CUMSLOPPY STORY || Rick The Maintenance Man

The 1970’s was the heyday of the sexual revolution including gay sex.

The best part was my conquests. It was really great when I could meet someone at a bus stop, in a bar, in a park or the beach, at work or meet a friend and be shooting the shit or getting to know each other after shooting my first load in him, then getting off my second load in his other end and hugging goodbye. Sometimes we’d simply shoot the bull or if he was a new conquest we’d be telling a little bit about ourselves to each other, like our first sex, our first gay sex, etc. Other times the guy would be showing off his rimming skills or (very rarely)giving my sometimes sweaty often smelly feet some good oral service or I might be jacking him off and likely using his cum along with his spit on my dick as lube to fuck his ass.

One typical conquest was Rick who was hired as a maintenance man at the metal fabrication warehouse I worked at. He looked alot like one of the nerds surfers kicked sand in the faces of at the beach in those ads in the backs of the comic books I read when I was a kid but he sported dirty nails consistent with his job of fixing and servicing tools, machinery, trucks, etc. and was good at his job as well as friendly and happy that I had befriended him. I made the first move, befriending him during lunch his third day since Jim our foreman had first crack at him as far as the rest of his orientation with the plant went and then short fat Hank filled him in on the conduct and overall “politics” at the place during the second day. Rick was quite smart, picking up on things so he seemed receptive as to putting out and had already added Mikey to his own conquests.

A day later I had my first piece of him in the brick shithouse at the back of the plant grounds where I held his head, face-fucked him and busted a nut in his mouth which he gladly swallowed. He had taken his face-fucking well, barely choking or gagging and had kept his teeth off my meat. “You’re good Rick.” I said after he sucked off of my cock, kissed it and my scrotum and put his ’60’s style hornrim glasses back on. “Thanks. That was one helluva fuck you threw into my mouth. I cant wait to feel it up my ass!” he gushed almost like Mikey had the first time I’d fucked his bleached long-haired head a year or two before.

That afternoon at lunch we had decided to eat it on the run after lunchtime so we could use the half hour to add his ass to my conquests. We went to a seldom used auxiliary building in a corner of the back of the six-acre lot. He dropped his pants around his ankles, sucked my dick to hardness, kissed it and then turned around and bent-over one of the waist-high heavy-duty workbenches bolted to the concrete floor while I greased up my loggerhead  I spat on his asshole, lined up my shot, put my glans to his hole, grabbed his hips and began shoving my dick up his ass. He yielded with slight pressure as my dick slid in past his relaxed sphincters and on up his hole until my pubes and his ass hairs were one. I then flexed my love-muscle in his nice tight twat of an ass and fucked him, slowly increasing my pace as I went along, enjoying how good my dick felt in his love-hole. I began working up a bit of a sweat as I thrust in him and could tell he was loving it. I fucked him faster and harder, in the spirit of a good fuck. My pelvis began occasionally slapping his ass with my thrusts in him as I made love to him. Faster still, I began getting my urges as I began breathing hard, fucking him good and then I began ejaculating inside him and he gushed out something about how good he felt with my dick spasming in pleasure as I kept thrusting, pumping my load up his ass til I was spent and relaxed my grip on his hips, my dick hilted inside him as he told me how glad he was to be hired there and that he had cummed from getting fucked by me while he lovingly massaged my dick with his talented ass muscles. He also liked that I bit my nails so I had no dead white on the ends of them to dig into his skin while I gripped his hips and pounded him.  I pulled out of Rick who then pulled up his pants and knelt before me again to suck my dick clean and kiss it as he had done when I fucked his mouth during morning break.

I told him I was glad Jim had hired him and that if he wanted a piece of ass that Mikey, Patrick, David or the other bottoms or versatiles would be glad to put-out to him. Hank had already introduced him to Mikey the day before they had scored that afternoon. Hank scored his mouth after work. That done we returned to our work areas. On the way we saw David so I introduced them and then pointed out Patrick the married bi bottom who also looked at Rick from across the lot as we returned to the main plant building.

On afternoon break I went to the brick shithouse in back where I was pleased to see Mikey on his knees eating Rick’s cheese and then bending over grabbing his knees and Rick fucking his ass. Short fat Hank joined me and we stood admiring Rick’s studmanship as he pumped his second load of the day into Mikey who endured Rick’s dirty nails digging into his hips. Unlike Patrick and Rick himself, Mikey didnt suck Rick’s dick clean due to his susceptibility to infection if he rims, sucks a dick clean after it was up an ass or if he otherwise ingests fecal matter. David had that problem as well, but Rick, Patrick and most other bottoms and versatiles had better immune defenses and always sucked dicks clean after they got fucked, as well as felched.

Less than a month later Rick had nutted in both ends of all the bottoms and versatiles and taken loads in both ends from all the Tops and versatiles. He also proved his proficiency in rimming, oral foot service and drinking warm beer on tap as well as getting rimmed and his own feet serviced and urinating in and on bottoms. I saw him and the versatiles and bottoms making out a few times and joined him and others in an all night lovemaking fest where he 69ed and foot-69ed with David, Jim and a couple of other versatiles and we Tops and the versatiles fucked the versatiles and bottoms.

Courtesy of Breedingzone. 

  1. I always think of how amazing it must have been to be gay back then. I’ve heard so many amazingly sexy and raunchy stories. It must have been great.

    1. It also lead to the aids epidemic…wasn’t so great…lost a lot of friends and important people…I lived through it…be SAFE

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