoos. It came to be that a biohazard tattoo would not be a badge for the shunned, it would become a magnet for guys with an edge. A younger generation didn’t experience that insidious time when nobody really knew much about this virus and when the Randy Shiltses and the AIDS mafia did their best to turn us all into a class of victims. Oh yeah, about Scott O’Hara: in ‘Autopornbiography,’ he reasoned that Randy Shilts came out against promiscuity because he felt that’s how he had become infected. Scott felt that it was more likely that Randy Shilts got infected in his bedroom by somebody he loved, a boyfriend or a partner, rather than on that massive orgy mattress on the 2nd floor of 8th & Howard. I’ve read some uncharitable accounts that Randy Shilts favored closing down 8th & Howard and every other bath house in SF, only after 8th & Howard denied him entry.

There is some medical research that suggests that, today, with all the marvelous medications available, promiscuity may be a good thing. Exposure to various strains of HIV may actually bolster immunity. This stuff is politically incorrect and not much was made of it when it was proposed at the AIDS conference a few years ago. I’ve commented on the AIDS mafia many times, so the fact that these studies are allowed to settle under the radar doesn’t surprise me one bit.

But here’s my point: I love my fuckbuds; I have three…they keep me flooded with their poz cum, but I’ve not been getting much beyond them. I need to diversify my cum sources, and I’m doing my best. I need to try harder at promiscuity. I need to go to more parties and the baths and anonymous hookups. Sunday I got the ideal pump and dump. I hooked up with a guy from Barebackrt, and he came over as he said he would. I pulled down his pants to reveal a plump uncut schlong that reminded me of a bull elephant seal. He got me on all fours, moving me around like a chess piece, and proceed to give me a good, solid, fuck that went on for maybe three minutes. Then, blasted a load up there…and left. No small talk, I never even caught his name, although I did save his profile on my buddylist. At least, some new cum source to keep my immune system on its mettle. As for my fuckbuds, as I said, I love them and need them and will do anything they tell me to do. But, I’ll also pay attention to those medical researchers from Switzerland, and do what I can to get some new germy seed, in the promotion of better health.

Story Courtesy of Billy Twee’s blog,¬†

  1. didn’t shilts base a lot of his reasoning on the Patient Zero hypothesis, and hasn’t that been largely debunked? he needed a villain for his book. i prefer the Dugas in ‘zero patience’ much more.

    please do a blog feature on scott o’hara. in my mind he is TIM’s patron saint.

    1. Hi Eric. I could do one as Scott O’Hara Remembered. When he came up my ass, I was overcome with excitement. He fucked me missionary style and I did my best to keep sight of his HIV+ tattoo, which was hard to do, but I kept trying the whole time. He was a sweet guy but fully capable of hardcore rage, and a bit contrarian, which could be annoying…but he was basically a nice kid with a sly edge.

  2. I love this philosophy, as I am newly infected and overwhelmed by information saying just the opposite from my local health dept. Please, do share links to this research, as I want to continue to enjoy getting bred by those tops who need to spread their seed as much I need to receive it. I have no tatoos, but maybe it is now time. I do think it would help to get past that legal requirement of disclosing to sex partners my status.

    1. Hey there, I also want a tattoo. We should get it on our asses although it might make the tops come ‘too fast.’ Tops should do as Ethan Wolfe has and get them right around the navel. Since a lot of guys have asked, I’ll try to find a link to the research article…it was not through a gay source but through mainstream news media. I agree that since we’re both already pozzed, poz tops are doing us a great service by recharging us up. My suggestion, though, is to keep it sexy by not talking about it too much.

  3. “There is some medical research that suggests that, today, with all the marvelous medications available, promiscuity may be a good thing. Exposure to various strains of HIV may actually bolster immunity.”

    Not good.
    HIV+ cumplay is not good.
    Not good for the people/community.
    Not good for the person.
    Not good, period.

    This is coming from a man who had oral sex with an HIV+ man, who
    told me such after the fact.

    I, after several tests taken over a year, was not infected.

    I felt like I was raped or something. the pint is, HIV/AIDS is a disease.
    Knowingly spreading it around is not selfish, it’s morally wrong.
    And, there is not justification for it, not matter what you believe.

    I believe if you want to spread your disease, then ONLY do it at “bug parties”
    and leave the rest of us alone.

    1. Hi Rex, this is Billy Twee. I can’t suggest a link but some search on the internet will lead you to more information. This report is not recent; I think it might have come out around 2008, 2009. It was not uniformly embraced by fellow HIV researchers and the author may be regarded as iconoclastic by some. My reasoning is not based on any medical research, but simply through logic and experience. I personally and a lot of othe men by now have taken…literally…hundreds, thousands of poz the math…and we’re still here, alive and fucking.

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