When he showed up he was full of nervous energy and couldn’t stand still.  He started the session out by pointing out that he was sunburned.  Nick and Trevor happily rubbed some sort of ointment all over him.

For some reason I’ve become interested in making alphabets using men. This is Kellen trying out positions for “K”.


Sometimes we’d actually try for a letter—moving randomly through the alphabet.  I had no plan at all.  Sometimes the poses would just become poses.

I asked him to make a “B”.  He worked with Trevor and Nick to find a suitable pose.  For the first time, I noticed the enormous ring on his hand.

He’s 25 and married to a man twice his age.  He feels enormously independent and laughed out loud when I suggested that he’s being kept.  “We love each other very much,” he said.


I asked about the tattoo on his chest.  “I’m plenty of trouble.  But I’m never too much trouble.  And I’m worth it.”

I was just getting over a bad cold and had no energy at all.  Fortunately, Kellen happily and constantly moved around, striking poses on his own. For long periods of time I’d barely move while he displayed himself creatively.

He was full of energy and never quite stopped moving until I stood right in front of him and said “Stop! Don’t move at all.”  He immediately stopped, unsmiling, and gave me this. Although he’s young, there’s immense depth here.

We started to shoot different variations of “M”.  At first he was facing me, but insisted on turning around. For the first time I noticed the deep scars.  I asked how they’d happened.  He responded “Do you like them?”  I repeated the question.  He said “You like them, don’t you.”  I said “Yes. I think they’re beautiful.” He said “Good.  I think so too.”


We decided to make a “J” and he plopped on his back and lifted his legs straight up.  When I looked at this snapshot later, I noticed that he was watching me intently.

I don’t know how he came to be so stable and confident at such an early age.  Often in gay men in their early to mid 20’s there’s a spontaneity that’s flippant and fey, belying a lack of “centeredness”.  That wasn’t the case with Kellen.  He was funny, sometimes outright effeminate and silly, but there was always the sense of a complete and accomplished man.  This older man to whom he’s married most certainly has his hands full, but he’s chosen his lifemate well. – Paul Morris

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