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A couple of friends were in town from Denver. Man, I love the boys from Denver. They remind me of the down home boys I’d play with in the barn in Tennessee or out in the woods in Texas growing up. They’re the kind of guys who know what they want and know how to get it.  Max Cameron was with us. He’s a horny little piggy. Of course he’s around when there’s fun to be had. Besides, he’s as dirty as I am and we love getting into as much trouble as we can. Yum!

Max and I went to meet them at a local bar in the Castro. They were already a few drinks in and getting frisky! “Show us your dick!” They said to me. I obliged. lol.

As I pulled my cock out of my pants to show them, 2 sets of hands reached for it and it started getting hard. Before long, they’re measuring the length by wrapping their hands around it one by one – leaving the head poking out. “Whoa!” They said. I smiled.

Drew Sebastian, Treasure Island Media

After getting manhandled for a while, I was wanting to bust a nut. I live a block away from the bar, so I said we should go to my place for a drink. We started heading to my place and the four of us were pawing all over each other and talking about who was gonna get to ride my cock. I had my eye, on the boyfriend of my friend. The boyfriend was a ginger and I have a particular weakness for gingers. He had a hot beard and a big chest and a little waist – such a natural hotness about him. He wasn’t all muscled up, but in nice shape. At one point, I lifted up his shirt to see his furry chest and I couldn’t help but wonder if his hole was hairy. I hoped he had a furry hole. A furry ginger hole. MMMMmmmmm!

My friend is hot, too. He’s shorter with a wrestler’s body. He has a flat belly and is completely smooth. I like the smooth boys, too. There’s something about a beefy, naturally smooth man. Not prickly from shaving… ick. Just my preference.

Which do I want first? Maybe there would be some trading back and forth. Maybe I’ll bust 2 or 3 nuts… One for each hungry hole. It’s only fair that they each return the favor! MMMM!!! 3 Loads in my ass?! YES, PLEASE!

So, we get back to my house. We’re all kissing each other and touching each other – to reassure the boyfriends that we’re all ok. I’m guessing that’s what was happening, because the moment we broke from that position, we paired off and started going at it. I don’t know what the other two guys were doing because I had my face buried in the most delicious hairy ginger hole imaginable! He was leaned over the arm of the couch with his legs spread wide. I’m fucking him with my tongue. He’s moaning and pushing back on me.

Drew Sebastian, Treasure Island Media, TImfuck

I come up for air and look over to see the other Denver boy sucking on Max’s cock. Max’s legs are up, so I can only imagine that he was also getting his ass eaten. I realize that Max and the ginger were kissing the whole time I was enjoying that hot hole.

Next, I see Max’s fuck buddy spit on his cock and slide it in Max’s hole. I wanted a turn on Max. I know better than to be the first to fuck a guest. It’s rude for the smaller cocks. lol. No, seriously, I’m gentle… for a minute.

I turned the ginger over and got his cock in my mouth. He was precumming like a sieve! Who doesn’t love that clear fresh drop of precum that rolls down the tip of a beautiful cock head? I like to watch it go a couple inches and lick it up. Or rub his head round with it. Damn… I’m getting horny again!

I went down for another taste of ass and left a good amount of spit. I spit on my cock and stood up and started to slide in. He pushed back on my stomach for a second, and I stayed still. But then, his hands reached around for my hips and pulled forcefully to get my cock deeper in his hole. He pulled me tight and felt my head pushing in past his second sphincter. I could tell I was there. His eyes were rolling back in his head. I love that feeling. The feeling of knowing that I’ve reached a bottom’s limit. It’s like he wants me to stop, but he just can’t help himself.

Drew Sebastian, Treasure Island Media, TImfuck

Max does this thing where he gets behind me when I’m fucking somebody and he slides his cock in my ass. It works perfectly, because his cock has that upward curve. And is always rock hard. That’s what he was doing while I was buried deep in the ginger’s ass. He was thrusting into me and I was still inside that tight hole. Then, I started rocking back and forth between them. I was fucking him while I was fucking myself on Max’s cock. Heaven!

The other Denver boy came over and started kissing on me. I knew he wanted Big Daddy Drew’s cock. After a little bit, I pulled away from that position and gave the Denver hottie my full attention. I kissed on him and he grabbed my cock. I reached around to grab a handful of ass and he turned around and leaned over. I spit and slid. Damn, his ass is tight… and smooth. I stopped and went down to taste that smooth ass. He was spreading his cheeks for me and I could get the full effect of his hole. Tasty! 

Now that his hole is properly wet, I stood back up and teased his hole with my dick. I pushed. He pushed back. My cock slid in and I spit some more and in I went. I started pumping and soon, I’m ready to blow. I say, “Fuck, I’m ready to blow!” What else would I say? He pulls me close to tell me to leave that load right there. So, I obliged. You’ve all heard me when I cum. It’s intense. This was no different. There’s something about letting loose while inside a hot hole. It’s an amazing feeling. I remember the first time I felt that. That’s what they mean when they talk about the ground shaking or seeing stars when you cum. No wonder it’s so addictive. 

Anyway, I needed to catch my breath, so I sat down for a minute. As I watched the 3 of them going at it, I was starting to get aroused again. I wasn’t ready, yet, but I knew I could be. They were getting hot and heavy and one by one, they started to shoot their loads. First was the ginger. He shot his load while getting his ass pounded by Max. Max shot while that was happening. I had been using my hand to wipe up the load the ginger left on his furry ginger belly. Then, the other Denver boy jumped up and squirted the hottest tasting load in my mouth and on my beard.

That’s what happened. It was a great start to the night. We all went back out to have some drinks and after a few hours, someone may or may not have gotten my next load in the bathroom. I’ll tell you it didn’t go to waste!


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