I got there at 5 p.m. and started breeding holes almost immediately. Lost track of how many but I know it was at least seven or eight loads, including more than one in a few guys who have become almost regular fuck buds there. They were all hot fucks, but the last one of the night (ain’t it almost always the last one of the night?) set a new standard for me. It never would have happened as recently as a month ago. But since joining these groups, I’ve become addicted to bug. I’m a man on a mission.

It was almost 3 a.m., and I was dead tired but determined to spew my poison strains in one more hole before calling it a night. After several passes through the corridors and the maze area, I finally found my target. He was on hands and knees in a room, his butt in the air, lube on the mattress and no condoms in sight. I zoomed in, shut the door and immediately started fingering his hole. It was dry, indicating I would be his first load of the night. I love shoving my fat dick into a butt full of jizz – it’s the best lube – but knowing I would be first also meant I’d stretch and tear his hole so that my poz bug would go right into his bloodstream. Awesome!

Treasure Island Media, Manfuck Manifesto

Before I could get on his ass, though, he moved his hot wet mouth to my huge pig nipples and began sucking and chewing like a mad man. FUCKING AWESOME! Most guys seem to go right for the dick, but my nips are even more sensitive than my cock, and getting them worked gets me rock hard. After a bit I pulled his head up and shoved my tongue into his mouth, and we kissed like there was no tomorrow. The chemistry was intense, and I knew this was going to be a really great fuck.

He was a white kid, mid to late 20s, about 5-foot-7, maybe 150 pounds, slim and lightly muscled – not a twink, but a good boy who was gonna get a huge load of daddy’s poz juice. I was a couple of inches taller and and almost 180 pounds of solid muscle, and my thick and heavy meat was already dripping as I thought about how I would take his boy pussy: Start on his back, then turn him over and fuck him like a dog before I pinned him down with my muscles and shot a thick, juicy load of poison cum in his cunt.

“Oh fuck me, daddy! Fuck your bitch! I need your fucking dick SOOO bad!”

Treasure Island Media, Manfuck Manifesto

That was all I needed to hear. His legs were up in the air in no time, and my dick was lubed and aiming at his puckered hole … when it happened: The goddamned fucker whipped out a condom. It caught me totally off guard and made me fucking madder than hell. Fucking tease! I couldn’t believe this was happening. If it had been earlier in the night, I would have jumped off him in a heartbeat and stormed out with a monster hard-on in search of the first hole I could find. But it was late, and I didn’t want to do that this time – so I took a chance.

I took the rubber from his hand, threw it on the floor and immediately shoved my lubed dick into his tight hole. It took all of my body weight to pin him down as the surprise and pain gripped his body. He tried to push me off, but I was clearly too strong for him.

“Sorry, fucker. I don’t do rubbers.” I was pissed as hell, and I held him tight as his hole stretched and twitched around my invading pole. “Bareback only.”

He didn’t say anything coherent, but he grunted and tried to push me off with his legs.

“C’mon, bitch, you know you want it! You were begging me to fuck your cunt! You fucking need this, boycunt!”

But he clearly was having second thoughts about the whole scene, so I decided to change my approach.

“Come on, baby, take daddy’s dick. You can do it, boy…” I eased up a bit on his body and tried a more seductive approach. “You got a real sweet boy pussy, and daddy wants to make you feel good.”

A little nasty encouragement was all he needed. He gave in immediately, shifting his hips so that his hole was right in line with my dick inside him, and started babbling like a baby.

“OH GOD, daddy, I need your cock inside me so bad! Please fuck me, daddy! Please fuck me! Please fuck me!”

He worked my nipples and kept talking like a whore in heat, and that was all I needed. My dick was rock hard, partly from his response and partly because I knew I was truly going to breed him. The guy must be neg – or at least must think he’s neg – if he wanted me to use a rubber. I looked over by the edge of the pillow and saw he had a whole stash of ’em there. That only made me fuck him harder, determined to show him what happens to a fucking tease.

“I’m gonna breed your pussy, boy. You know that? You’re gonna get daddy’s hot seed deep in your cunt. That’s what you really want, you fucking bitch, isn’t it? You want a hot daddy to fuck you and use you and breed you like a whore, don’t you?”

“OH GOD, DADDY, YES!!! That’s what I want! That’s what I need! Please fuck me, Daddy. Please fuck me! … But please pull out before you cum, daddy, please!”

The fucking bastard! He was too fucking stupid to be real! Did he really think I would not breed his hole at this point? As long as I live, I will never understand the “logic” of these neg guys who think they can take raw dick and stay neg. What stupidity. What arrogance.

