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Once I got back to the room late yesterday afternoon, it did not take long for another business traveler to hit me up with this message:

Hello BIG man! I am a visitor here in ————–. Looks like you could stretch my limits. If interested in a nicely built guy my size give me a shout! I Enjoy giving up the control.

Treasure Island Media, TIMFuck

Most of the time I ignore such messages as it seems a bit too “Eager Beaver” to me at first glance. But this time I at least checked his profile, and found the following:

Visiting from ————, and interested in well built men only. I am All-American, Blond hair, Blue eyes, 138 lbs, 5’5″ Swimmers build with nice definition and nicely built. Very professional. Totally masculine and a real man’s man. Love all sports and working out.

I have to say that this was a near perfect hookup in that it took only six messages to pull together. Within those six messages, it was made clear that we were both HIV negative and that we would fuck bareback. It was also made clear that “I run the fuck.” He was to do what I told him to do, when I tell him to do it and if necessary how I tell him to do it. He could ask, but he was to do nothing without my approval first. He was to be here for my total pleasure. Mighty Mouse expressed concern over his inability to hold back from cumming when getting fucked hard. I told him that it was OK if he came while I pounded his ass as long as he understood that we would keep going until I got my nut. He hesitated, but then agreed.

At 6:00 sharp, Mighty Mouse was in my room and we immediately began kissing passionately. You know how there are good fucks, that are just that: a good fuck. But then there are good fucks where there is a connection and the whole experience goes to a higher level. I could tell instantly that this was going to be one of those higher level fucks.

When we broke from passionate kissing, I stripped him naked and he stood there with his cock growing stiff and straight as I stripped down. I then suddenly put him over my shoulder and carried him to the bed. I think this caught him by surprise as I heard him audibly gasp as I effortlessly lifted his small frame in the air. He gasped again when I tossed him down and crawled on top.

My body completely engulfed his and I felt him continue to shudder underneath me. The contrast in our body sizes along with the contrast in skin tones had my cock rock hard.

Treasure Island Media, TIMFuck

We continued to kiss and explore each others body. Mighty Mouse kept alternating between gripping my flexed biceps and my fat cock, repeating over and over “oh, you are so thick.” Don’t we all love this kind of praise? I know I do!

It was my intention to drag out fore-play much longer, but Mouse soon found my weakness with the tip of his tongue on my nipples. At that point, I needed to get fully inside of him. I pushed his knees up near his ears and drove my tongue straight into his hot little hole. HE TASTED GREAT! I shuttled as much spit as possible in and around his hole as it was my intent to “spit fuck” him. As I prepared his hole with my tongue, he was hitting the poppers hard, trying prepare himself for my girth. Soon enough, I put my fat cock head at his hole, and was holding each of his arms firmly to his side so that he could not scoot away as I penetrated him. I guess this is where the name Mighty Mouse comes from cause although he struggled much, he was able to take my fat cock on the first attempt.

We quickly found our rhythm and I was fucking him strong with deep full strokes. With each down stroke, he grunted out “Yes Sir”….”Yes Sir”… “Yes Sir.” I love a bottom that is expressive without being too verbal. In this regard, and many others, Mighty Mouse was perfect. After about 5 solid minutes of fucking him on his back, I put him on all fours and came at him from behind. He stayed on all fours only until he felt the impact of my first thrust. As my cock burrowed deep into him, he buried his face in the pillow to muffle something that I could not quite make out. I figured that he was in that place somewhere between pain and pleasure as I could see him tightly gripping the bed sheets in both hands while at the same time felt his anus spasm signaling that he was cumming.

Treasure Island Media, TIMFuck

With the realization that he was cumming I held my cock still within him. I love  to feel a guy cum with my cock in his ass. As he finished cumming, I resumed aggressively fucking him without warning. He kept his face buried in the pillow and let me plow his now gaping hole. I fucked him for another ten minutes before flooded his hole with my spunk. When I pulled out of him, he simply collapsed flat on his stomach exhausted. As has become my practice for this blog, I took the picture of Mighty Mouses freshly fucked ass.

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