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“One ml for me please.”

“I’ll have one point five mate.”

“How much for you fella?.. Two ml, you sure?”

“Shall I set the G timer? Let’s synchronise times guys just in case one iPhone doesn’t go off.”

“Here you go guys.”

“Which one is the two ml?”

“That one, in the taller shot glass.”

“Cool, bottoms up guys.”


“I didn’t feel that one ml! Are you guys feeling it yet?”

“Do another one ml then, this stuff is the weak stuff from Holland so one more ml should be okay.”

“I’ve been taking it for years, so my tolerance is through the roof mate!”

“When did we last do some G?”

“Is it time yet?”

“Is it G O’clock bud?”

“It’s G time guys, shall I?”

“The phones are gonna go off in five minutes so I guess it’s about time.”


“Where is the dropper?”

“Can anybody see it?”

“How much does one dropper hold?”

“Nought point seven.”

“Oh, Okay… So two droppers is about one point five then.”

“Don’t you use a plastic syringe? It’s more accurate that way.”

“Nah, as long as it’s about right it’ll be okay.”

“I guess so, besides were balancing it with the next meph’ slam anyways.”


Treasure Island Media, Brit-Pig

“Charlie and James are on their way over, shall we hold off until they arrive before the next lot?”

“Nah, let’s do it now and they can play catch up. They may be another half an hour.”

“Same dose again for everybody?”

“No, can I have one point five this time fella.”


“Man this stuff tastes like shit! You got anything else to mix it with?”

“Only the squash or Cherry Coke.”

“Yeah, I heard Cherry Coke hides the taste pretty well, oh and Dr Pepper too.”

“I know this guy in Camberwell who just takes it neat and washes it down with water!”

“That’s fucking rank!”


“Fuck, I can feel that last one really strong!”

“Same here. Are you sure you did me one point five again?”

“No, you had the tall shot glass I’m sure, that had two ml in it”

“Oh, hah! That explains why everything is going a bit wonky then!”

“Fuck me, I’m feeling a bit spangled!”

“Let’s fuck!”


“Is that the G timer?”

“No it’s the doorbell.”

“Did anybody set their phone?”

“No, I forgot.”

“Bollocks, so did I.”

“Anybody remember when we did the last one?”

“I think it was quarter past the hour.”

“Yeah, I think you’re right.”

“So in five minutes. I’ll get the door, you do the next round.”


“Hey guys, what you been up to? Want some G?”

“Haha, sure. As long as you don’t fuck up the doses.”

“We’ve been playing round at Phil and Martyn’s.”

“Well playing is a loose description; Phil was lolling round on the sofa most of the time in a G sleep!”

“Sounds about right, he always does too much!”

“How much you want? We are due another shot each too. We are all having two ml; that okay for you? It’s the weak stuff from Holland.”

“Okay, that sounds good for me, how about you James?”

“Aye, two is fine.”


Treasure Island Media, Brit-Pig, Slammed

“Fuck me I’m mullered!”

“Is Bri’ ok, He been upstairs ages!”

“I just been up, he’s crashed out on the bathroom floor!”

“Shit, is he ok? We should bring him down.”

“He’ll be fine. He’ll come round in a bit. He always flakes out.”

“We should fuck him while he’s out, he is always saying we should just use him when he G’s out.”

“Why don’t we put him in the bath and piss over him?”

“Fuck yeah, I’ll film it on my phone!”


Treasure Island Media, Brit-Pig, Slammed

“You get his legs. I have his arms.”

“Christ he is fucking heavy! Amazing, as he hasn’t eaten in 3 days!”

“You got him?”

“Yeah but his arms are fucking covered in J-Lube!”


“James, you said you fucking had his fucking arms!”

“He proper twatted his head on the bath! You think he is gonna be okay?”

“Put that towel under his head.”

“Whose phone is that?”

“It’s the doorbell again?”

“Who the fuck is that?”

“Another guy I invited round.”

“Fuck sake! I’ll Stay with Bri’ till he comes round, you three go sort the new guy.”

“You think he is going to be okay?”

“If he doesn’t come round in an hour, we need to think what we should do.”

“Okay, we will come back up in a bit.”


“Go get the door and for fucks sake put some pants on!”


“How long has he been like this?”

“Not long, twenty minutes?”

“Yeah, about twenty minutes”

“Brian, I’m John. Can you hear me?”

“Is he going to be okay?”

“Hang on, he’s opening his eyes.”

“Brian, I’m John, I’m here to help you”

”When did you get here? Christ you’re cute! Are you going to fuck me?”

– Bruce, the Brit-PIG


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  1. my estimation of this site has really gone downhill fast – are posts about druggies really appropriate – yes it goes on but does it have to be glorified in such a way – druggie filth

    1. I’m sorry you see the post this way Pigboi1. The piece is in no way glorifying it. If anything it is highlighting the risks and dangers of drug sex, especially with respect to G. If you read the post objectively you would clearly see that.

  2. without food for 3 days!
    Just only sex is overwhelming in the sluttisg mind… 😉
    what miracles Tina can do?

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