TRAILER || Suck Dick Save The World 4



You can’t understand men unless you’re a man.  If you have a cock and a pair of balls swinging between your legs, you know the constant need.  It begins when you’re a kid and lasts until your last breath.

The art of cocksucking is driven by this need.  Cocksuckers are men who understand it completely and understand the importance of getting down on their knees and helping a dude out.

But beyond the spurting man-seed, there’s also the undeniable need that a man has to have another guy worship him, worship his cock, swallow his essence right down.  Men need to worship, and men need to be worshiped.  Fact of life, truth of nature.

SD/STW 4 features: John Dahl, Brad McGuire, Drew Sebastian, Alex, Aaron Xanders, Luke Bennett, Blue Bailey, Michael Boomer , DJ, Dan Fisk, Nick Forte , Grant, Javin, Keer, Truckee Cumbelly , Shane, Jasper Stone, and Marcus Stone.



  1. I’d love to improve my cocksucking technique. I’m trying to control my gagging and breathing. If I improve I’d love to model in a TIM video where I’m servicing a dozen guys orally and anally blindfolded.

  2. I agree….no one, except another man, can understand and appreciate the purely physical needs of every red blooded man to get sucked off and have his hot seed swallowed right down; likewise, so it is for the man who recognizes and truly understands his fellow men’s need to get some good oral relief, and who will jump at the chance to help out his fellow men in need! I understand these things….and I’ve been sucking cocks and swallowing hot cum since I was a young kid, a “pre-teen”, who only wanted to help and service the older boys in my neighborhood, straight or gay; they needed another male to show them that we all kneel down in front of stiff cocks in total solidarity as we swallow down all of that delicious juice! I’m a cocksucker for life….who also loves to have his own cock sucked off and relieved of all that congestion by another fellow cocksman!

    1. Your right JAC only a man knows the proper way to work a hard cock and how to take a huge load!

  3. Seems like a hot mess of long veiny thick dicks ready to begin a new world of cum shooting, dick throbbing, moaning and goaning hot seed to fulfill every man’s need.

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