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Suck Dick Save The World, SDSTW, Treasure island Media

You can’t understand men unless you’re a man. If you have a cock and a pair of balls swinging between your legs, you know the constant need. It begins when you’re a kid and lasts until your last breath.

The art of cocksucking is driven by this need. Cocksuckers are men who understand it completely and understand the importance of getting down on their knees and helping a dude out.

But beyond the spurting man-seed, there’s also the undeniable need that a man has to have another guy worship him, worship his cock, swallow his essence right down. Men need to worship, and men need to be worshiped. Fact of life, truth of nature.

SDSTW 4 Features: John Dahl, Brad McGuire, Drew Sebastian, Alex, Aaron Xanders, Luke Bennett, Blue Bailey, Michael Boomer , DJ, Dan Fisk, Nick Forte , Grant, Javin, Keer, Truckee Cumbelly , Shane, Jasper Stone, and Marcus Stone.


Suck Dick Save The World, SDSTW, Treasure island Media

Like me, NICK FORTE has a life-long taste for hard-core stoners. Give ’em a few deep tokes on a potent spliff and their inhibitions are gone, baby, gone.

DJ is a stoner from a tiny commune south of SF where he spends his time coming up with novel THC delivery techniques. His last invention (No, I’m not making this up) was roll-on deodorant infused with cannabis. “It gets you high, man, and keeps you fuckin’ fresh!”


Suck Dick Save The World, SDSTW, Treasure island MediaDREW is from a small town way up in the forested Northwest. He’s a good man with a huge dick swinging between his hairy thighs. And one of the greatest things about watching DREW in action is seeing how much he loves watching other men enjoy his meat. DREW’s a “share the wealth” kind of man.

This match-up with MARCUS STONE, a furry li’l bearded sex-cub, was pretty much perfect. DREW loved feeding his dick to MARCUS and was in over-the-top dick-bliss the whole time.


Suck Dick Save The World, SDSTW, Treasure island MediaSHANE has to be one of my all-time favorite cocksuckers. If you suck dick, you need to study this guy’s moves, technique, attitude. He’s got it down: straight guy, gay guy, big dick, little dick, cut, uncut, neg, poz—it makes no difference to SHANE. He’s on the planet to serve, and serve he does.

While he’s in between your legs moaning and giving your dick everything it wants, just push his head down a bit and, yeah, he’ll stick his tongue into your butt hole, deep as it can go. You got the dick and he’s the cocksucker, man. A hole-licking ballsac-lapping cocksucker of the first water.


Suck Dick Save The World, SDSTW, Treasure island MediaBRAD MCGUIRE was in a real bad mood. If you know BRAD, you know this is a really rare thing. He made the decision to call me and ask if I had a masochist cocksucker around who wouldn’t mind getting slapped around for real. He was in the mood to punish a faggot.

Of course BLUE BAILEY came to mind. This guy was born on his knees and has no problem with getting slapped around if it makes the dominant man happy. BRAD punches and spits on BLUE’s pretty li’l mug and doles out a hefty parcel of verbal abuse.


Suck Dick Save The World, SDSTW, Treasure island MediaKEER has a big fat porker of a tight-cut cock, the kind that gives a hungry cocksucker a truly satisfying challenge.

And GRANT is one of those avid cocksuckers who wants to feel the whole damn thing inside him, throbbing and pulsing way down deep in his throat.

In the middle of getting his dick sucked, KEER gets a hankering for a snack. So he shoves some quarters in the candy machine (“Toys for Tots”) and munches on candy while GRANT slobbers and gets all wild-eyed and crazy with cocksucker lust.


Suck Dick Save The World, SDSTW, Treasure island MediaDo you like watching a handsome voracious cocksucker gag and choke while he’s being force-fed a rock-hard dick? Then check this one out.

TRUCKEE is a true world-class dick-sucker and he’s not afraid to let things get messy. If you want to push your hard dick deep down his gullet, hold it there till he nearly passes out, go right ahead. He won’t say no. He knows why he’s there: to serve your cock any way it needs.

