I’ll never forget the summer I came home from college, when I was 19, that I learned how much fun steam rooms can be. My mother lived in Southern California at the time and, like everyone else, attended a health club. She would periodically drag me to an exercise class where I would be forced to endure a grueling hour-long session of jumping around and sweating for “my own good” as she would say.

My only solace on these forays into muscle land was the 20-30 minutes afforded to me to sightsee in the locker room as she got showered and dressed. Locker rooms have always held a special place in my heart and in my fantasies. It must be because it is the only socially acceptable place for men to parade around naked as the day they were born! I would slowly undress, watching everything that walked by. Take super long showers, and loiter in the steam and sauna rooms, absorbing all the male meat around me, storing up info for JO sessions later in the day.

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One day, my mother had errands to run afterward, so we took separate cars, which meant that I could stay in the locker room as long as I wanted! I got out of class early complaining of a “twisted ankle” and entered the steam room, which was at the end of a long hallway, a few moments later. Sitting there was this gorgeous guy! “Yippee,” I thought to myself, as I sat in the corner where I could view this adonis without being obvious. As I sat there, looking at him through slitted eyes, I began fantasizing about all the things I’d like to do with him: licking his whole body, sucking his beautiful cock to the root, chewing on his nipples as he fucked me. Suddenly I realized what I was doing and the effect it was having on me; I was getting a huge erection! Trying to be as casual as possible, I quickly turned sideways on the bench and pulled my knees to my chest, wrapped my arms around them and leaned my head against the wall, a pose I’ve seen other people use.

Well, Adonis got up and left after a while, leaving me to myself. I found, though, that the combination of my horniness and the hot, wet steam only made my 7″ of raging hardon even worse! I couldn’t leave the room like this, so I closed my eyes and tried everything I knew of to get rid of the damn thing. While I was concentrating, I heard the door open again, someone was entering the room. Rather than look at him and risk getting more turned on, I left my eyes closed and concentrated even harder.

After a few moments, I was surprised to feel a hand on my prick!! I whipped my eyes open to find myself face to face with a beautiful man! He must have entered and sat at the other end of my bench and had a clear view right up between my legs! I looked him over and was not disappointed: he was about 24, 5’9″ tall and built like a tank. He had straight black hair, golden bronze skin without a hair on his body except for the pubes and pits. He was incredibly muscled -not hugely muscled, he was the about same mass as I was- but very ripped, not and ounce of fat on his body, and EVERY muscle could be plainly seen.

As I was doing my visual scan, he started slowly jacking my cock. This brought my attention back into focus and I spread and lowered my legs to give him better access. He continued to slowly jack me as he looked deep into my eyes with his midnight black ones. After a minute of this he leaned forward and inhaled my cock to the base in one swoop! My head rocked back and hit the tiles with a crack and I almost let out a whoop of pure joy! I could feel his tongue circling the base, every now and then flicking out to lick the balls, his throat muscles working the tip, and everything in between! He kept this up for what seemed like hours, and then slowly pulled himself off my member, centimeter by centimeter. I realize that I had been holding my breath and let it out with a whoosh. When he reached the tip, he released my cock completely and blew lightly along the length. His breath in the hot steam felt like a blow torch being applied to me, the pain caused even more blood to rush to my already swollen member. Veins I didn’t even know I had raised in the sides of my prick, the head turned and angry purple and looked like a mushroom. Seeing this, he plunged back down to the base once more, engulfing me in warm wettness. The feeling was even more intense, it felt like a thousand tiny mouths were working each nerve on my engorged manhood.

