Horny as hell, I flipped on grindr and started looking. For a couple of weeks I’d been messaging this army boy who was interested in bottoming. The only problem is we lived 60 miles away from each other. Finally, in my morning haze, I told him I would drive out to pick him up bring him to my place and then drive him back after fucking his brains out. He didn’t really believe me and I didn’t really believe me either but my dick was calling the shots, and after looking at pictures of his backside for a few weeks I wanted to hear him scream a bit.

Treasure Island Media, Mecos

He agreed and I set out. He said that he needed to get drunk otherwise he didn’t think he could take me dick. So I stopped and he bought him a few drinks, and after I told him I had poppers at home he seemed more open to the idea.

We got to my place and he wanted to drink some more. This guy really hadn’t bottomed before and was acting like a virgin. I threw some porn on the computer, connected it to the projector, and left the room for a bit.

Five minutes later I looked in and he was standing fully clothed in front of the screen, rubbing his crotch, and he began to strip. He’s 5’11, 180 pounds of muscle. His body was great and most bottom boys would drool when they saw this, but I was waiting for the rest of him. He slid off his basketball shorts and there it was. A beautiful round butt, and as he bent over to pull the shorts off from around his ankles I saw his pink hole. Rarely do I see Latinos with such a cute, pink hole and I began to get hard thinking of breaking him in.

I threw off my shirt and shorts staying in my boxer briefs and pretended to just be walking in the room for the first time. He saw me and smiled. He had a cute boyish face and he looked a little embarressed.

“This is really hot,” he said.

“So are you. “

He laughed and I moved on my knees in front of him and began sucking his dick for a bit. He moaned. So I moved down for his balls, and his head rolled back. I handed him the poppers and let him sniff while I continued to suck him up and down. Then I sucked under his balls. He started to shake.

“Have you ever been rimmed before?” I asked and he shook his head no. I told him to lay on his back and spread his legs. He did so immediately, these army boys take direction so well.

I let my tongue run a circle around his hole and he moaned intensely. So then I let it dance on his hole and soon I was sucking and eating out his pink hole as his whole body shook and he began to lose his mind.

“Fuckyesfuckyesfuckyes,” he kept repeating in between moans. So I rubbed my hard cock on his hole.

“Can I suck you first? “he asked, which I honestly wanted to say no, but couldn’t to that cute boy face. So he swung around and began to suck. He seemed amazed at my cock with every swallow. Finally he handed me his phone and asked me to take pictures. I shot his moaning and deep throating and finally he turned around and pushed his ass out at me.

Mecos [cum], Treasure Island Media, Mexico City

I slapped my wet dick on his hole. I began pushing the head on the hole. He was so tight. I handed him the poppers and told him to take a big hit. Right as he did I spit on his hole and pushed my head in. I heard the pop and he tried to pull away but I grabbed his hips and laid on top of him and began sucking on the back of his neck slowly grinding in the rest of my cock. He began to scream and I told him to relax and take another hit, and he did and I moved in deeper.

He screamed again but this time he couldn’t help but shake his ass side to side as he felt me spreading his hole. A moan escaped his lips. He took another big hit and I could tell his head was soaring, as I pushed in the last few inches and grinded it in even deeper. As I continued to spread his ass pushing deeper he looked over his shoulder at me. His face was one of ecstasy, shock, and amazement. I ground my dick in deeper and deeper; his ass was now very accepting of my raw cock.

“Push your ass back,” I told him, and he moved to get on his knees and began to ride my cock on all fours. Suddenly I felt him shake. He had touched himself only for a second while pushing back on me and he began to shoot hot cum all over my bed. He was totally lost, but I was not gonna let him get away cumming without my permission. I grabbed his hips and pushed deep again. He screamed I told him to take a big hit. He said he didn’t know if he could keep going and I long stroked him again very deep. After screaming a second time, he grabbed the poppers and took two more hits, I began to drive into him.

I grabbed his hips and slammed my cock into him again and again. I wanted to drop a load deep into this boy’s guts and I was going use his hole to milk me. He screamed and then moaned in beat as my balls slapped his ass and every so often his head would again go back over his shoulder to watch me destroy his hole. I slammed him again and again and again. I pulled out and shoved him off the bed and onto the dining room table. He bent over it, and I pushed my cockhead into the hilt. He let out a painful scream, so I did it again. He held onto the dining table as I repeated it again and again and again. Finally my balls boiled and I felt myself about to cum I picked up speed and told him I was going to fill him up.

I grabbed his cock to jack him off as I fucked him. I could feel his balls pull up. He shot a second load on my table and as his ass sqeezed my cock I unloaded what felt like 10 strokes of cum into his well spread hole. He was lost and dizzy and stumbled back to the bed and fell on his back.

I was still rock hard and still feeling crazy, so I climbed on top of him and began to suck his chest and nipples and the rest of his amazing body. He wrapped his legs around me and I pushed my dick back into him. He moaned and we kissed and licked each other while I pushed my dick into his cum filled hole. Then I grabbed his legs and pushed them over his head and began dropping my dick in. He grabbed his own ankles as I worked him and he was screaming but this was different.

“DON’T STOP!” he was screaming. I had no intention to. His dick was jumping and swelling as I kept hitting his spot. Then with his hands still holding his ankles he froze starting at me screaming, “I THINK I’M GONNA CUM!” I put my hands on his chest and gave him everything I had in me into the fucking going even harder and faster. Then without touching himself he let out another long loud scream and his dick shot to my chin to his chest on my chest on his abs and both our hips. He wouldn’t stop cumming and all of his ass squeezing send me over the edge till I shot another load into his guts spraying him

Treasure Island Media, Mecos

I laid on top of him and he wrapped his limbs around me and we wrestled with my dick still inside him trying to lick his cum off of both our bodies. He rolled on top of me and began to ride my dick even though it was beginning to soften rubbing his cum all over himself till my dick finally fell out.

I asked if he wanted to shower before I took him back home. He said it was the hottest fuck he’d ever had and he didn’t wanna wash it off just yet.

We jumped in the car and I drove him home while we traded fuck stories. I dropped him off at home and, like a little puppy, he watched me back out of his drive way and drive off the street.

Totally worth the drive and the gas.

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