Blue Bailey isn’t your mother’s porn star. Blue comes from a place of experience. He has experienced his weaknesses and his strengths, he knows his likes and his dislikes, and as a result he doesn’t have an overriding sense of ego. What he does have is plenty of ambition and a clear mind to get him to his goal.

Julian: Hi Blue. How are you?

Blue: I’m pretty good, thanks. I just finished lunch. I’ve been pretty busy.

J: Oh okay, I’ll try to make this pretty quick. So, first off, what kind of men are you attracted to?

B: I’m pretty much into the daddy thing. I like the aggression, and the silver hair, and the muscles. It’s very attractive to me.

J: I’m always curious to hear about peoples’ first times getting fucked. Could you tell me a little about yours?

B: Haha, There really isn’t a whole lot to tell. I was 17 the first time I got fucked. I met some guy in the back of a car. There wasn’t a whole lot of romance involved.

J: Yeah? I feel like that’s a pretty similar experience with a lot of guys I’ve talked to. Could you tell me a bit about your relationship with Blake Daniels?

B: Sure. So, we met on set a while back. We have a little bit of that Daddy-boy relationship going on, actually. We workout together a lot, we hang out at home or wherever. It’s nice having him around.

J: A lot of the information that I got about you for this interview came from Pony Hunter. He told me that Dawson is your idol. Can you elaborate on that a little?

B: Yeah, sure. First, and most obvious for me, is that he’s hot. I’ve been watching his movies for a while. Actually, his were probably the first scenes that I watched when I was growing up. He’s probably more of a bottom than I am, and in a way that is a turn on for me.

J: So I know that you just filmed a scene for Treasure Island where you get gang fucked by, I think, 20 guys.

B: Yeah. That was intense. It was a little intimidating because in my own life I don’t really “hookup” that much, so I really had to psych myself up, but when it really came down to it, it all went by really quickly. The shoot was really easy. What’s that they say about time flies when you’re having fun? I really surprised myself.

J: A little known fact about you is that you’re a recovering crystal addict. How has sobriety changed your sex life and your life in general?

B: I mean, generally there are just way too many ways that my life has improved to even list them off. I think it’s more interesting how it has affected my sex life, since for so many sex and crystal are really linked. I’m much more comfortable in my sex life now. I’m more confident. And, on a funnier but very true note, it’s much easier to find tops now that I’m not running around with other crystal addicts. Crystal just makes everyone a bottom.

J: I was going back through some photos of you while I was doing research for this interview, and I’ve noticed that in the last couple of years you’ve really been putting on a lot of muscle.

B: Yea, going to the gym was one of the ways that I got through crystal. And when I met Blake, he’s really into the gym and lifting. I was doing cardio on my own, and then with the help of Blake I learned a lot of lifting technique and workouts.


J: Where do you envision your porn career going? Do you eventually want to move behind the camera?

B: It’s funny you mention my porn “career.” For me this is a nice and a fun way to travel and make money while I’m saving and applying to law school.

J: Really! That’s not an answer I hear too often. What type of law?

B: Entertainment law. I’m really focused on making this happen. In all reality I’ll probably be retired in the next two years.

J: That’s great. I wish you the best.

B: Thank you.

J: You’re open about the fact that you’re HIV positive, and I think for a lot of people today it’s still a shock when they meet a young person who is positive and open about it. When did you seroconvert?

B: I think I was around 19 years old. It was during my crystal using days. In the end, it changed my life for the better. It was what really got me to stop using and get my life together.

J: Is barebacking a way of life for you now?

B: I’ve really always been into it and accepting of it when none of my friends were. I love bareback.


J: What is it like working with Treasure Island compared to other companies?

B: The short answer is easy. I’ve been on ten-hour long shoots with other companies before that only involved me playing with toys. It’s a lot of stop and go. With Treasure Island, they let us do what we want. That gangbang shoot was 3 hours max., I think.

J: Do you have any regrets or wish you had done things differently?

B: No. No regrets. None. My life is a lot like that Madonna song “Human Nature.”

J: I haven’t heard it. I’ll have to check it out. Pony would like to know what your thoughts are on Pony.

B: Haha! He’s cute. The first pictures I ever saw of him were of him sitting on a Newcastle Ale bottle with his big dick just hanging out.

J: Do you have any suggestions for anyone who wants to get into porn?

B: Stay healthy and sane. Be consistent with your contacts. It took me a couple of years of dick sucking movies and meeting people to get up to that gangbang scene. It’s really about how much you want to succeed and how driven you are.

And that’s the sort of person that Blue is. He is driven to succeed and welcomes all the experiences that come his way.


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  1. I’d love you do a scene with him, even though I’m more bottom, I’d like to shove my pierced cock in as many places I could.

  2. Cute guy. I’ve been a fan since I first laid eyes on him. I was kind of saddened to read that he’s thinking of using his hard-earned money for law school. As an attorney, there is almost not a day that goes by that I do not regret that decision myself. It’s not a “safe” career choice anymore and it’s also just about the most “unhappiest” professional field you can enter at the moment.

    Blue, unless you have some serious entertainment law connections & law has been a life-long dream, then I would seriously consider using your talents elsewhere, man!

  3. Blue Bailey is one of my favorite porn stars and it is great to see him be so open and honest it cements him as one of my all time favorite stars.

  4. Blue Bailey is one of my fave porn fantasies. I am a huge fan. He has this look of innocence that he carries even in his raunchiest scenes. I keep up with him via FB posts; he’s got a great slightly twisted sense of humor, which I love — and I can tell he’s bright. And glad to hear he likes another TIM star — Dawson Is one of my all-time bestie porn slut fantasies. Gawd, it could be sorta hot to see those two go at it — swapping positions and loads. I might need to suggest that to him. Can’t wait to see the 20-man GB. Dang.

  5. Blue is quite a guy. It must be great to be gang fucked by twenty men. What is the title of that film, as I wish to buy it ?

  6. Hot boy and a good cock sucker from the scenes I’ve seen Blue in. Good puppy. Too bad we’re not going to be able to see him grow into a TIM man.

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