He had gone up and down on me several times, when he released me for good and stood up, presenting me with one of the most beautiful cocks I have ever seen. It was cut, about 7 or 8 inches long, lightly veined, perfectly straight, with an exquisitely formed head and shaft. Just delicious looking, and I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it! I grabbed it and tried to repeat his performance on me. I slid that exquisite piece of meat into my mouth, sucking for all I was worth. It hit the back of my throat and stuck. I kept relaxing my muscles as much as possible while shoving more and more of it into me. Suddenly my nose was being tickled by prickle pubic hair and I heard a grunt of pleasure from above! I had done it! The feeling was great! My throat was completely filled with luscious man meat. I started to use my tongue, throat muscles, whatever I had to stimulate his hardness. His hips started slowly bucking and I had to back off his manhood to catch a breath. He grabbed my head on either side and slowly, sensually started to fuck my face with long even strokes, all the way out, all the way in, over and over. I was in heaven! I started to really worship his cock for all I was worth, licking, sucking, rubbing with my tongue. I massaged and tickled his balls as his hips started to pick up speed. I moved my hands around to his butt, which was hard as a rock, and worked my fingers into the crack. When my fingertips brushed the wrinkled knob, he shuddered with delight. I worked my index finger into the puckered hole and he grunted in pleasure. Suddenly he shoved full length into me and froze, every muscle rigid. I thought I would be getting a warm treat, but no, he wasn’t done with me by a long shot!

He drew me up to him and gave me a long deep kiss, crushing me close, grinding his groin against mine. He began licking down my neck, to my nipple, where he licked like a cat and chewed for all he was worth. He didn’t linger too long though, and moved on down to my belly. Here he turned me around and bent me over and zeroed in on my crack. Usually I don’t like this, but as I had just showered and was so hot, nothing mattered! He nuzzled in my crack with his nose, breathing deep of my man sent. I first felt his tongue like and electric shock on my the back of my balls. He made a trail from there all the way up to my back and back down into the steamy depths. Slowly he circled my anus, making tighter and tighter circles until he hit it! I almost fell forward! How could I have not liked this before? He worked his tongue deep into my love canal like a short muscled cock while his hands kept my butt cheeks spread as wide as they would go. He let up once or twice to blow his torch-like breath onto me, lighting me even more on fire!

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This went on for several minutes when he turned me around and sat me down again and presented me, once again, with his quivering, rock hard dick. With no further encouragement, I again engulfed him to the root. I began to suck for all I was worth when I heard a sound that stopped my heart, the door was opening! He pulled out with a resounding “POP” and whipped around. There in the doorway was the man who starred in many of my afternoon fantasies; John, the weight room coordinator. He just stood there, blond crew cut, 6’5″, stunningly beautiful. He was at one time a high school football coach and looked it. He was about 30, thickly muscled from free access to the weight room, heavily hung, with a light covering of blondish body hair.

We all just stood there in tableau staring at each other. John was the first to break it. He slowly reached around and stroked his growing cock. Suddenly he took a mighty step forward and with one hand grabbed the back of my head and pressed it against his crotch, with the other grabbed my friend’s head and pressed against his nipple. Wet sucking sounds ensued from above my head, but I couldn’t concentrate on that at the moment, I had much more to deal with! I was faced with one of the hugest, thickest pricks I have ever seen! It was still soft yet, already impressive! I rubbed my face into the semi-hard marvel and breathed deeply of his musky smell. John responded by grinding his hips into my face and pressing harder on the back of my head. I opened my mouth and started licking whatever I could get my tongue on. I worked my way down the shaft to the expanding head and took it into my mouth. Above me John grunted and shoved his hips forward, pushing more of his massive member into my face. Since it was still semi-hard I could go almost all the way down to the bottom, even still it stretched my lips to their max limit. I worked my way back up to the tip and abused it with my tongue. John grunted again and pushed his hips forward and slowly impaled me on his, now hard, manhood. By relaxing as much as I could I could only get about half of it down my throat, even though I was already stretched out from the first guy. I gripped its girth with both of my hands and used them to extend my mouth all the way down and started to blow like I never have before. I sucked in long slow strokes up and down his length, using the whole inside of my mouth to stimulate him. From the noises he was making, I could tell he was enjoying himself immensely.