MICHAEL BOOMER puts his beautiful hairy dick in the driver’s seat and uses TRUCKEE’s mouth and throat for all their worth. The combo of the two men is wet and slobbery wild.


Suck Dick Save The World, SDSTW, Treasure island Media“CHRIS” contacted us and told us he’d be willing to let a dude suck his big cock. We took him up on the offer, and he turned out to be everything he said he was–and a couple inches more.

A big brawny vain straight guy with one of the biggest cocks I’ve ever seen. He stipulated that his face not be shown—“I don’t want the women I fuck in Sac’to to know I did this.” Fine by me. Whatever you want, man.

We chose LUKE BENNETT as the lucky cocksucker. And to be honest we were fuckin’ blown away by his passion, not to mention his ability to completely deep-throat this monstrous schlong. Now, LUKE can be a finicky bottom (We’ve had to stuff his mouth with a gag in the past), but during and after this shoot he was nothing less than meek, worshipful and in awe.

SCENE 8 – MARCUS sucks off BILL

Suck Dick Save The World, SDSTW, Treasure island MediaBILL’s an ex-soldier (he saw lots of action of the killing kind). He’s a tough guy, been married twice, has four kids. He lives in a small town in the Cali Central Valley, owns a collection of guns. There’s a real aura of danger to him.

Once in a while when he needs some extra cash (this time it was for buying his 8-year-old son’s first hunting rifle.) he calls me up and says he’ll let a guy suck him off.


Suck Dick Save The World, SDSTW, Treasure island MediaDespite the fact that he’s an ex gang member (check out the scars on his face), JASPER is a really gentle cool guy. He had to have straight porn running in the background, but he gave his all to give NICK a good time while the cocksucker did his best to wrangle that nine-incher

And while NICK definitely enjoyed himself, you’ll see some frustration in his face. JASPER’s cock is a little too much for him. It’s too big, too hard, too straight up. Plus, a couple of times JASPER clearly is aping some straight porn faces. But aside from this, the guy is a joy to watch—-and I’m sure a true joy to suck.


Suck Dick Save The World, SDSTW, Treasure island MediaJAVIN is a man of very few words. But who needs to talk when you’ve got eleven inches of rock hard ebony throbbing between your legs?

JOHN DAHL did his best, but there are times when ‘the impossible dream’ is the name of the story. I’ve only met two guys who can take all of JAVIN’s thick veiny throbber all the way. JOHN chokes on it, worships it, loves it, and ultimately is almost defeated by it.

It’s an awesome meat-wrangling to watch—the muscled handsome JOHN DAHL on his knees, JAVIN lording it over him. And finally JOHN gets fed some tangy, delicious man-spew for his hard work. But I know he’s gonna want a rematch sometimes in the future after he gets more cocksucking under his belt.


Suck Dick Save The World, SDSTW, Treasure island MediaSHANE is not a man who has wasted his talent as a natural-born cocksucker. He sucked his first dick when he was a wee lad and he never stopped. So when WOLF, a skitterish and dubious straight man from a small town, agreed to let us film him getting his first blow job from a guy, I knew right away that SHANE would know exactly how to handle him.

Now, no one is perfect– SHANE can’t deep-throat WOLF’s big cock–but his passion and pure worship of the man in front of him shines through with clarity. His hungry tongue slobbers and slithers over the man’s cum-swollen ball sac, up and down the gleaming shaft of his cock. He even ventures lower between the guy’s legs and–holy fuck!–the straight guy lifts a leg up and gives him an ample taste of his spicy virgin bunghole.

SCENE 12 – ALEX sucks off DAN FISK

Suck Dick Save The World, SDSTW, Treasure island MediaALEX is a straight stoner. When we shot this he lived with his (unsuspecting) girlfriend. She’s since become his wife and he’s the father of a little boy. Whether he still sucks dick is anyone’s guess. But when we shot this, he would call me up every once in a blue moon and let me know that he was craving the taste of cock.

For this shoot I gave him DAN FISK in good part because of his weakness for young men with big puppy eyes. And DAN filled the bill on that count. In order to really get into sucking cock (in order to get over his guilt), he’d always get righteously stoned. And usually he brought along a bottle of hootch.


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