Marcus Isaacs is new to the porn game, but he has made quite an impression already. Isaacs is a native New Yorker, which probably explains why he sounds so confident and self assured. This stud is as sexy as he is friendly.

Julian: Hey there Marcus. How’s your day coming along?

Marcus: It’s good, thanks! I’m in the middle of moving apartments right now, but things are going smoothly.

J: Good, I’m glad to hear it!

M: Thank you.


J: Can you give us a little bit of background about yourself?

M: Yea. I grew up in Buffalo, New York. We moved to the City [New York City] when I was pretty young, in 1997. So I’ve lived here about 15 years, I guess. I’ve been a bartender at Easternbloc for the last five years, and I’ve been doing porn for the last one and half years. My very first scene was with Treasure Island.

J: Great! And how did you get started in porn?

M: I befriended Morgan Black a while back. They moved here from San Francisco, and we would talk on Facebook a lot. We got to know each other pretty well. As we spoke he suggested that I go into porn. When he very first mentioned it I had never even considered the possibility of it. But I thought about it some more, and I had been going to the gym a lot, and I was really confident in the way I looked. I figured that I was in the prime of my life, so I might as well get that shit on film! Yea, Morgan really enticed me into it, haha.

J: So it was something that you just sort of fell into. It’s funny how things work like that, haha. You’re also an escort. How long have you been doing that, and how did you get started?

M: I’ve been escorting as long as I’ve been in porn, really. I was filming my scenes and talking to people in the porn industry, and they were talking to me about their escorting work. It all sounded so interesting. They were telling me that money is definitely a motivating factor for that, but that escorting is a great platform to meet people and have experiences that wouldn’t really be able to happen in any other profession.

Being involved in porn is also kind of an automatic headstart. I don’t need to really on descriptions in ads, I have video evidence already. I have a bit of name recognition in some cases. I’ve had a lot of fun with it. And, yes, the money is nice, but the people are what really make it fun. I love meeting people.

J: What’s the sexiest part about escorting for you?

M: I really get off on the ability to make someone feel desired. There are a lot of reasons people will hire escorts, and one of the big ones is that they don’t like to be put on the spot, to be out there. I like making people feel sexy; I like admiring guys and seeing how that will transform them.

One of the others reasons that people like hiring escorts is that they don’t want to bother with meeting others. Those cases are fun. It’s a much more relaxed vibe. You’re there, there’s no one else to distract from the moment, and it’s a very chill environment.

Treasure Island Media, TIMFUCK

J: You’ve made a name for yourself in a relatively small amount of time. Do people recognize you very often?

M: I’ve been noticed at work a few times, which makes sense since it’s a gay bar, but it’s still relatively rare. If it happens two or three times a month that’s a lot. It’s nice to be recognized when it does happen, though, haha!

Porn recognition is fun because I can be recognized sometimes, but I still get to maintain a large degree of anonymity.

J: What are some of your hobbies outside of work?

M: I listen to music a lot. A lot. Like a lot, a lot, haha. I do some D.J.ing around the city, and I have a regular set at Easternbloc on Wednesday nights. I was the resident D.J. at the original Mr. Black. I just really love music.

I also go to the gym a lot.

J: Cool. What do you think makes for a good set?

M: There are so many different factors into a good set. In a way D.J.ing is a bit like escorting, all sorts of little factors that can equal success or failure, but the most consistent thing is to always be aware of your audience.

J: What do you find attractive in a man?

M: Someone who is fit. Yeah, muscle for sure is my biggest turn on. I love body hair, beards, you know. I like it when guys are taller than me. There’s something about that height differential that is such a turn on for me. I guess generally just really rugged masculine-looking men get me going.

J: And what is an absolute turn off?

M: A stuffed shirt. Someone with no sense of humor about themselves; peope who affect this stupid Bro Masculine attitude. Don’t get me wrong. I love masculine men, but there’s a point where there’s such a hyper concentration on always being perceived as masculine that it becomes farcical. Masculinity is hot but it can come at the expense of a personality.

Beyond that, someone who isn’t passionate. I’m super passionate sexually. I get really into who I’m with, and if that person is just silent and boring it can really take the wind out of me.

J: Outside of escorting, how do you typically meet the guys that you hook up with in your personal life?

M: It’s funny, I’ve been setting a lot of things up on Facebook, which I’m sure is not how anyone ever intended it to be used. But it’s super great for flirting! It sounds so juvenile but you accept a friend request, you like some photos, you send messages. It’s nice. I’ll get a lot of friend requests from some really fucking hot guys, or I’ll request other guys and we just carry on. I’ve made tons of friends and I’ve had a lot of hookups through Facebook. I spend a lot of time on the west coast, so it’s also convenient for when I’m traveling and making plans.

I think the thing that really makes Facebook special is that the vibe is different. On Grindr or Scruff, people are looking to get off right then. Everything is rushed, and there’s no time for engagement. Facebook really allows for me to get an idea of the guy I’m about to hookup with. It’s not all now, now, now like Grindr.

J: Paul points out that a lot of representations of pornographers, the actors, the producers, etc, tend tend to be skeevy and antagonistic. What has your experience of the porn world been?

M: I have to say, porn is full of the hardest working and professional people I have ever met. Nearly every scene that I have done has been comfortable because everyone has a goal to achieve, and everyone works together to achieve it. I’ve never felt dehumanized or like a piece of meat — unless I wanted to — while on a set.

In fact there are some studios that can be a bit too professional or structured, and it takes all the sexiness out of th scene. That’s one of the great things about Treasure Island, is that they’re just there to film us doing whatever the fuck we want. They’re professional in that they know how to stay out of the way and not make us feel like we’re performing.

J: Do you have a porn crush?

M: Haha, don’t we all? Oh god, I have a lot of them. I’m going to say Damien Crosse. I’ve always wanted to work with him, be my husband, haha!

J: One of my favorite questions on the Treasure Island Media model app is “what is one of your sexual talents.” What do you consider to be yours?

M: God, I don’t know. I think that for me it’s not a particular sexual talent that I have, but an attitude that I bring with me. Like I said earlier, I’m a really passionate bottom. I love finding that groove while I’m getting fucked, and I think that tops can sense it.

I don’t have any freaky or kinky talents like… I don’t know, self fisting bottoms or something.


J: When did barebacking click for you?

M: From the very beginning. I’ve been sexually active since I was 17, and from the very first boyfriend on to some of my more sleazy encounters, I’ve very rarely used a condom. I find them very painful. I don’t know, maybe I have a latex allergy or something. But even beyond the physical pain, they absolutely took me out of the moment. I never felt connected with the person I was with. It’s a physical barrier that creates a mental and emotional barrier, too.

J: What advice do you have for anyone who wants to get involved with porn?

M: I think the best advice I can give to someone looking to get into porn is to never doubt yourself. You need to be confident. You’re a lot hotter than you think you are. The thing about doing porn is that you can fill someone’s fantasy just by being yourself. There’s a market for everyone.

You should also probably like to show off, haha. Be comfortable with your sexuality. Porn can be a great ego boost.

Don’t take it or yourself too seriously. The industry is pretty fleeting. You can’t plan on having a lifelong career in porn. Don’t get too wrapped up in it.

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