I met up with Morgan Black at New York’s Atlas Social Club after a stressful time at work and a frenzied day of one cancellation after another for this interview. Even in the noise and half dark of our meeting place, interviewing Morgan had a calming effect. He has a strong and calm presence, like the sight of land after a long voyage.

Julian: Thank you so much for meeting me on such short notice! This is a huge life saver.

Morgan: No problem! I read a few of the other interviews and was curious to see how it all goes down.

Treasure Island Media, TIMFuck

J: Haha, it’s pretty casual. I open up every interview by asking for a short bio.

M: Okay, uhh, I was born in rural Pennsylvania. I was a relatively athletic kid, I played baseball and ran long distance for the track team. After high school i attended a small Christian college. After college I joined the Army, and that’s where I sort of stopped dating girls. In the Army is actually where I lost my gay virginity.

J: Hot! Like a porno fantasy.

M: Haha, yeah, sorta. My first anal sex happened while I was stationed in Haiti for a U.N. mission. I struggled with being gay for a long time, and I thought that joining the Army Infantry would keep me straight. I ended up having lots of sex with really hot guys instead! So after the Army, I was accepted into the police academy and became a Pennsylvania State Trooper. During that time I was in a pretty bad car accident, which is how I got the scars on my body; I’m sure most people have seen my scars on film. That accident really fucked me up. After the accident I took a management position, 9-5 thing. In 2009, I moved to San Francisco, where several of my friends began to encourage me to do porn. At the time, I thought it was a good idea. I had just ended an 8 year relationship, and I was looking to make some improvements to my self-image and self-esteem. Soon after deciding, I met with Raging Stallion, and a few weeks later I was shooting my first scene. A couple of months after my first scene, I signed on as an exclusive with Cocksure Men. It was in 2011 that I did my first bareback scene with my boyfriend Dominic Sol. And now I’m here!

J: What was it about your friends’ suggestion that you do porn made you think it was a good idea?

M: There were a lot of things that came together for me to form that decision, but the biggest and most immediate factor is that I am such a shy guy. I’m really quiet, and I wanted to – in a big way – Β break out of my shell. I wanted to try something that I would normally never do. It’s been a great ride, and definitely raised my self esteem.

J: What was your first scene that you shot with Treasure Island?

M: I’m not sure if it was my first released scene with TIM, or not. We sort of film a few scenes and then Treasure Island does what they will with them; but the first thing I did was a scene for TIMSuck with Blake Daniels.

J: You and Dominic are a pretty well known couple in the porn industry – I hate the term “porn couple” – How did you guys get together?

M: We met on Facebook, actually, before I started to do porn. Dominic has been doing porn since 2008, I think. He was very supportive of my decision to start in the industry, and I just took it from there, haha.

J: So, I don’t know how weird a question this is but do you guys watch your own porn when you’re together?

M: Generally I don’t watch a lot of porn, and when I do, I definitely don’t watch my own. I just get pretty critical of myself and a little creeped out. To see yourself fucking on screen. For me, it’s a turn off really.

J: How would you say that doing porn has affected your sex life?

M: I really try to keep my “porn” self separate from my “real life” self. There are a lot of guys out there who want to fuck porn stars just to be able to say that they’ve fucked a porn star. I get a little worked up trying to differentiate between the guys who are into me for me and the guys who are chasing some porn fantasy.

J: You and Dominic just got a new roommate, right?

M: Haha, yes, Marcus Isaacs has been our best friend for awhile now, and recently the three of us decided to get a place together.

Treasure Island Media, TIMFuck

J: When I interviewed Marcus he was just moving in. You three are all friends; you’ve done a scene together; you live together. Does it ever get complicated navigating that dynamic?

M: No, not at all. When we did our scene together, there were no second thoughts. We’re all such great friends that things don’t become awkward. It’s a very easy friendship, and one that I value very much. If I had thought that it might change anything, I wouldn’t have done it. We actually joke about it a lot. It’s just funny to me.

J: How did you guys meet?

M: Marcus was also a Facebook friend that I made while I was still in San Francisco. He’s a part of our core group of friends, and it was nice to have him here when we moved to the east coast.

J: We just released a scene with you and Brad McGuire. Max was telling me that you were really excited going into it. Can you tell me a little bit about it?

M: I mean, what can I say? Brad has been a big fantasy of mine for a long time, as he is for a lot of people most likely. And finally getting to work with him, to get naked with him, was a dream come true. I can check that off my bucket list now!

J: Yeah, I used to see him bartending before I started working for TIM. I turned into such a school kid when I saw him. I’m jealous, haha. So, outside of porn what are some of the things you do for fun?

