CUMSLOPPY STORY || Jordan From the Bar

Several months ago, I met a young man, Jordan, in his 20s that has been a blast to know. I don’t even remember what was going on in my life when I stopped into a local drinking establishment to relax. I always sit by myself and pulled up a barstool and it wasn’t any time before I see him there laughing with some other people. He was too young for me (he in his 20s and me in my 50s), but there was something about him that kept drawing my attention to him. He is Latino 6′ 190 lbs. and just too full of life. He was making the rounds talking with everyone in the bar and it wasn’t too long and he was sitting next to me at the bar. He tells me that it looks like I need to get out of my mood and buys me a beer and one for himself. Like I said, his mouth never stopped and within 30 minutes I knew more about him than I think I knew about myself. He had so many funny stories that the time went very fast. As I finished my beer, I made my apologies and told him that I need to go get some stuff done and hoped to see him around another time and left.

Treasure Island Media, Latin Loads 2

I was right that I would be seeing him around. It seemed every where that I went after that he was there. The grocery store, the dry cleaner, the 7-11 on the corner, everywhere. He smiled one day and asked me if I was stalking him and he was finding me everywhere. I laughed and told him I was wondering the same thing. Come to find out, he frequented these places all the time and we either never crossed paths or I just didn’t pay attention to him being there. I finally let down my resistance and asked him if he would like to join me for a cup of coffee. He was only too happy to do so and when we got to the coffee shop it was packed. I suggested that we go to my place but I had just coffee, none of the fancy stuff that you can buy at the coffee shop. He readily agreed that was fine and we walked to two blocks to my home. I must say that at my home, he was just as funny as he was in the bar where I met him.

After drinking a pot of coffee and while I was brewing more he asked where the restroom was. I showed him and went back to the kitchen to check the coffee. He left the door open as he relieved himself and I “accidentally” had to walk past the door not once but twice. The second time I past he had repositioned himself and it was obvious that he was was hard and had a good 6 – 7 inches of brown Mexican dick. He says, “I was afraid that you weren’t interested”, as he tried to shove himself back into his pants. He was rather blunt in a funny way and as he refills his cup of coffee, he asks me what else I am into besides scoping out boys in the bathroom. I shot back that he liked it or he wouldn’t have been standing there with a hard-on while I walked by or he wouldn’t still be groping himself while he poured himself coffee. He pulled his hand off his dick and it was my chance to ask him what he was into besides showing off for old guys. He told me he was into just about everything except pain, which I have found to be the pat answer when you don’t want to admit everything. He pulled off his shirt and told me he does enjoy showing off, but not to just old guys, but to everyone. I could tell by the darkening tan, that he went without a shirt a lot and he did have a nicely defined chest and stomach to show off. It was my turn to sport a little wood in my pants. I know I had considered fucking around with him, but it seemed it would not happen because I didn’t think he was into it. Come to find out he probably was the most sexual person that I had encountered. He was into all types of sex and into all types of people. Male or female, he just like to fuck around. He walks over to me and grabs my hard-on thru my pants and leads me to the bedroom. As we undressed, I knew that I had hit the jackpot with this one. His baggy pants and shirt covered a beautiful body and a real stud. He was very muscular and except for his ass, was nicely tanned all over. Very light hair over his ass and upper thighs and until you get to below the knees you had to look twice to see the hair. Jutting out of the jet black pubes was a hard uncut cock that you could pound nails with. As hard as it was, I was afraid to take it for fear there would be no bend and he would puncture me. When he was naked and I had removed my pants, I always keep my shirt on to cover my snow white skin that I can never seem to get to take any tan, he walks over to face me and slowly pushes me back onto the bed. I could tell that there would be no fore play and this would be as close to rape as I hoped to ever encounter.

Treasure Island Media, Latin Loads 2

As I fell back onto the bed he grabs my legs and into the air they go and my ass is open for him. He shoves the head of his cock into my hole and I try to spit on my hand for a little lube, but it is useless as he shoves his cock into me. I let out a scream and he covers my mouth his his and starts to pummel my ass. The first 10 or so strokes hurt like hell and I guess his precum started up because then he started slip sliding his way home. I guess he could feel my body relax and he soon removed his tongue and mouth from mine and asked me if I was liking it. By answer, I grabbed his white ass and pulled him into me as he continued to fuck. As I pulled his ass cheeks apart, one of my fingers brushed against his hole and he jumped. It didn’t take me any time to figure out that he was into ass play and I spit on my finger and started fingering his hole as he slid in and out of me. He was moving around as I teased his hole and the minute I slid a finger into him, that was enough and he was dumping his nuts into my ass. I could feel him cumming in me and started fucking his ass with my finger in earnest. He went wild.

As soon as he finished emptying his nuts he pulls out of me and slides up and sits on my cock. Again no lube, but I reached down and grabbed some of his cum that was leaking out of me and smeared it on my cock as he moves up and down. I knew I didn’t have the precum that he had to make this a liquid experience. In no time after just having my ass fucked and now this hot boy pumping up and down on my cock, I was on the edge of pumping my nuts into his ass. As I mumbled that I “was going to cum”, he hops off me and finishes me off by jacking me off. And the site of this hot boy jacking on my cock was enough to get anyone off. After we were all cleaned back up and dressed, Jordan said it was time to be on his way and that he hoped it would be okay to drop by again sometime. Of course was my answer and off he went. And he was a young man of his word because a couple times a week he would stop by to fuck me and then be on his way.

Story via Nifty.

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