I’ve posted some snapshots of him before, calling him “dancer”. He’s been a serious dancer, an “exotic” dancer (at the Nob Hill Theatre) and an escort here in San Francisco.


He has one of the sunniest and most playful personalities I’ve encountered.

Working with Travis is always a great pleasure.  He’s more than happy to take any pose you suggest, but I like to just let him move about and take snapshots of whatever he does.

While he worked as an escort, he learned that what men seemed to want and need even more than overt sex was simply to be held.  He began to advertise as a man who will “cuddle” and the response has been overwhelming.

He very lively and talkative. He chatted with Nick about his plans to travel cross-country and spend as much time as possible holding people who need it.

Nick said “You’re going to be very busy.” I just moved around and snapped random shots like this.


This, I think, is the most powerful politics. Not driving men with ideas and ideologies, but giving them immediate and tangible comfort and love. Travis told me that one real surprise for him was the number of men who cry as he holds them.

I deeply admire Travis for his openness, his loving friendliness and his heart. This is a courageous man.



  1. I am one of those men that really desires to be held much more than sex and a man who is willing to love and comfort as much as fuck is one to keep indeed. Wish I could find a man like this.

  2. Back in the day I found the same thing. And yes, some cry. And it was heart wrenching when they did. But you provide a comfort. And it helps them.

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