M: I absolutely love road trips. Traveling in general, really. Driving with friends to Yosemite or Tahoe, or someplace expansive and natural can be an incredibly relaxing time. It probably has a lot to do with how I was raised as a child. There can be a lot of time in the woods when you grow up in rural western PA. It’s good to get away from the city for awhile.

J: What do you think about laws governing condoms in porn?

M: I’m absolutely against it! It’s an incredible invasion of privacy. Government oversight has no place or say in how consenting individuals are having sex, whether that sex is for sale or not. It’s sort of perverted for the government to be concerned about an individual’s sex life.

Treasure Island Media, TIMFuck

J: Do you bareback in your own personal sex life?

M: Yes, I bareback only. The only time that I will wear a condom is if I’m being paid to be in a condom scene. Otherwise, bareback only.

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  4. Morgan is the most erotic devoted male ever seen on vtr. May be because he is shy. His erotic body languge is amazing with hairy body in the manly place wooof. Also jis eyes passionate contact while fucked. Tbis guy is realy man lover. Not just a porn star.

  5. He’s an interesting guy, plus being hot: graduated from a small Christian college yet wears a Star-of-David necklace, generally worn by people of the Jewish faith. Was a State Trooper, like the former COLT guy, Clint Lockner, a former NY State Trooper–maybe being a state trooper is a career path to porn??
    I’ve read of other porn actors who chose to go into porn as a way of coming out (not Out) of their personality shell, but I wonder if it works long-term?

    1. That’s not a Star of David but a pentagram, a common mistake made by people (I used to wear a pentagram necklace for years and often encountered people who made the same mistake). It’s also pointing downward, a position often associated with Satanism or devil worship. Couple that with some of his tattoos (the words “Morning Star” and “Bringer of Light” on his arms, and the one that looks like an archangel striking down someone (fallen angel, perhaps?) it seems he has an affinity with Lucifer, who is often depicted with a pentagram pointing downwards, and whose titles are Morning Star and Bringer of Light. Plus, he’s also a fallen angel. Maybe Morgan’s a Luciferian, who see Lucifer as a liberator and guiding spirit. I’ve always wondered about that ever since I came across him. It would definitely be something I would like to ask him if I ever met him in person. Being interested in gnosticism and myth and religion in general I think it could make for an interesting conversation.
      And I agree, he is one of the hottest guys I’ve ever seen in porn.

  6. I love morgan, i love jerking off to him. He is a sexy guy. But damn, he is a true whore. Nothing about him is decent, i understand he is a porn actor. BUt it takes a scum bag to actually agree to all that shit. He is def someone with very low self-esteem. Sad that a man so sexy and beautiful not respect himself or his body. but because a filthy whore instead.

  7. Ever since the first time I saw Morgan Black on my first Slut Machine DVD purchase, he has been my favorite porn star with those kind eyes and handsome face and not to mention his hot body. My fantasy is to have him buried deep inside me and me burying my face in that hot hole of his.

  8. A great interview, Julian! Thank you πŸ™‚ I’ve always wondered how he got his scars on his lower back. Also, gay porn as a way to boost self-esteem is an unusual perspective πŸ™‚

    Since 2012, Morgan has been my favourite porn star! Asides from his gorgeous Daddy body, baby blue eyes and charming smile, Morgan is enthusiastically versatile. His roles range from ‘plowed bottom’ to ‘flip-flop fuck’ to ‘leather dom’. I am never bored! Morgan also maintains intimate eye-contact with his partners during sex, an emotional skill most newbies sadly forgo. I also enjoy how non-vocal Morgan usually is in comparison to the average porn star (shyness?). That just makes his surprised moans and swearing even hotter!

    Morgan’s best vids are from TIM πŸ™‚ His work with boyfriend Dominic is always emotionally engaging. I also enjoyed his dom sessions + bottoming for Tim Kruger. Delicious!

    His edging work at MenOnEdge is super hot too! All that moaning and screaming… πŸ˜‰

  9. Morgan is a favorite of mine, the scene with Brad is so sensual, hot, and a little overwhelming to see two hot men, getting sexually together. He seems like a nice, quiet guy who, is still shy at heart.

  10. And, on the off chance, that Brad likes Morgan Black more than he should?, what about my James Roscoe? He has new born kittens to look after.remember.

  11. Morgan Black is just so…dreamy, handsome & seems lovely as a person. I am jealous of his partner because Morgan seems perfect marriage material. Can I be next in line if the 1st doesn’t work out?

  12. Seeing as he doesn’t watch his own porn, he most likely won’t check this page for comments, but on the off chance he does— HUGE fan here and love him no matter if it’s condom or bareback, top or bottom…. Morgan Black is sex-on-a-stick. Thanks for the interview!

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