Just then, I felt him bend over slightly, I opened my eyes and saw that my friend had gotten down behind John and was rimming him for all he was worth. This only made me increase my efforts on John’s gargantuan member, squeezing and licking and tonguing and biting and massaging, I used every trick I knew and made some up for the occasion. I used on of my hands to fondle John’s balls, this really set him off! He started grunting and moving his hips faster and faster between our mouths and squeezing my head between his massive hands.

Suddenly I felt him reach around behind him and pull my friend off his butt and push him around to mine. I felt my friend shove his face between my ass cheeks and just start going at it! He gave my ass the best tongue-punishment ever! he was chewing on my cheeks, licking my crack, shoving his tongue deep into my hole, it was GREAT! Just then, for the first time, one of us spoke. It was John, he said, “why don’t you get that pretty little ass ready for me, huh?” My friend wasted no time and immediately pulled his face off my ass. John pulled my off his dick and turned my face toward my friend’s saying, “Here, get him good and wet so he can really fuck you good!” Needing no other encouragement, I literally swallowed his cock, after John’s it felt very small and I could easily take the whole thing. I drooled all over it as I gave it a sloppy tonguing. After only a minute he pulled away and positioned himself behind me again, John resumed his place as commander of my mouth and slowly shoved his prick into my waiting mouth.

I must tell you now, that I don’t usually get fucked, not that I don’t like it, I love it, but I just don’t see that much action. I relaxed as much as I could, but when my friend, sensing my hesitation, slowly inserted just the tip, I felt the “ring of fire” that I always feel. Even around John’s massive plug, I gasped out loud. My friend paused for a sec, to give me a chance to get used to him. After a moment, I pushed back onto him, and felt him slide into me, filling me, stretching me. John, backed off and just kept the first 5 or so inches in my mouth so I could breath, but still attend to him. I kept pushing back onto the cock up my ass, it was incredible feeling him slide slowly into me, my muscles stretching and relaxing, the pain turning to pleasure to ecstasy! Having a dick in my mouth and one in my butt is one of the greatest experiences I think anyone can have, and I had been waiting all my life for this to happen, and it finally was!

By this time, I felt the pubic hairs prickle my butt, I was fully impaled on his rock hard cock! I was so proud of myself! I set out to do my best to please these two studs as best I could, using everything I had in my body to do so. I flexed my love canal muscles as I moved forward to take more of John into my mouth, earning a gasp of astonishment from my friend. John let out a guttural “Oh, yessssssssss” as I eased him into my mouth once more, using everything I had to stimulate him. My friend by now had picked up his own rhythm, pumping into my ass with long, hard strokes. The sound of groaning, slurping and skin slapping on skin filled the small hot, gloomy chamber making me even more excited. Periodically the steam would click on, refilling the room with hot billowing clouds, adding to the heat we were making.

By now, my friend was pumping into me furiously, pulling his cock all the way out until it was free of me, only to slam it back to the root. All the while I tongued John for all I was worth. I picked up his rhythm, meeting each thrust by shoving back so I could get all i could up my butt, then getting thrust forward onto John huge member. Back and forth they drove me, slamming into me from the both ends.

Just then, John pulled out of my mouth and said, “Move over, I think I want a taste of that now.” With that, he sat down on the bench, and motioned for me to sit down on his waiting prick. I pulled off my friend, faced away from John and directed his massive member to my waiting hole. I can’t describe very well how it felt, I think I may have blacked out a bit. All I know is, it felt like I was a virgin all over again! I slowly lowered myself onto the massive thing. It nudged its way up inside me, claiming me for its own, entering me, filling me deeper than anything I have ever, or since, felt. My world narrowed to the inside of my asshole, and the sensations coming from there. I concentrated only on getting as much of him into me as possible, inch by glorious inch, sliding into me, filling me, taking me!

