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Hey there, welcome to the Brit-PIG Diaries. I’m Bruce and I am going to take you on a journey of full on sleaze and debauchery as only a British PIG can get away with. This diary will follow my fucked up adventures and the, sometimes surreal, situations that I get myself into. I am a total filth bag, complete cum whore and self-confessed sex addict! Armed with that knowledge then you should follow me at your own risk because, rest assured, I will not be holding back or pulling any punches.

My life, to date, has been full of twists and turns which, to be brutally honest, have taken me to places that even I would never have expected. For that reason I have totally given up expecting anything other than pure randomness. Life is about exploration and satisfying the burning curiosity that has been with us all from birth. We only get one life and this, if we are lucky, affords us around 50 years of health and sanity.

Now when you think about it 50 years is a pretty long time. But when you also think about all the crazy ass things we can experience and embrace, then it soon starts to feel like a drastically short stint of time.

With so many hot men!

So many existing and new fetishes!


So many amazing different places to fuck and play!

Time becomes a very precious commodity.


I was born and raised in Wales (Lets keep the Sheep jokes to a minimum here please. Though I do like my men to be furry, wool should be kept for something I may wear in 20 years time). Whilst Wales is a stunningly beautiful country it is also possibly one of the most boring places on the planet for somebody with an out of control libido and ravenous hunger for exploring his sexual limits. Now don’t get me wrong. There are some total sleaze bags and some hot as fuck men in Wales. But, to come back to the time issue, population density and sexual variety are directly correlated. I have made some amazing finds and had some pretty debauched experiences during my time in Wales, but after exploring what the big bad cities have to offer, it seemed that the PIG had outgrown the country. London was calling and it was the right time for me to come here.

I have been a chef, a truck driver, a biochemist and a HIV support worker. Every job I have done I have enjoyed. I now work full time for TIM as Liam Coles PA. If you had told me, as I wanked off over Dawsons 20 Load Weekend for the first time all those years ago, that I would one day be working for TIM, I would have laughed in your face. But here I am and you have no idea just how happy this PIG is! I have only been here 2 weeks but cannot wait to find out what twists and turns my journey is going to take next.

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  1. I look forward to reading all about your sexual adventures…………….the sleazier the better ! Best wishes.

  2. Cant wait to hear all about your Cummy adventures, especially as Im in the UK. Hopefully give me some tips on how to collect more cum hehe.

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