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Welcome back fuckers. This week we had a new addition to the BritPIG household and what a welcome new housemate he is! Freddy from Bad Influence has taken the room next to the HusPig and I. Problem was, I hadn’t got to meet him properly whilst he was moving his things in because the Huspig and I we’re meeting friends in Soho for a few drinks that evening. My curiosity was peaked however as I had caught a glimpse of Freddy through the crack of his bedroom door as we were leaving the house. It was enough of a glimpse to “peak” my pants!

The Huspig leaves for work at 5am so I usually go about my morning routine in relative peace. The first morning after he moved in I wandered through to make breakfast and read the mornings news on my phone, forgetting that we had a new resident. I walk around the flat in the nude, especially in the morning, as I like to play with the morning wood whilst nodding and smiling at the neighbours while they pass the kitchen window. What can I say, I’m a born exhibitionist.

I heard somebody wander into the kitchen behind me and turned around to see a topless, furry, blonde viking grinning at me with his hand down his pants.


It was the kind of grin that sat somewhere between that of a hungry predator and an excited kid about to open his christmas presents.

He was having a good scratch and I could see the head of his cock swelling through his grey joggers. I introduced myself and we eyed each other up and down. It was only a matter of seconds before he pulled his hand out of his pants, keeping a firm grip on his cock whilst pulling the joggers down with the other hand. The meat that emerged was thick and was hard to the point that the foreskin was already stretching half way back over the head. Still grinning at me he throbbed. As his cock jerked upwards a dewdrop of pre-cum pushed out of the tip which glistened slightly as it caught the kitchen lights.

Instinctively I fell to my knees and licked the tasty drop as it started to stretch away from the tip. I could feel the sticky trail stick to my nose and cheek and as the kettle started to come to the boil behind me I went to work on my breakfast! He was gently talking to me with a sexy Swedish accent whilst I slowly took his fat cock down my throat until I could feel his balls rubbing up against my chin. He was telling me how he had to get his cock up my ass as he had a big load to dump. My hole gave a little involuntary spasm. 

Bad Influence, Treasure Island Media, Liam Cole

As I stood up several people were passing the kitchen and nothing could have hidden the look of guilty pleasure that was written all over my face. The look became even more intense because Freddy dropped to his knees and was now chowing down on my over excited cock. God only knows what those three women were thinking as they smiled at me, panting and pulling faces of sexual pleasure through the window. Staying in the same position, Freddy gripped my ass from behind and spun me round. I was now looking straight out of the window and had his hot tongue working its way into my hole.

“The kettle’s boiled, go make your coffee”

He slowly exhaled up my back, standing up behind me. I felt his cock rub up the inside of my leg until it reached my hole and as he spoke he pushed his way into my spit wet hoop. I struggled with the kettle and the granulated coffee and sugar as he banged away behind me. As I took my first sip I felt him shudder and gasp.

“Here it comes!”

Bad Influence, Treasure Island Media, Liam Cole

I have to say, it is fucking awesome to be woken up by a big Scandinavian cock breeding you over the kitchen worktop whilst you slurp on the first coffee of the day. I think Freddy is going to make a very welcome edition to the household!

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