I watched him run around the track at the reservoir almost everyday. He was tall around 6’1”, good build about 200# solid, black hair. He would run past me as I walked the track, I tried not to be obvious but couldn’t help but always look down at his crotch while he ran past me. Wondering what was underneath those nylon running shorts.

So the other day was just like any day. I got to the reservoir and as I was walking I saw him coming towards me, sprinting along, it seemed he never even broke a sweat. As he passed I gave him the usual glance but he just ran past me.

Then as I was approaching the half way mark around the track the skies suddenly turned dark and I could hear in the distance the roar of thunder. Oh boy I thought I still had at least a mile or so before the parking lot where my car was. Then I felt the first drop of rain, “shit” I thought I’m going to get soaked.

I was then approaching the other parking lot when I saw my runner approaching. As he got closer he started to slow down and then stop just before the entrance to the parking lot. Then looking over in my direction he said “looks like it’s going to start to pour any second”,

“I know,” I said.

“Where’s your car?”

“In the other parking lot,” I responded

“Well, hop in mine if you want and I’ll drive you down or we can wait till it passes.”

“OK, great thanks.”

So I quickly followed him to his SUV, a GMC Yukon. As I climbed into the front seat, the skies opened and the rain came down in buckets, the wind was kicking up and lightning and thunder was all around us.

“Whew,” he said “we made it just in time.” then he told me his name was Chris.

I told him my name and we shook hands.

I couldn’t help but stare at his crotch, then I noticed a smile on his face. The rain was now coming down in sheets and it was impossible to see anything out of the windows, which were now starting to steam up.


He placed his hand on his crotch and started rubbing his cock, smiling at me. It was then I noticed his deep black eyes.

“Well?” he said “isn’t this what you want,” as he stroked his cock through his shorts.

I just stared at first then nodded, not saying a word I reached over and felt his hard cock, he was at least 7” by now and I could feel his cock pulsating, jumping just wanting to be set free.

He quickly slid his shorts down to his ankles and his cock was standing at attention,

I could see his balls were shaved and quite large. He positioned himself with his back on the drivers side door, and said “it’s all yours buddy.”

I didn’t need any further invitation so I went down on his cock. I started sucking his cockhead getting him to release a good amount of pre-cum then I took his entire cock deep inside my mouth.

By now he was moaning and pushing his cock deeper inside my mouth. After a few minutes I worked my way down to his balls. He had really large smooth balls, which filled up my mouth. I sucked and licked them listening to him telling me how good it felt and too keep on sucking them.

I went back to his cock and again took him deep inside my mouth. I continued sucking him then he pulled out.

“You like to eat ass?”

“Sure,” I said.


Then he turned himself around and presented me with a nice clean pink man pussy. I wasted no time getting my tongue inside his hole, licking and eating his beautiful ass. I was able to grab hold of his cock and started to stroke him while munching on his man pussy.

Shortly after I could tell he was getting close so he quickly turned around and told me to start sucking him again.

I took his cock in my mouth and went down on him, sucking him hard now wanting him to explode in my mouth. It wasn’t long before I could feel his cock stiffen and his balls tighten, I knew he was getting close.

I sucked him harder and harder and then my reward, he shot a hot juicy load of cum right in my mouth. His load was huge and I had all to do to not to let any drip from my mouth. Quickly I swallowed and continued till he was drained and I licked it totally from his cock.


Sitting back he just smiled and sighed. The rain was letting up by now and he said he would drive me to my car.

When he dropped me off at my car, he said, “thanks, let’s hope for another storm soon.”

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