“Sorry, fucker. I don’t do rubbers, and I don’t pull out. You’re getting daddy’s dick and his load, just like you want it…. Get ready, boy, because Daddy’s gonna breed ya!”

He just kept moaning and pushing back to meet my thrusts, and that was all the sign I needed.


Treasure Island Media, Manfuck Manifesto

Walking around for almost an hour before I met this kid, I had worked up a huge load of hot cum. I coated the whole inside of his pussy with poz seed, so much that I could feel it squirting over and over as my balls pumped over and over again. I shoved my tongue deep inside his mouth and rammed my hips into his small body for all I was worth, determined to plant my poison bug so deep in his guts that he’d taste it in the back of his throat. I kept kissing him deep and telling him what a good boy he was as I thrust inside him for another minute or two, determined to work the poison into his pussy walls good so that none would spill out and it would all go straight into his blood stream.

“Oh daddy… Oh daddy…. Oh, daddy….” He just kept muttering, too weak, shocked or both to do anything but lie there and feel my poz juice seep into his system.

I don’t remember the last time I had such a fucking intense orgasm. Almost as soon as it subsided, I was ready to go. I wondered for a moment if he came too, but then I decided that I didn’t really care. It was all about me giving him what he fucking needed. It’s what I fucking needed, too.

Note: This article does not necessarily represent the opinions of Paul Morris or Treasure Island Media. We felt it right to post, allowing each of you to digest, and form your own opinion. We look forward to hearing what you think.

  1. I like ‘forced’ porn sometimes, but this is a (fantasy) story about a guy raping another guy in order to infect them with HIV. This is not cool.

  2. Whether this happen in real life or was just the writer’s fantasy
    is beside the point. I find it funny that the comments are stating it is disgusting
    or not ok. Fact: Not everyone discloses
    their status in bathhouses, online sites, or even in person (matter of fact
    most people either lie or do not know their status) and even if you do “wrap up”
    you still are at risk to acquire other STIs.
    That is a well-known fact and yet everyone still engages in risky sex
    despite the well-known risks. Dwelling
    into the sexual mind, if you found it truly disgusting then why continue to
    read? Are you more disgusted at the
    article or are you more disgusted at yourself for reading all of it and
    probably getting a hard-on knowing fully aware of what was happening in the
    story. If you were truly disgusted over
    this article, you would have stopped reading the article a long time ago
    instead of completing it and then making a post saying you’re “disgusted by it”.

    1. Guess you got into it, not only did you finish it but took the time to write some bullshit reply to try and make yourself feel better – you’d do it in a heart beat if you haven’t already

      1. Bullshit?! I think not. Bullshit is making small, simple minded comments on a site that depict and shows bareback sex. As I stated, I find it amusing that people are stating it is disgusting when it is on a bareback website. I find the judgmental mindset more amusing seeing that bareback sex in general is frown and looked down upon. So the irony for someone who watches bareback porn, logs on to a bareback site, and make comments as yours is well ironic. The reality of this issue is it goes on in real-life. What is amusing is that I do not need to make myself feel better, but people making asinine comments like you are currently doing needs to make themselves feel better by putting other people down. Is this fictional fantasy and if so you why are getting riled up over a fiction? If this is an actual event, do you get riled up every time you watch a bareback flick (because it always a possibility that one person in bareback porn is “negative” (and doesn’t realize he is actually positive)? I do not need to make myself feel better because I am aware that this goes on all too often; probably more than you do. If you are so upset by this, go to the nearest bathhouse or sex club in your area and feel free to pass out condoms if this is upsetting you so much. I kept reading it yes, but I am the only one who is actually acknowledging the fact that I did. Did I enjoy the “rape” scene or the nondisclosure of the status? No, but at the same time I didn’t take the time to state “oh this is horrible, disgusting, or blatantly judge anyone else who possibly enjoyed this article.

  3. The casual disregard for someone else’s well being and wishes, and the purposeful intention of having bareback sex with someone of a different status while not disclosing your own is disgusting.

  4. Over all it is a super hot story, the only problem i have with it is, if the top was in reality that much stronger and was able to pin the bottom down, it begins to border on not ok.
    and im not saying every situation calls for full disclosure, but it should be vocalized, especially your intentions to poz someone.

    I agree that bottoms who bareback are taking playing Russian roulette with there health and status (poz/neg) but so i have not issues with that.
    my opinion, my 2 cents. im sure others will have different ones

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