It was the sort of weather that made everything look and feel like a Dali painting from Hell. My boyfriend and I had had  a massive fight the night before, and I awoke unsure of whether I had a boyfriend anymore. I was unsure about our future together. I was in the mood to fuck someone. Hard.

Grindr had the same people as always, but one new face stood out. He was young, short, and smooth, just how I like. We chatted for a bit, and he came over.

He was sweaty and red-faced from the walk, so I offered him a beer. The kid was handsome as hell, but I could tell he didn’t know what to do with it. He was nervous, unsure of himself. He spoke almost without stopping to breathe. It was slightly annoying but mostly endearing, but we weren’t there to chat. I walked over and kissed him. I could smell the sweat, I could taste the beer, and I could feel suddenly as the nervousness melted away. He kissed me back harder, his tongue separating my lips as he grabbed behind my head. Breathing him in deeper was like taking a hit of poppers, like getting drunk. Treasure Island Media, Sperm Assault He stood up from the seat, our mouths still attached, breathing for each other. He raised his arms for me to peel his shirt off, exposing a nice body; surprisingly broad shoulders for such a small guy, everything tapering to a nice waist, nothing over done or over developed, probably the body of a former athlete. I kissed his neck as he felt my body. His fingers traced my back and shoulders, massaging my arms, and finally pressing his thumbs to my waist. He flung away the cut off shirt I was wearing, his hands back to my body, this time more electric. Skin on skin, mingling sweat, bodies rubbing against each other. My cock responded, I could almost feel the blood as it filled me, like a pump.

His fingers hooked finally on the waistband of my running shorts, teasing me with it. Pulling me in with it, pushing one side down slowly, then the other, traveling down my body with his mouth, making pitstops at my nipples and treasure trail, finally pulling my shorts down all the way. My cock barely had time to spring out before it was in his mouth. His heavy cupid’s bow mouth wrapped itself beautifully around me. Dark pink lips around my ever hardening cock. He had a mouth like liquid fire, wet silk was sliding itself around my eight thick inches as I let him take control. It seemed like the shortest eternity that he deep-throated me. I wanted more but I needed to inhale him again. I pulled him up by his hair, and bent his head toward mine. That scent again. It was addicting. I unbuttoned his shorts, which fell away. He was wearing a black jock strap. His ass was beautiful. Full and round, it defied gravity. The perfection of his skin extended to his ass, and I was very aware of that fact that I was not just going to conquer this ass, but that he wanted me to.

I placed my fingers in his incredible mouth. That same feeling overtook me, of never wanting to leave his lips. I pushed him back down to my rock hard cock, and his ass automatically rose up in a presenting position. His pink hole was shaved smooth and swollen. He had just been fucked. I slipped my finger in, and the hole almost seemed to suck my finger in further. I pulled out and led him to the bedroom, where the night before my boyfriend and I had shouted hateful things to each other.

I threw him to the bed, his pretty pink hole exposed to the air, and devoured him. The perfect smoothness drove me wild, and the heat emanating from his ass was just a taste of what I knew was to come. The moans came softly, building a slight crescendo the further into his ass my tongue traveled. I tasted cum. That nervous young thing that showed up at my apartment door only minutes before was a bareback slut. I knew all I needed to know. Treasure Island Media,Sperm Bank “Fucking whore,” I muttered between mouthfuls of his ass. His hole flared. “Perfect fucking whore.”

“Fuck me,” he whispered. “Fuck my whore ass.”

Everything came to me: the anger at my boyfriend, the fear for our future, and my incredible lust and primal need to dominate this handsome young slut in front of me culminated in one violent thrust of my thick cock into his ass. His ass had a mind of its own. It swallowed me in perfect softness and wet heat. It pulled me in deeper and deeper, and it took every ounce of self-discipline and strength to not breed his cum dump cunt right then. I thrust in him, softly then harder and harder, the other man’s cum lubing my way. He went to touch his own cock, but I slapped his hand away. This was not going to be about mutual pleasure, this was going to be about me getting my nut off inside him, this was about me working his ass like a punching bag. This was my own personal revenge and salvation.

I climbed on him higher, changing my angle. The grip of his ass changed and I could tell I had found his spot. The milking of my cock seemed effortless on his part. For a minute I didn’t even thrust into him, I let his walls do the work. Finally I could feel the cum churning inside me. I pushed him onto the bed, face in the mattress, he could hardly breathe. I didn’t care. My cock was my brain and my soul, and it rammed him further and deeper than I had ever gone with anyone before. Finally, in one great convulsion, I unleashed all of myself inside him, and his ass drank everything in. I could feel his heart beat and I knew that I had left my mark inside him. Treasure Island Media, Bone Deep He let me fall out of him after a few minutes. I rolled onto sweat soaked sheets, as he got up to get dressed. A breeze came through the window, which I had neglected to close. Clouds gathered outside for a summer storm.

He leaned over me. His scent overtook me again.

“Thank you.”

He kissed me softly, and backed out of the room. I heard the door click shut. I rolled over to his part of the bed, and inhaled deeply, wanting him back as I masturbated to the memory of the thing that had just happened.

By Julian Marks

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