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Being a country lad at heart, clubbing on Christmas Day is not something which has ever entered my consciousness before. So finding ourselves in Fire, a club in Vauxhall, dancing away our roast dinner and mince pies, was the last thing I expected! It was the HusPIG’s first time in Fire and I thought it was kind of fitting he should experience the space as a regular dance event before the upcoming  Recon Full Fetish party, to be held at the same venue a few days later.

Surprisingly, the club was busier than I would have thought, seen as it was Christmas Day. But then again, this is Vauxhall, (London Gay Central), and normal rules don’t apply here. It was fun having a boogie but my mind was elsewhere as I was feeling cock hungry. We danced and cruised about for a few hours to see what horny guys looked like they might be up for coming back home with us. However, none particularly caught our eye and most guys looked like they were just up for  dancing. So we wandered home and spent the next few hours breeding the fuck out of each other. This was our first Christmas together and in all honesty was also some of the most intense and connected sex I have ever had.

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After a short break we fired up the apps and they lit up like a Christmas tree. Within an hour there were four guys in our room playing hard and before long the other housemates had also invited guys round. The flat turned into a debauched bareback fuck fest. We fucked, rutted and bred our way till lunchtime by which time I was about ready for some rest. HusPIG had gone to work, reluctantly, so I wound things down, knowing we would be back at it again the following night at the full fetish event. I can’t quite figure out if it’s my age but I seem to be getting a lot more sensible since I have lived in London.

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So, on Friday afternoon I met the HusPIG at Angel to get some new gear from Regulation for the upcoming event. Whilst we were there he bought me a new lock for the chain round my neck as the one I had on had rusted closed. He had to get one of the guys in the store to cut the old one off with a massive pair of bolt cutters. My cock twitched in my pants as he pushed down on the handles. The cutters were  at least four foot long so I had to lie on the floor for him to use them. If I’d have been getting face fucked whilst I was down there I’d have cum in my pants. My new lock was secured in its place whilst the sales assistant rang our stuff  through the till, eyeing us curiously. I love my chain, it makes me feel really secure. We left with a bunch of new yellow detailed rubber and headed home.

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The club was split into several zones with themed rooms:

Fuck room

Bondage room

Sling room

Piss play zone

Cruising maze

Dark room

VIP area

A dance area and a couple of cruisy bar areas.

We stayed at the bar for a few drinks then headed off for an explore. The styles of fetish gear were really varied so there was something for everyone, or everything for somebody like me! We fucked with each other to begin with but it wasn’t long before I was getting used from both ends by a small group of guys. HusPIG gave me a nod of approval and wandered off to find some of his buddies. As I swapped and changed between guys I could taste the cocktail of pre-cum and cum mixing up my ass on their cocks when I cleaned them off ready to go again. I was in Pig heaven.

It had been a while since I had seen the HusPIG so I broke from the group and made to look for him. My ass felt amazing! I found him on the dance floor amongst a mixture of guys dancing, fucking and sucking: Full Fetish really is an “anything goes” kind of event. For example, the attendant in the toilet was being really vigilant about what went on in the loos at the beginning of the night. By the end of the night there were guys pissing all over each other and drinking hot streams, twos and threes going in cubicles and guys washing their cocks and asses in the sinks. I dont think anybody had prepared him for what was going to happen, poor guy!

So, watching my man strutting his stuff on the dance floor was turning me on. I stood back and watched all the attention he was getting. He looked fucking hot! I ordered a few drinks from the bar and beckoned him over. We took the drinks up to the chill out area and had a catch up on what had happened so far. Having an intimate moment together in such a place was really refreshing. This was the first time I had been to a big night like this with a boyfriend. There were several other couples in there too, having a quiet drink. As we chatted I couldn’t help but start playing with his cock and it wasn’t long before I was on my knees sucking him off. I made a cheeky glance around and noticed some of the other couples had started fucking also.

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Seeing them also having intimate one on ones turned my horny up another notch and I climbed on top of my man and rode him softly and slowly, my ass already prelude from the group earlier. I picked up some speed and massaged his cock with my ass muscles. I felt him unload in me and he bit my lip a little while his cock pumped. We scanned the room again and got a few nods and smiles from the other guys fucking around us. I stayed where I was, my mans cock still hard and holding the load in. I rode him again, but this time furiously, determined to get a  double dose of cum. I grinned down at him as I could see the pressure building up on his face. With my feet now firmly planted on the bench either side of his legs I rode him as hard as I knew how and kept going through the small scream of his second load. His face said it all.

“You horny little fucker!”

Shortly after we returned to the chaos, HusPIGs loads slowly trickling from my ass.  Of all the fun we had that night and for the remainder of the weekend that was the most memorable! Who says romance is dead eh!

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