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Monday I was debating about going to the JOC party, but my bf and friends wanted to go out to the Eagle – so Eagle it was. I took a Cialis in anticipation of the evening’s events but the evening turned out to be sexless. I woke up Tuesday with a big hardon and needed a hole to unload in.

Treasure Island Media, Butt Snack

I logged into BBRT and A4A. Absolutely nothing was happening on A4A – there was one pending message when I logged in (usually there are a half dozen or so). BBRT was pretty quiet too. There were a couple nibbles, but I started to give up. But then this one bottom hit me up and said he already had 2 loads in him and wanted more. I told him where I was and asked if he was up for traveling. He seemed serious, so I gave him my full address and he was out the door on his way here pretty much immediately.

He texted me when he got out of the subway and then took 10 minutes to walk what’s usually a 6 min walk, which was a bit odd, but he did finally get here. He was pretty cute for a cumdump. I envied him. I blow my load and I’m done for the day. He can go from top to top taking load after load. Here it was just before noon and he was about to get his third load. How many was he going to get before he went to bed? 10? 15? 20? Do bottoms have more fun?

He had to take a piss so I stripped down while he was in the bathroom. I had gotten my big PA in the day before, but it was pretty sore after walking around a lot yesterday with it tugging on my dick. He looked down at my dick and I could tell he didn’t quite know what to do with it – or he wasn’t very enthusiastic about sucking dick when it had such a big ring in it. That I understand completely – the metal knocks your teeth and hurts like hell.

So I just told him to get on the bed that I wanted to rim him. As he was turning around I asked him how recently he got the other two loads. If it had been a while it could have been a bit of a funky mess – luckily he had gotten them just before coming to me.

Treasure Island Media, Butt Snack

The first few licks were more like felching than rimming. His ass tasted like cum. It was pretty hot. Then I started sucking on his hole, but he didn’t really get the hint and push out more cum. No matter – his cummy ass made me rock hard. I got up, grabbed the lube and a bunch on my dick and ring and then shoved the ring and my dick into his hole.

I fucked him a little with the PA, but it was hurting too much to give him a proper fuck. So I pulled out, took off the ring, and went back to fucking him. Not sure what he thought, but I think I gave him a pretty good fuck. I was doing these long strokes and pounding away at his hole. The only thing was that I didn’t last all that long. His ass felt incredible thanks to the two loads that were already inside him. There’s just something about a cummy hole that you can never achieve with a lot of lube. Cum really is the best lube.

I actually held out a little longer than I thought I would. I felt my orgasm coming but then it didn’t cum. Took quite a few strokes and then I felt it – a full body orgasm – my whole body tingled all over as I shot a nice big load up his already cummy hole.

Treasure Island Media, Bad Seed

When I was done I thought briefly about felching him some more but it seemed a little funky down there, so I stopped pretty quickly. I was out of breath anyway – and from experience I don’t like felching when I’m breathing really hard. We got up and then he got down on his knees and cleaned off my dick. The head of my dick and the hole for my piercing were really sensitive so I told him to go easy on my dick. He gently sucked all the cum and ass juice off my cock. He started jacking his dick and asked me if he could cum. I said “sure if you want”, but honestly I didn’t really care if he came. I fucked his face a little and then we stopped.

He was dressed and ready to leave before I could get my PA ring back in my dick. So I threw on a pair of shorts and walked him out as I was putting on my t-shirt. It was a total pump-n-dump – all that happened in under 10 minutes. Later my bf asked me why it was a such a short hookup. All I could say was because he got me to cum quickly. Later I regretted saying that – I felt like fucking again. If I had implied that it wasn’t a great hookup I might have gotten a second hookup in for the day. 😉 But honestly, it was a pretty incredible hookup. Loved having a full-body orgasm.

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