CUMSLOPPY STORY || Encounter With a Stranger

Last night I drank too much. I only slept an hour and now walk the town in a hazy stupor and with a monstrous sexual arousal. I feel weak and helpless, and I need somebody to take me in their arms, to use me, and perhaps hurt me. I don’t know really what I need, but it is so powerful that I can barely move.

At this hour the park is empty, and I look for a bench to sit. In the distance I see one but also a shadowy figure heading towards it. I hesitate, as he will reach it before me but something draws me forward. At the bench he stops and watches my approach. It is a powerful man with dark skin and a broad face, high forehead, mustache, big nose. He could be Turkish, Indian or perhaps African. A shiver of fear passes through me as he stands and stares. For a moment I think I should avoid him. I look around and see no one. We are alone in the park. I do not know what he wants from me, nor what I want from him, but we attract like a magnets.

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A couple of meters from him I stop and look into his eyes that burn with a strange intensity. A voice inside me tells me to flee but I do not want to leave, though I shake with fear. I am the first to avert my eyes but then sit meekly on the end of the bench and stare into the distance. He sits at the other end in silence. I know that he is looking me and this excites me. At last he moves close and I feel the heat of his body. I wait for an endless minute, until he puts an arm on my shoulders and his energy flows into me. I sit motionless, staring straight ahead and swallow my saliva. His other hand comes to rest on my knee. My penis hardens as his hand slowly moves up my thigh and touches the bulge in my crotch. “Ah yes” he purrss as he feels the hardness through my pants. He unbuttons the top of my shirt, baring my smooth chest. His big, rough, and warm hand caresses my skin. I swallow again. His other hand grips me firmly and I let him control me. The touch of his fingers hardens my nipples. My penis is swollen and bent in my pants. Still I do not move a muscle. His tongue licks my neck, probing my ear. He pinches one of my nipples hard making me wince in pain, but I do not resist or flee from him. One of his fingers caresses my parted lips, then it is inserted into my mouth, playing with my tongue in silence. I understand and begin to suck and gently lick his finger. Then he puts two fingers that reach the back of my throat and it causes me gag. “NO!” he barks and pushes them in again to let me know I must accept them. Then he moves them around inside my mouth exploring its folds and passages. He nibbles my ear, and I moan with pleasure. Again he pinches my nipple, even harder this time making me cry out. He smiles then he tenderly caresses me like a lamb as I lick his fingers.

I lie still with my eyes closed, but I guess we’re not alone. He whips out his fingers of my mouth and tells someone to go away. I open my eyes, two men look at us as about 30 feet. They turn and retreat at his command.

“Come,” he says, and grabs me by the hand and leads me like a child who might want to run away. For a moment I think about trying to escape. He seems to sense it and lets go of my hand and stops. I look into his eyes, his face reassures me. With the back of one hand he caresses my cheek, then he offers me his hand. I take it, and we walk together. Just the touch of him thrills me as my pinched nipples tingle and my penis fills with blood.

He takes me to an old tool shed in the distant corner of the park and closes the door. It is dark inside and I grope about and steady myself on the uneven floor. As my eyes adjust to the darkness, I find a metal pipe over my head, I grab it with both hands. He begins to undress me, first the shirt, then the shoes and socks, I collaborate and raised my legs so he can remove my pants and underpants until I am quite naked. He withdraws and I search about, and in the corner I see his silhouette against a small window crusted with dirt and spider webs. I need his big warm hand on my skin but I watch as he slowly strips himself revealing his splendid body and monstrous cock.

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Finally he stands naked and steps behind me as I shake holding anxiously onto the pipe above my head. I feel the warmth of his skin next to me and his hot breath on my neck, then the press of his chest on my back, and his hard cock wedged between my buttocks. A shiver of pleasure runs through me as his hands caress my erect nipples and my throat. I let out a sharp gasp that might come from a young boy rather than of a man.

Like a child in his arms, I feel his power. I turn my head looking for his lips, and my boldness is answered with a sharp slap on my ass. I would have fallen were it not for the pipe that I gripped with both hands. I learn that I must follow and not lead. He is the man, and now I ache to touch his

powerful body and attempt to hug him bit am rebuffed with a stinging blow. But then he comforts me, caressing my abdomen and buttocks. He presses against me, making our penises tangle. He seeks my lips and lets my tongue enter his mouth. He sucks my tongue and I sucked his. So we are two lovers, pressing our bodies against each other, our lips, our cocks. Darkness cloaks the most exquisite sensations. When I do something he does not like, he withdraws, and with one hand twists my penis. I cry in pain, his masculinity does not accept another penis. I have to convince him that my penis is passive and that it will never compete with his.