Suddenly I hit bottom, I was fully sitting on it! John reached forward and massaged my chest as he pushed me down on it some more, licking encouragement into my ear, twisting my nipples mercilessly. Suddenly, I felt something familiar at my mouth, my friend was back after washing his cock off at the shower hanging on the wall of the room. It was slightly shrunken from neglect, “poor thing, I had better get to work on it,” I thought. So I took it into my mouth and began sucking it again.

John stood up and, with feet spread way out, began fucking my ass with long slow strokes, pushing me further onto the cock in my mouth. I could feel John’s big cock moving all the way out of me only to come rushing back in, filling me to the brim, his balls slapping against mine. John’s pace picked up, I was frantically sucking on the cock, taking it deep into my throat. I felt John grab me around the hips and begin to slam it deep into me with a resounding smacking sound. I felt like his cock and the cock in my mouth were meeting somewhere deep inside of me. I was simply a wrapper for these two huge pieces of meat, something to be used and thrown away.

John began grunting more and more with every thrust, actually lifting me off the floor as he drove himself home. My nose was buried deep into my friend’s pubic with every thrust. Suddenly, with an animalistic bellow, he grabbed my ears and thrust himself as deep as possible, I felt his cock swell, wedging itself in my throat. It began pulsating as the lava-hot cum began flowing out and down my gullet. I worked my tongue around his meat the prolong his ecstasy, there wasn’t much room in my mouth though, my tongue was pretty much pressed against the floor of my mouth. All the while John was plugging my ass, the sensory stimulus was reaching overload!

Just as black spots began forming in front of my eyes, he subsided and began to pull out, I worked my tongue around his length as it came out, bringing shudders of stimulation from him, I tasted his sweet come for the first time. I milked the last precious drops from him until he pulled out completely and collapsed onto the floor in a heap.

At this point, John must have been getting pretty close. He wrapped his arms around my chest and lifted me up and back. My feet completely left the floor, the only thing holding me up were his strong arms and massive prick. He moved me up and down on him like I was some massive hand that was jacking him off. I felt him grip my earlobe in his teeth, his hot breath whistling in my ear as his dick impaled me. One of his hands reached around and grasped my rock hard cock, jacking me just as he jacked himself with me. It only took a few strokes to bring me to a blinding orgasm. My cum flew across the sweltering room and landed on the far wall to drip slowly down. I was sent into convulsion as each shot came out, I was blinded by this hot white light. All I could do was to hang in his arms and twitch as the overwhelming sensation racked my body.

Suddenly he spun us around and shoved me against the wall, like a policeman frisking someone, and grabbed my shoulders to push me down on him harder. My face and upper chest were plastered to the hot tile, my feet just barley touching the floor as he grunted and swore into my ear. With three loud, sharp grunts, he plowed into me one last time for each grunt. I felt my ass being spread even further apart as his dick swelled to mammoth proportions. It began throbbing, and I could feel his molten hot juice come shooting out, filling me even more fully and deeply. I felt it begin to run out and down my legs. It just kept coming and coming, gallons of it being pumped into my bowels!

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Slowly it tapered off, and his dick began to slowly shrink until, “plop,” it fell out of my ass along with a flood of cum. As he let me out of his grip I sank to the floor in a quivering huddle, unable to move, let alone think.

I just lay there as I heard the shower briefly turn on, then off. I heard the door open and footsteps leaving. Well, I thought to myself as I tried to sit up, he left quickly. By the time I had managed to regain a seated position, John reentered the room with three large clean towels for us. He and my friend both tenderly dried me off, taking turns kissing me with thankful lips, massaging blood back into my poor tired limbs. When we were all cleaned off and relatively recovered, we left the room one by one.

As I left the room and went down the hallway, I noticed someone had put up a sign, blocking the hallway entrance. When I walked around it, I read, “Steam Room Closed for Cleaning, Please Do Not Enter!” It hadn’t been there when I went in and I was wondering who had placed it there when John came out of the steam room, and grinning, picked up the sign, winked at me and sauntered off into the locker room!

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By: Fireboy

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