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Hey Pigs and Perverts. Greetings from Berlin! Firstly, let me apologise for the lateness of this weeks entry to the Brit PIG diary, I have been up to my eyes (and elbow) in German cock, cum, shit and piss! I simply do not have the page space to go into detail on all of the sleazy adventures I have found myself in over the past few days but suffice to say I have had plenty to keep me occupied!

There are 4 reasons I am out here this week:

1. The never ending hunt for horny new models

2. To shoot some scenes on German soil

3. To perform a live Treasure Island Media show at the Berlin Hustlaball

4. To visit some of the Berlin Porn Film Festival

This was to be my second Hustlaball, the first having also been in Berlin a few years back. The main difference this time round however was that I was one of the performers! Matteo Valentine and I had the added excitement of being the opening show of the night. We kicked off the festivities completely unannounced and instead of our show being on the main stage we waited near a large go-go stage in the middle of the main room. We started to snog each other before getting up onto the platform and that attracted a little attention. However, once I started noshing down on Matteo’s cock the crowds flocked to see what was going on. Within 30 seconds the platform was surrounded with cameras, man-flesh and grinning faces. We fucked each other hard and with every change of position came a new cock from the audience to suck on and a new set of hands clamoring to get a hold of a piece of the action. Throughout the performance Liam was also battling with the frenzied spectators to capture the show with his camera. The whole experience was exhilarating, though at times it did feel a little bit rapey!

Treasure Island Media, Brit-pig Diaries

When our 15 mins were up Liam gave us a signal we we quickly left the go-go stage and headed back to the dressing room. I was still so horned up however that we never made it all the way back to the dressing room without me bending Matteo over on the stairwell to carry on pounding his hole. We were quickly moved on to clear the stairs for the next set of performers. We were both beaming broadly at how exciting, horny and slightly unnerving it had been.

During my stay I have used my free time to reacquaint myself with some of the local watering holes and sleazy establishments. One particularly memorable night I found myself in Jaxx, a sex shop with a cruising area out back. I had forgotten how busy this place gets in the evening and on walking in it didn’t take me long to pull a very hot Daddy with a nice fat cock. Within 10 minutes he was flooding my throat with his hot daddy juice and fuck me was it nice and thick! Next I found a mini dark room and was passed around between four guys who tag teamed me relentlessly and all shot their loads deep up my guts. When the fourth guy pulled out I felt a warm trickle of cum running down my legs and felt a splash of spunk follow his cock out and hit the inside of my jeans crumpled around my ankles.

Treasure Island Media

Next I found a cluster of darkened glory hole cabins and soon enough I was milking 2 cocks from different walls with my wet greedy ass and mouth, swapping so that I could taste the cum coating the cock which had just left my ass. The loads just kept coming and as one guy left an adjacent cabin he was soon replaced by another horny bloke. My jeans were now pretty damp with all the cum which was running down my legs and dripping out my very happy Man-Cunt. I kept wiping it up off my thighs and sucking my fingers so that I didn’t waste a drop.

The place was starting to empty out, but I was not ready to leave just yet. I wanted one more load: Yes I am a greet fucker! I also needed a rest so I locked myself into one of the video cabins and had a 15 min chill out while I wanked off to some horny German porn. All of the video cabins have a glory hole to the adjacent cabin. Whilst I watched the pigs playing on the movie in front of me I almost missed the thick veiny cock which was slowly coming through the glory hole. It was instinctive! I quickly maneuvered to my knees in front of the growing cock and started to work the head and shaft with my mouth. I could feel it getting bigger and harder in my mouth and soon it was almost too big to fit without my teeth catching. My ass was fidgeting  with hunger and I slowly stood up. I half expected the cock to pull back out the glory hole, but it stood firm and twitched a little, almost as invitation. I rubbed my moist ass over the swollen head and heard an audible gasp from the other side of the wall. I backed up slowly , aware that the hardness and girth required my ass to make a little adjustment. When I had backed up all the way I felt him twitch and swell a little. Man it felt good!

Treasure Island Media, Brit-Pig Diaries

I pulled away and sank back down, picking up rhythm and getting off on the moans swear words accompanying my strokes. I started to contract and relax my ass muscles around the shaft with every stroke and felt a slight tremor. I slowed down. I didn’t want him to cum just yet, his cock was fucking amazing! But it was too late, the tremor grew into a pulsing spasm and I quickly picked up the pace again and milked him as best as I could, pushing down as far as possible, feeling him unload deeper than anybody else had that night. He took over now and pounded his load deeper into me through the glory hole. He slowly pulled out and allowed my ass to close up so I didn’t waste a drop. I was shaking like a leaf!

Satisfied that I would get nothing that would compare and feeling all full up I headed back to the apartment with a grin like a cheshire cat and a large wet patch at the back of my jeans. But the funny looks on the U-Bahn and feelings of slight embarrassment were more than worth it! I am a cum pig and a proud one at that!

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