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There was something extravagant yet absolutely contained about him.  He’s 23, from Poland, named Tomas.  He agreed to be photographed for one reason only: he was intensely attracted to Trevor.

Every moment was a surprise.  He was volatile, mercurial, elegant.  It wasn’t that he was performing, exactly.  I think it was simply that he was naturally and effortlessly fascinating.

The moment his clothes came off he was perfectly erect, his cock pressed tight against his belly. He was completely at ease with this, unselfconscious and unconcerned. So long as Trevor was in the room, Tomas was hard. Each time I sent Trevor out, Tomas would lose his erection.

I said “You seem very calm about being photographed.” He responded “These lives are tiny things, unimportant in the grand scheme.”  He talked about Blavatsky and her teachings with no arrogance but with perfect assurance of her truth and accuracy.

When I sent Trevor on an errand, Tomas made no effort to hide his dejection and disappointment, his boredom with the process of being photographed. I was absolutely charmed with his candor and honesty, his guileless lack of self-consciousness.


I told him that years ago I’d read “Isis Unveiled”. His reaction was to say “Oh, really?” and yawn an enormous yawn. I caught him in this position just as he finished yawning.

I don’t know why, but it’s far more enjoyable for me to work with a man who neither knows who I am nor cares. If they know who I am and try to please or impress me, the results are always stilted and poor.

Alone with him, I said “This will be the last shot.” He responded casually “Then I give you something beautiful” and he stood like this.

I have no doubt that his beauty was rooted in his spirituality, his confidence in realms of being beyond the physical. It certainly didn’t quash his sexuality, but it let him be completely confident and free.


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