He makes his way all around me as I hold on to the pipe above my head. His hands explore my arms, legs, penis, testicles, and face. His fingers press into the crack of my ass, and then enter my mouth. He forces a finger to the back of my mouth gathering saliva to penetrate my anus to stroke my prostate. My penis is leaking precum, his other hand twisting my nipples, and I cannot stop moaning. When I’m about to cum, he pulls his fingers and forces me knees. His cock hard and dripping, slashing my cheeks, I take it in my hands, kiss, caress it, lick it. The length of it in my mouth pressed to the bottom of my throat, gagging me. He holds my head till my panic fades and stays there quietly penetrating my throat. Then slowly he starts to fuck my mouth. I breathe with difficulty, but I’ve learned, and his entire penis presses again and again in my throat, lubricated with saliva and mucus. I come alive and caress his balls as and his body odor permeates my nostrils. I want him to cum to taste him, to drink him down. I sense he is about to cum, but at that moment he pull his penis from my throat, and turns me. I feel his cock touching my anus, and then, little by little, he slowly begins penetration. His penis is wet from my mouth, but it hurts, and I think he will not be able to get it into me, I’m too tight for his cock. I make one last effort and I open as much as I can, and I feel like my sphincter finally relent, and gradually his penis begins the long, slow entry into my body. Sunk deep as it can go, he is still but I feel his breathing against my ear, and our skins are glued by sweat. I inhale and silently smile in the dark. The hangover is already far away and kind of bliss has taken its place. He kisses my neck, and now gently caresses me sweetly, my legs, my chest, my testicles, my erect penis. With his fingers, he feeds me the precum that flows from my penis. I lick it and beg for more as I contract my ass around his cock. A sharp slap on my buttocks, and he begins one interminably slow in-out, while twisting my nipples. Where does the pleasure that engulfs me come from? As he slowly thrusts into me, I feel full, complete, desired, loved, and accepted. I surrender to this immensely pleasurable sensation that overpowers my soul. Within me moves another body, a body that gives me pleasure as I give pleasure to him. He rules over me, takes possession of me. My anus, accepts, cherishes, and gives pleasure to the erect and excited shaft that will give sharp and brutal explosion of orgasm. When I think that he is going to cum, its motion stops, I feel he is trying to delay his orgasm. At the edge of the abyss, I collaborate with and stay completely still, the smallest contraction in my anus, would cast him down. He is breathing hard, rhythmically, and I smile back happily in the dark. Now he whispers in my ear words of love. I compress my sphincter, and he responds with a slap on my buttocks. I turn my head looking at his lips. I kiss him, he kisses me, our tongues caressing, and again his hard tongue presses between my lips. My mouth now mimics my ass, and he fucks me now by mouth as his cock, hard and hot, stands still inside me, filling me completely. His hands begin slowly masturbating me, taking me to the edge, while continuing shelling exciting words in my ear. I want the time prolonged indefinitely, but I make the mistake of compressing my sphincter, and the pleasure machine starts up increasingly faster, stronger, more intense. I will cum without anyone touching me, spewing my semen in violent spurts that arch through the air from my rampant cock and spray over the ground. Yes, yes, it comes in waves and I emit agonizing cry of pleasure as I empty myself. My lover thrusts hard into me, and his orgasm joins the last spasms of my own, helping to empty the whole. His cry, hoarse and strong, merges with mine sharp and weak. Dazed but still conjoined we sink to the floor.

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We lie together silent still. His cock inside me, we listen to the fall of rain on the roof of the shed. I turn my face looking his kisses. He pulls his cock abruptly out of my body and I have a sudden fear I will lose him. But no, he does not rise and leave but turns me and raising my legs he enters me again. My eyes, now adjusted to the dark, see his face serious but beautiful. I smile, I caress him, pinching his nipples, wrap my legs around his waist to incite him more. Gradually it returns the battle, this time more relaxed, lying on the ground, kisses and hugs, words of love, moans, sobs and tears, the two bodies with the same single purpose, pleasure, pleasure, pleasure deep, strenuous, such happiness in the darkness so perfectly aligned. We both cum in wrenching orgasmic upheaval, bursting forth in a synchronized surges.

I fall asleep and wake alone in the shed. I dress myself, I open the door, I do not see anyone. It has stopped raining, but the leaves of the plants are wet and shiny, and the smell of oleander and wet earth is everywhere.

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