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About 3 months ago I was in Seattle for business but it was a Sunday night and the one hangout that I knew of was dead other than a few tweakers and guys that didn’t belong in a club. I had struck out on CL and didn’t want to play any games with BBRT so just resigned myself to fucking my own hand later on. A quick search on my phone showed an adult bookstore with video booths nearby. I was pretty horned up and wanted to breed a hole so I figured I’d give it a shot.

Place was a fucking pit. I’ve been in some bad bookstores but this took the cake. The video booths were behind a curtain in the back and the place smelled like stale piss, cum and sweat. At that point I figured there was some potential.  It was real dark and I heard at least one other person in a booth so I picked the booth next to it and put some dollars into the machine. Found an ok movie of two muscle daddies fucking and sucking. That’s when I saw the eye of my neighbor peeping through the glory hole. I pulled out my semi-hard cock and started to stroke it, putting on a show for my neighbor. He put his tongue through the hole and I was more than happy to oblige and slap it with my cock.

He gave me what was a rather tepid blowjob with more hand than mouth and never going deeper than two or three inches, so I pulled back and told him I’d rather fuck him. I was met with silence and I thought I had lost him when he asked if I had a condom on me. I told him I don’t do condoms and if that is what he wanted, I’d just jerk myself off instead. I heard his door open and him walking away and figured that was that. I flipped through a few more channels, giving myself a half-hearted handjob when I heard the door next to me close again. A small bottle of KY was passed through the hole and he told me to go easy at first.

I dropped my pants to my ankles, lubed up my cock and saw he had his puckered and greased up hole pressed up to the gloryhole. I eased my head in and slowly worked his hole. The wall between us was fucking up the angle and I couldn’t get much traction. I pulled out and told him to hold on, pulled up my pants went out of my booth and into his. I think he was surprised to see me but rather than exchange pleasantries, I let my pants drop again, reapplied some lube to my cock and his hole, fingered him for a bit and then went back to work. Bitch was tight, very tight and each time I thrust in a bit more, he took in a deep breath. Eventually I was in two-thirds of the way and started to piston his ass, reaching around and under his shirt and tweaking his nipples hard. I got one leg free of my pants, put it up on the chair and told him to spread his cheeks. I spit on his hole and really started to drive my cock home. I wasn’t interested in a long session so I pretty much did what I had to do.

Didn’t take much between him being so tight and just the rawness of it. I told him I was going to cum and grabbed his hips hard, pushed him forward and jackhammered him. My cock finally erupted inside of his bare ass and I held it there for a few minutes, letting his insides soak it up a bit. Alas, I fell limp and slid out of his greasy cumhole which was quickly followed by a week’s buildup of cum that made a very audible splat on the tile floor. I just told him thanks, zipped up and walked out. Not quite the relief I was looking for but there’s something fun about bare fucking some random slut who you can barely even see and never really saying much other than that.

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  1. I need to get up the courage to go to a bookstore or bathhouse. Love the idea of being used by multiple cocks.

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