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There’s something about married men that makes them very passionate and hot in the sack. They also seem to prefer fucking bareback – maybe because they’re use to that with their wives.

Treasure Island Media, Cum Whore

The pics in this guy’s profile were almost too good to believe – sculpted muscular chest, hairless (though, I do prefer hair), amazing muscled legs, perfectly shaped obliques and a great proportioned cock. His skin tone was like alabaster. Talk about Greek gods! We’d chatted on line before and tried unsuccessfully to get together. His stated age was 42. I had asked him before if he was into fucking bb and he said yes. So when I saw him on line last week I jumped at the opportunity to get together.

It was a good 40 minute drive (as is just about any trick around here) and the area was very suburban – rows of modest homes in what looked to be about a 20 year old development. I pulled into the driveway and wondered if this was the right place. There were kid’s toys in the yard and around the walk to the front door. I love sex with married men – especially dads so I hoped this was his place. Sure enough, he answered the door – in his bathrobe. He had a handsome face that showed his age more than his body – which looked like it belonged to a 30 year old. But the fact that he was only in the bathrobe was also encouraging.

The place was a mess with papers piled, games boxes strewn in the corner, video game stuff all over the living room floor in front of the TV. He opened his robe and asked if this was OK gesturing around the room. I didn’t think he meant the room and since I couldn’t take my eyes off his amazing body – who cared about the place! His body was more perfect than the pictures – smooth as marble and sculpted to perfection. We kissed and I reach behind to feel his ass – and it felt as perfect as the pics. He was a good, if somewhat reluctant kisser but he started to get into it and relax.

Treasure Island Media, Cum Whore

He immediately squatted down and went to work sucking my cock. He was getting off on my foreskin and obviously enjoyed having a cock in his mouth. All I can think about is getting inside his ass – first with my tongue and then my bare cock. I pulled his mouth off my dick and told him to turn around. I got behind him and spread his perfect ass and dove my face in to taste his hole. He was definitely into this and let me lick, suck and eat his ass for several minutes. That was all it took to get him on the floor, legs up and pulled back for my entry. I watched his face as I directed my cock head into his very tight hole. His eyes were wide and when I asked if this was OK, he nodded a yes. Every slight push of my rock hard dick made his face wince – but he didn’t ask me to stop. I was in – I can feel it with uncut dick when I get past that tight spot and my foreskin slides back over my cock head.

I started pounding away at his perfect ass and he kept saying he couldn’t believe how hard I was. I was hard and very close to cumming but I wanted this fuck to last so I pulled out and took a short breather. We kissed and he asked if I wanted to fuck him some more. Of course I did. I slid back inside and pumped him balls deep but I was too close. I told him I was gonna cum any moment and he said, “not inside me. Shoot it on my chest.” By the time he was saying that I could feel the explosion erupting from my cock inside him. There were 2 good size pulses of cum in him before I pulled out and jerked my cock for a final, 3rd smaller shot that hit his chest.

Treasure Island Media, Cum Whore

He thought that little shot was great and started to jerk his own semi-hard cock and came in a matter of seconds. We kissed and he immediately wanted to clean up (I don’t get the need to clean up right away). I pulled my jock strap back on and started the exit ritual. We talked about how hot it was and agreed we’d do it again soon. As I headed home I wondered if or when he’d notice the large amount of semen inside his ass.

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