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Treasure Island Media, BRUTHALOAD7

Treasure Island Media continues its enormously popular Bruthaload Series with the release of BRUTHALOAD 7, available now at the studio’s website in DVD and Download to Own (DTO).

BRUTHALOAD 7 continues the legacy of this fan favorite series, with ten stallion-hung black cocks stroking and draining their heavy, cum-filled sacks for their pleasure—and yours. You’ll seriously find yourself creaming along to this one, over and over again, as you watch this diverse group of bruthas showing off their giant, god given man rods.

Produced by Paul Morris, BRUTHALOAD 7 features men from vanilla to dark chocolate, including a super-donged cab driver who loves to wank for his customers, an auto mechanic who’s “good with his hands,” and a serial exhibitionist who gets off showing his dark chocolate cock to anyone who will look. Together these ten black gods work more than 8 feet of ebony meat, giving you more than two hours of brotherly love.


Bruthaload7, Treasure Island Media

KORY MITCHELL needs no introduction. Since breaking into the adult film industry a few years ago, this German-born tattooed stud and his massive cock have quickly become a universal object of fantasy—a position he’s more than happy to occupy and encourage. KORY’s big fantasy: just having fun and doing what comes naturally, on camera and off.


Bruthaload7, Treasure Island Media

NATE is a physical therapist who donates his professional skills to his local community health center, and his personal skills to his local bathhouse. A serial exhibitionist, he gets off on showing off his cock to anyone who will look. NATE’s big fantasy: giving a command jerk-off performance for the President and First Lady.


Bruthaload7, Treasure Island MediaMAKAVELI got his voyeuristic start as a kid, spying on neighbors who never shut their blinds. Now he’s a cab driver who, thanks to the lowered inhibitions of his fares and a “spy cam” he purchased online, has a continually growing video library of wank material. MAKAVELI’s big fantasy: a threesome with two big-titted blondes–“bonus if one of them is Asian.”


Bruthaload7, Treasure Island MediaAfter kicking around aimlessly for a few years, DYLAN recently went back to school to earn a degree in hospitality management. He tries to stay on good terms with all his ex-girlfriends and is always there with open arms and a ready and willing dick when they need to fuck their troubles away over their latest break-up. DYLAN’s big fantasy: it’s more an ambition than a fantasy—to find a position with a high-end, exotic resort where he can become the unofficial stud in residence to all the beautiful young trophy wives who aren’t getting what they need from their tired old husbands.


Bruthaload7, Treasure Island MediaMcNASTY is a freelance DJ, specializing in electronica and trip-hop, who spins wherever there’s a gig. He never turns down a blowjob in his booth from a hot girl; there haven’t been any offers from a guy yet, but he’s open to it. McNASTY’s big fantasy: fucking a contortionist in positions even she has never imagined!



Bruthaload7, Treasure Island MediaAn auto body mechanic, RODNEY prides himself on his manual dexterity: “I’ve always been very good with my hands,” he says–“just ask my wife or any of my girlfriends!” RODNEY’s big fantasy: fingering two pussies at once while fucking a third.



Bruthaload7, Treasure Island Media

DARRYL is an attendant at a doggy daycare center. Although there’s little he loves like a good blowjob, he’s never taken advantage of the animals in his care like that, preferring to get his oral pleasure from his long-term girlfriend–“she can deepthroat better and knows exactly how to use her teeth.” DARRYL’s big fantasy: sharing his girl with his best friend. 



Bruthaload7, Treasure Island MediaOne of NOAH’s greatest pleasures in life is taking off his clothes, whether it’s preparation for fucking the bear he just picked up or giving a room of strangers an eyeful of his impressive schlong and tattooed body (he’s been known to strip at local bars, for pay as well as spontaneously putting on a show). NOAH’s big fantasy: fucking white muscle jocks and eating the cum from their hairy assholes.


Bruthaload7, Treasure Island MediaNINO claims he was a big show-off when he was a kid, and he’s obviously a huge one now. Some guys never grow up–and who would want them to? NINO’s big fantasy: because he’s never tasted one, he wants to lick and suck pussy until she explodes–“in front of an audience, even better!”



Bruthaload7, Treasure Island MediaWe booked KARSIN for a BRUTHALOAD solo, but once the camera was going he couldn’t keep his hands off the cameraman! I’m including it because KARSIN is so fucking awesome–and because he does stroke himself to a jizz-geyser climax. KARSIN just plain loves sex and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to suck another dude’s dick. Can’t blame him!


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