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I had been to Folsom a few times before I moved to San Francisco. Each experience was completely different. There’s just so much going on and so many ways to be naughty, it would be sad, actually, if an experience were repeated. Don’t get me wrong, they’re all great stories, but there are so many ways to explore this weekend!

My first Folsom was around 13 years ago. I was in my mid twenties and feeling sexy. I went with a friend to Folsom and we got into all kinds of trouble. There were the paddlings for charity he bought me, the dance parties and of course the sex parties. I would live off of that weekend for a decade before I would get back to Folsom.

Drew Sebastian, Folsom, Treasure Island Media

When I returned to SF for another Folsom, I had made plans, did research, got invites to all the parties and tickets to the dance parties. But as always, I left plenty of room for spontaneous hook ups. I got to the City a week early and did some shopping. Leather chaps, check. Harness, check. Latex jock strap, check. Travel size lube? That’s what spit is for! There may have been a little sucking going on when I got fitted for my chaps. But, I’ll never tell.

I just want to say that everywhere I’d look, the sexual tension was so thick! I went to the gym and was taken home to some guy’s house for a hot fuck session. I met a guy on the Muni and went to his house for a hot fuck session. I met another guy at the gym and got a blow job in his car. I met a guy walking down Castro Street and went to his hotel for a hot fuck session. I met a guy at freakin’ Target and went to his house for a hot fuck session. The City was filthy with hot and horny guys to fuck!

Drew Sebastian, Treasure Island Media

On Saturday, I had a scene to shoot with a guy from Australia and a guy from London. I went to the gym to get my pump on and spotted a couple of hot guys working out on the cables across from me. Yes, they turned out to be the guys I was doing the scene with. We pounded the Australian’s ass and filled him with cum. Just a typical scene with some hot guys. (#LoveMyLife)

The street fair was on Sunday, so I had to save up my energy for that day. I decided not to jack off that morning. Which makes for a super horny day! I started the street fair with a public appearance at a booth for a couple of hours and then I went off to see what kind of trouble I could get into. I showed my cock off all day and had plenty of pictures taken of me and my cock… ok, mostly my cock.

Drew Sebastian, Folsom Street Fair

Eventually, I found the Australian and the Londoner. We were hanging out on the street together, looking at a booth that was demonstrating the “fuck machine.” Since we were in a big crowd and they were mostly focused on the fuck machine, I decided to slide my cock into the Australian’s ass. As I was fucking him, the crowd starting hollering and cheering. It wasn’t for us, cuz as we looked up, we saw a guy jacking his dick out the second story window of a hotel. He was actually hot! And hung! He started to cum, spraying his load all over the crowd! I moved on and eventually left to go take a nap before the big party that night.

At the party, I met this guy from LA. We danced a little and figured out that we both like public sex. What better place to have public sex than now? As in anywhere, as long as it’s now. We wandered over to the stage, which was full of hot guys dancing and we made our way to the front edge. I was wearing my chaps and a jock strap. My new buddy came up behind me and slid his cock into my hole. We were fucking on the edge of the stage. I leaned over and let him have at it. It was so hot! He blew his load in my ass right there and I stood up, keeping his cock inside me, and blew my load all over the crowd below. It was my little homage to the hot guy at the street fair who sprayed the crowd earlier in the day. Totally hot!

I don’t know what’s in store this year for Folsom, but you can rest assured that I’ll share the deets with you all. Now that I live here, I’ll be bringing guys back to my place for hot fuck sessions. Good thing I live alone!

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  1. It would be fantastic experience, I think.I have watched some TIM disc from Folsom. Dawson was in somekind of tent and guys fucking – of course – him. And there was publicly human toilet – guy ready to drink piss.Hmm, I much it again 🙂

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